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    So you say you're open till 11:30pm but I come in tonight at 10:09pm and you tell me the kitchen is closed. #Fail.

  • $$ Sushi, Ramen
    6514 Royal Oak Avenue
    Burnaby, BC V5H 3P4
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    In terms of pure Vancouver ramen - with Santouka being the standard (5 Star) - Kamamarui is a solid 2 star. Definitely underwhelming considering this is a 4.5 star (?!? - obviously there are those Yelpers giving this an inflated ranking based on never having had decent ramen).

    I had the tonkotsu ramen with a beef bowl ...

    + Everything about the ramen was underwhelming - broth was weak :: and there wasn't enough broth either - which wasn't a bad thing, I guess :: and for those who talk about the chewiness of the noodles or comment on noodle consistency - that is moronic - any ramen place worth its salt is going to have great noodles - so if you have to talk noodle consistency? Hahahaha :P :: the chashu - I guess it was OK. Although I'm just not a "grilled" chashu on my ramen type guy. I like chashu to melt in my mouth :: and this ramen is topping weak ... so I ordered an egg ... and the egg was like an overeasy type egg with teriyaki sauce on it .. WTF.

    + Beef bowl. When in doubt, lazy so-called Japanese restaurants will just smother their meat with teriyaki sauce - the same teriyaki sauce that you'll actually have a hard time finding when you're actually IN Japan. The beef was just smothered in this crappy sauce.

    So, I won't be back. No thanks to either of the dishes I had. I felt bad because I took a friend here and it was his first ramen experience. Ugh. I apologized profusely. Even a ramen newbie wasn't impressed. What are all you other people eating?

    I've had all the top ramen in the Lower Mainland - and this is a solid 2 Star.

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    I'll get straight to the point.

    I engaged with Maurice Freer late 2013. He verbally told me how much what I wanted would cost ($2500). I believe he finished all the work I needed done, although I never received confirmation from him - I did receive some confirmation from CRA. He then retired at the end of 2013. A couple of months into 2014 and all of a sudden I'm invoiced double what I initially was quoted. This office, and the receptionist Sue Treen, kept coming after me telling me that I owed double what I was initially told.

    I asked to meet with Maurice, her, any of the partners there - and nothing.

    I balked, several times, to no resolve and so this is where I'm at. Horrible service, and  definitely not a firm I can recommend.

  • 409 Boyne Street
    New Westminster, BC V3M 5K3
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    I've been a member of CrossFit New West since it opened in January 2014.

    It's been done right. Large, clean, open space with lots of equipment. It's in a convenient spot for me when I'm going between places with its Queensborough location.

    Like most CrossFit boxes, the people are varied (in terms of levels) and it's an easy group to warm up to.

    One amenity that really helps me when I get a mid-day workout in, are the showers! There are two of them, which is awesome.

    The coaching is solid and there are a good number of coaches who all have something unique about them which ends up catering to almost anyone.

    As far as CrossFit goes. There may be critics - but I've been consistent and committed for the past two years, and this is the fittest and healthiest I've ever been. I love CF, and I'm thankful for being a member of CF New West.

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    A hidden away gem. I've driven through this intersection hundreds if times and have always thought it was just a bread place. It's actually a bakery with lots of delicious items.

    Try the gluten free hazelnut cookies, the chocolate cake, the orange cake, and cinnamon bun. Still so many things I need to try.

    For anyone headed through to Crescent Beach this is on your way!

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    24.2.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag
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    I'm updating my review from our visit last night.

    Unfortunately our office curling event got kiboshed, so we headed over to Clover Lanes. It was a really busy Saturday night, which was fine. The bowling there is fine, too, and the price for an hour @$35 was fine, too. Although with 7 people on a lane it took us 45 minutes to bowl a game. Paying per person would've been a little cheaper.

    The shoes that I got were coming apart at the back, but it was only one game for me, so no biggie.

    The big deal for me was the food. We got the $56 appy platter. Someone in our group asked me how much I paid as we were eating it, and I said $50 or so. He said, wow, that's a decent deal - but he thought I said $15. It was just a mess of the worst type of food from frozen you can get. The zuchinni sticks were oily and soggy, the nachos were so plain (chips with a little cheese and olives), a few chicken wings, some pita wedges with cheese (cheesebread), some potato skins, some deep fried chicken surprise (yuck). Overall, overpriced, and just plain disgusting food.

