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    I really wanted to like this place.  It's cute, great location, not too bad for price, but my experiences there haven't been that great.

    I bought a three pack shave and haircut "VIP Membership" through GiltCity, thinking how could I not love a place that serves free whiskey.

    My first experience:  I roll in after work for my appointment.  They are running late, fine, an hour later, I'm finally asked "Did you have an appointment?"  They evidently had no record of my calling.  I suggested I come back another time.  was apologized to, told that I should get a freebie for being so patient.  Never got a freebie.

    Second Experience: much better.  Jermaine (sp?) is a great barber, friendly.  Great haircut.

    Third experience: I show up at my appointed time.  am greeted.  sit for about a half hour.  my barber comes over, asks if I have an appointment.  i say yes, a half hour ago, he confirms it with the computer and says "I wish you would have said something."   I thought I had.

    About halfway through my cut, he took off my cape, so I got coated in my own clippings.  I don't think I was even brushed off.  When I went to checkout, I brushed the back of my head and came back with a nice chunk of fuzz.  He didn't trim my sideburns, so I have these wacky furry things on an otherwise decently groomed head.  and then he slicked it back after I had mentioned that I may start pushing it back to fulfill that pompodour I've been trying to achieve for a while.  I kind of looked like a big gay vampire.

    I went to use the second of a three haircut voucher and was informed my voucher had already been redeemed (yes, by me, during my first visit). I purchased a "VIP" experience and couldn't even get a punchcard to track what I'd paid for. I don't think they really hadn't planned on how to handle these vouchers.

    When the dust settled and I had taken a shower, the cut was fine, but my moustache was not trimmed evenly.  I didn't even make them fulfill the shave, just had him trim me up.

    As I said, i really wanted to like this place, my haircuts were fine, but clearly not the most organized operation and just overall wasn't very impressed with the experience.  I'm not planning on using my third "VIP" haircut and shave.

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    I had a great experience with Applewood.  My furnace went out and they were here the next day, on time.  

    The repairman was friendly, courteous, and did a great job of explaining everything to me. He also told me I have a warranty on my furnace, which was something I didn't know.

    The price seemed reasonable to me and I'll be happy to use them again in the future.

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