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  • 5620 Paseo Del Norte
    Carlsbad, CA 92008
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    A pie made your way for under 8 bucks.  Truly amazing.  The quality of the food was great the toppings generous and a perfect tomato sauce and crust. Plus very fast and efficient service.

  • 2.0 Sterne

    Pretty empty on a Saturday night... I don't know how they still have 4 star average.  Maybe the cocktails are really strong! Otherwise the food is just meh.  Had to ask for water refills.  Salmon was charred to a crisp! They really just gave me this feeling of a place that is no longer at the top of their game.

  • 1.0 Sterne

    It is very clear the corporate office is not listening to its members and not interested in properly maintaining their "Non Super Sport" locations.  This location is in disrepair, and has several issues. The spin bikes in the spin room are rusted, outdated, and almost every one of them breaks constantly, sometimes I have to switch bikes 4 times just to find a good one.  One of the cranks busted off when some guy was in class working hard, which is a HUGE SAFETY HAZARD!  The next week, someone else was spinning away and the pedal just fell off!!   I have informed management several times and they just say "We're doing the best we can"... Well that's not good enough!  People can be seriously injured and the bikes NEED to be replaced, not just fixed every time they break. These bikes are probably 10 years old and have thousands of hours logged on them.   Also, the air conditioning in the group exercise room where they do Zumba, Yoga, Body Pump, etc is constantly having issues and does not usually keep up with the amount of heat generated during classes. The bathrooms are just disgusting, and the divider between the urinals broke and it's been missing for at least a year, maybe longer now.  The only reason I continue to go to this gym is because of the instructors at the group exercise classes, they are top notch (especially Cody's Body Pump on Monday nights, and Craig's spin class).  The management needs to take note, and resolve these safety and maintenance issues, and take pride in our gym rather then letting it go down the tubes.

  • 650 E Sunny Dunes Rd
    Palm Springs, CA 92264
    Vereinigte Staaten
    1.0 Sterne

    I hate to be hating on a beautiful store like this but as Eddie from absolutely fabulous says "You only work in a shop you know, you can drop the attitude."   I don't know if the guy who works there on Sunday afternoons was having a bad day today or if he really does have an attitude but he was down right rude to me and I don't know if I can ever come back to this store.  Such a shame because they have a lot of cool stuff in here.

  • 53000 Historic Columbia River Hwy
    Bridal Veil, OR 97010
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    I'm giving this place 5 stars for their staff even though I didn't eat there.   I locked the keys in my car while visiting the falls and all of the employees including the manager were more then helpful.  The manager even called hertz for me.  I have never experienced such helpfulness before and if they are this nice to you when you aren't even patronizing their restaurant they must be even better when you actually eat there.  Kudos to helping me out in a time of desperation. I definitely want to come back and try the salmon.

  • 1.0 Sterne

    How on earth does this place continue to rate so high! Is it all the alcohol they serve? Is it unsuspecting tourists from places where their only options are Applebee's and chilis?  Such a disgrace to San Francisco's dining scene... We went there for a corporate function in the private dining room.   First strike stale chips and salsa.  Second strike... Inept server who didn't know anything about the wine list and couldn't even recommend any wines to us. Seriously?! Just make something up if you don't know or get someone who can help.  Third strike.... Appetizers were horrible.  Onion rings with zero flavor.   Bruschetta on some stale bread and very little sauce.  Yuck.  Some disgusting soup that no one in our party of 25 bothered to touch more then one spoon full.  Lastly.... The main attraction.  I had a beef dish and it was lacking flavor.... Completely overdone in pepper corns and the mashed potatoes were probably fake and devoid of any good flavor.  The veggies were bland.. How do you manage to screw that up?

    To top it all off this place had a very dated decor and NO music.  The plates looked like something you'd see at a chuck a Rama or home town buffet.  

    Sorry but this is one PATHETIC excuse for a restaurant in San Francisco one of the culinary capitals of the world.  The only saving grace was the reasonable wine prices.