    Without the food, it's probably a 4 Star, but the below 1 Star food left a bad taste in our mouths.

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    20.12.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    It's THE bowling alley in Cloverdale - which I know isn't saying much, but it's clean, it's pure 5… Weiterlesen
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    I'm in love with the Laie Mix Plate. It's love in a box or on a plate. That chicken katsu, beef teri (beef teri that good is so rare), and hamburger patty with rice and mac salad is something I want to eat as I type this. It's so good.

    Stayed with friends a 5 minute walk away and I was there about 5 times for breakfast and lunch over that time (I had 2 Laie Mix Plates and 3 breakfasts).

    The breakfasts are ok. But for me, it's lunch and the stuff that I can't get here in Canada that just gets me. The decor is what it is, but you don't come here for that.

    It's the food, and I just can't wait to get back to Laie to eat at the Hukilau. And to visit my friends. ;)

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    The food was OK, but the service was the most non-responsive I've ever had.

    Went on a Friday night at about 12:30 am and it wasn't that busy. We were seated, given our menus, and the 3 girls proceeded to hide behind the counter keeping themselves busy. I finally, annoyed, went up to the counter after 10 minutes and asked them if they wanted me to write my order up. Which is when I was asked if I'd like my order taken ...

    They were out of sirloin. (!?! - again, so annoying) So my friend and I had the tendon noodle soup (fat noodles). It was just OK. Soup was definitely oily ... which I don't mind as much as some, but this was just really middle of the road stuff at best.

    Got the Mapo Tofu. Just because I had a hankering. It wasn't good. Tofu was too firm, and when it comes out literally 2 minutes after you place your order -  you have to wonder ...

    Also got deep fried pork chop which was good and dumplings which were ok.

    Then we had to go back up to the counter to say that we wanted to pay ...

    And with that, I'll never go back.

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    Wanted SO, SO, SO bad for this to be a great first experience. Especially after all the glowing reviews. I was stuck, because the Maple Leafs had just lost, and my buddy, a diehard Leafs fan just wanted me to take him to eat some mind-blowing food.

    On a Saturday night after an early afternoon game, without a reservation, we were kind of screwed. La Brasserie was the only place that had no wait for us (struck out on L'Abbotoir, Boneta, Lupo, Hy's, and a couple more ...), but I had never been there so I was a little leery - despite the reviews.

    To make a not so long story short, I ordered the suckling pig and my buddy ordered the steak frites. I also ordered the steak tartare to start and my buddy the poutine - both were good.

    As for the mains - the suckling pig was an overrated, dry, almost inedible mess of a pig. Which was too bad. I've had lots of great pork over my lifetime and this may be one of the biggest hyped turned disappointments to date.

    My friend's steak - when it came out I looked at him, and he had the "holy smokes that's a small steak" look in his eyes. We both quietly ate, and left.

    We ended up at Santouka for a great bowl of ramen. Ya, weird but true.

    One day I'd like to try a lunch or brunch, hoping for a different outcome. As far as dinner goes, I think I'll take a future pass.

  • $ Sushi
    5576 204th St
    Langley, BC V3A 1Z5
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    I can't say I had high hopes, despite my friends who rave about this place. And judging by other Yelpers, this place should be awesome.

    It isn't.

    Who cares if it's the best and more affordable AYCE sushi in Langley. It is the ONLY AYCE sushi in Langley. That is probably Jun Sushi's only redeeming quality.

    They have two menus - a regular and a deluxe. Looking at the two, there really wasn't a huge difference I noticed between the two so we got the regular.

    The food really is no better than at any other non-Japanese run AYCE sushi place in the Lower Mainland. It all generally caps out at meh, and can only go downhill from there.

    Rolls, nigiri, sashimi (tuna and farmed salmon) were regular run of the mill ... no motoyaki (on either menu) ... no katsu ... no chicken or beef teriyaki unless you got it with rice ... chicken karaage was tasteless ... sunomono was warm (just a personal pet peeve) ... nothing stood out.

    An average AYCE will at least have a few things that will stand out that you'll want to order every time - that isn't a roll, sushi or sashimi. Jun doesn't have any of that.

    To top it off - they had the SLOWEST service ever. I literally stood up and approached the servers when I wanted my paper to fill out (twice) and when I wanted to hand it in (twice). And we had to ask for more water each time (twice). In all, we were there (8 of us) for over 2 hours. It was painful.

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    Sounds like we had similar experiences there!

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