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    The first time I went to Ferrufino's was many, many years ago.  What I mean by many years ago is something like 20+ years.  At that time, they were working out of the owners home/garage in Santa Monica.  I remember going there and the garage was full of furniture being worked on.  Now they are in a nice looking storefront in Culver City.  Today I picked up my newly upholstered chair and once again, they delivered!  My chair looks great, I couldn't be happier.  Their work is topnotch and have not disappointed me in all the years I've known the family. I'll be back soon with my couch that needs their help!

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    If you're a non-smoker but enjoy living with smokers, this is your place!  Your neighbors on either side, above or below you can smoke and you can smell it thru the walls.  Or, some smokers don't want to smell up their own homes, so they smoke outside and as a neighbor, you can smell that too!  BEWARE BEWARE  BEWARE - second hand smoke is everywhere in this place along with cigarette butts in the hallways, on the walkways, in the elevators and all over.  Other than that, have a good time.

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    I am considering moving into this place, short term.  They are telling me there is a $400… Weiterlesen
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    Derek was the only guy who spent time diagnosing my phone problem.  I did have to go back to the shop a couple of times before he correctly diagnosed the problem but HE FIXED IT!  He was the only shop willing to take the time, other shops simply told me it was the battery, which it wasn't.

    I would go back to Derek again if my phone goes on the bink.

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    This place is awful.  I suggest you stay away unless you want to leave with problems and frustration.

    I had an oil change and they didn't reattach the engine cover properly so my car was making a loud noise from the undercarriage because of their neglect.  Long story short, I had to visit another dealership to fix this.  The problem was simply that Toyota Central didn't use all the bolts to reattach the engine cover.  This is shameful.

    I guess I'm a glutton for punishment because I went back only because they are close to my office.  My headlight was out.  After waiting nearly 30 minutes just for them to take my car to service, I was told they needed to remove the bumper to replace the headlight and it would take 45 minutes.  I watched them from afar replace the headlight from inside the hood which took 5 minutes.  So, now I find out that they are liars too.

    NEVER will I go back and I strongly suggest you be very careful or just stay away.  There are other places to take your Toyota that are reputable and not liars.

    By the way, don't be lured back if they send you a coupon.  All the dealerships will honor a coupon.

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