  • 29530 Rancho California Rd
    Temecula, CA 92591
    Vereinigte Staaten
    1.0 Sterne

    Highest prices I have ever seen.  Very limited selection in the meat counter. Slowest check out ever!!! Usually only one lane open, two if you are lucky.  Only redeeming thing about this place is that they have great liquor sales although sometimes they forget to take the sale tags off, I got a bottle of Jamison and when I got home I saw they charged me full price even though the sale tag was still on the end cap display the sale ended 1 day prior.  I wasn't in the mood to go back and ask for an adjustment.

  • $$ Hotel
    525 Warm Sands Dr
    Palm Springs, CA 92264
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    READERS OF YELP: This is a gay clothing optional resort.  The owners will make it very clear to anyone who isn't gay trying to stay there, but I'm just calling it out so you know.  This place is awesome.  Paul, one of the owners, is such a friendly, outgoing, and gracious host.  This place is so very relaxing and low key.  If you're looking for a ton of action and a party scene you won't find it here, and that's why we love it.  Every time I come home from here I feel refreshed and renewed.  

    The grounds are very well landscaped, everything is clean and well kept here.  There are 2 very refreshing pools that are heated all year round to a very comfortable temperature that you can stay in them all day and well into the night if you wish.  I really enjoyed just lounging around the pool all day.  They provide plenty of dishes and towels in your room, and even some classy looking plastic wine glasses so you can enjoy your wine by the pool without having to worry about bringing glass.  

    The location can't be beat, it's very close to all the happenings in Palm Springs (can't really walk there but a quick and cheap cab ride and you'll be at hunters or any of the other fun spots in palm springs).  They are right across the street from All Worlds if you are looking for that "party scene", you can go across the street and party, and then come back knowing you'll have returned to your serene retreat.

    Parking is free and convenient, wifi is free, breakfast is free, so really no hidden charges at this place.  The price is a little high for the quality of the rooms, but you are honestly paying for the amenities more then the room itself.  The rooms aren't bad by any means, but they aren't going to be your typical boring Hilton or Hyatt 4 star quality for sure.  But you didn't stay here to be boring right?   They do have flat screen TVs and DVD players, and most have kitchens with full size fridge (but no stove to cook on).  Most rooms have a beautiful outdoor patio area with chairs and a umbrella so you can lounge out on your patio as well, although we spent all our time at the pool.

    We love this place and it's our go to in palm springs.  Yes, the showers could be nicer in the rooms, could use more water pressure, etc etc, but overall we found our accommodations to be quite lovely and having Paul as our host is the icing on the cake.  Thank you guys look forward to coming back again soon!

  • 1775 E Palm Canyon Dr
    Palm Springs, CA 92264
    Vereinigte Staaten
    1.0 Sterne

    Strike one - had to use delivery service (LA Bite) and pay a huge surcharge for delivery and wait 1 hour and 45 minutes.  Strike two - Thin crust pizza was like cardboard, had hardly any sauce or cheese on it, no flavor, it was just awful.  Strike three - Deep dish pizza was almost all sauce, no cheese or toppings, we all needed to take tums after eating it, and we normally eat deep dish all the time with no issues.   Strike four - called restaurant and they said "that's just how our deep dish pizzas are", and they refunded us only half of our money.  Was not impressed at all, don't know how this place got 4 stars.

  • 1236 University Ave
    San Diego, CA 92103
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    In sure this is more of a night time place then for brunch.  The quantity and quality of food for the price did not live up to my expectations. The basic breakfast with potatoes and eggs and bacon is just that. Very basic.  I would expect it to have some flavor but they didn't even try, the eggs didn't even taste like they had been seasoned and same with the potatoes.  The bacon was decent.  The fruit pieces were tiny and not fresh v We also had the waffle with ice cream.  The ice cream was pretty delicious but the waffle was meh and you only get one.  For 12 bucks I would have expected more on that one.  There are just so many better breakfast places in the area that I would have to say pass next time.  They need to go to their sister property, west coast tavern and take a cue from them on the food quality.

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