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    A great alternative to traditional vietnamese pho joints.

    I'll be honest, I came away with a great impression of this restaurant.  The atmosphere was fun and funky.  The staff was young and really friendly.  The menu made me want to try each and every plate listed.  It had excellent variety and creative flavors.  The plates were attractive and well presented.

    When I got home and started to think of which plates I really loved, I found that I loved 50% and the other 50% was ok.

    The plates I loved: the salmon and tuna tartare dishes, the garlic noodles, the wings, and the fish tacos (though my uncle disagrees, saying there was too much crust).

    I didn't care as much for the dumplings, the spring rolls, the noodle salad, which were a little bland and the duck confit, which was a little overdone.

    They gave our table of seven to a young man who was a little inexperienced though very friendly and apologetic for his errors. My husband says, "He sucked, but he was a really nice guy."

    Overall, I would go back in a heartbeat, but I'd love to see more consistant quality across the spectrum of the menu.

    If I could give it a three and half stars I would.

  • 3715 S 1st St
    Austin, TX 78704
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    We love Contigo, and I would put these two restaurants up against each other in a head to head.

    The food at Porter is outstanding.  I think my favorite was the beet "ravioli" and salad.  It was ingenious to make ravioli out of vegetables, and delicious.  The wings are fresh and tasty, and I seem baked rather than fried.  I felt like they were healthier even if I was kidding myself.  The mussels were fat with a decadent sauce; yummy-yummy.  The olives were lemony and came with hummus that was perfect and bread that knocked me right off my carb free diet.

    I have to say that as much as the oxtail fritters are recommended here, I thought they were a tad greasy.  It was my only criticism food wise that I could offer, and we had a lot of dishes.

    Drinks:  I had a Paloma No Mames, which I LOVED.  Fruity without being overly sweet.  My husband had the cinco mule, which he described as, "Outstanding.  So good".

    Desserts: As good as the meals.  The peaches were flavorful and homey.  It tasted like something your Grandma would make.  My daughter had the brownie.  Again, it wasn't over the top sweet, which I liked.  We also had the cheese plate which featured amazing pumpernickle bread and some kind of chutney that went perfectly with the cheese.  I was a little disappointed to see only one kind of cheese on the plate  I usually expect a variety of cheeses on a cheese plate.  

    The atmosphere of the restaurant is ok.  It is well designed an decorated but it feels a little generic.  We love to eat outside, and they do have a deck but it's looking out onto 1st Street without much to look at.  

    We got visited at the table by one one of the owners who was personable and welcoming.

    All in all, this is a great place.  We loved it and will be back. We're in NW Austin so it's a bit of a drive for us but totally worth it!

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    We have fond memories of dining at Fogo de Chao DC, alongside congressmen and senate staffers.  Fast forward ten years and we find the prices have quadrupled for long waits between the sirloin to come out, in an atmosphere that has devolved into what can only be described as a overpriced. Golden Corral.  I've seen fewer toddlers at Chuck E. Cheese.  Sheesh.

  • 3225 Amy Donovan Plz
    Austin, TX 78758
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    $60 for two tickets??? Are they high? My husband thought we had rented out the whole theatre.

    Karen P.
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    We had the crab croquettes, dates, and naan to start.  My world traveling, fine dining friend said, "There are the best croquettes I've ever had."  The chef comp'ed us another serving of croquettes--maybe he overheard her comment!

    The menu is small and wonderful, I love that they really focus on making each meal well balanced and rich.  I had the duck confit with preserved lemon, capers and israeli couscous.  It was amazing.  My daughter loved the little grilled cheese sandwiches with a bowl of gazpacho.  The salmon with gnocci was also very nice and the other kids in our party loved the pizza.

    Nice atmosphere, decent service.  All in all a very enjoyable experience.

  • 13701 N Hwy 183
    Austin, TX 78750
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    The food is better than your average sports bar - way better.

    We've been to Cover 2 two or three times now and we haven't had a bad menu item yet.

    Their wings are really, really good.  Ditto with the nachos.  I would definitely classify the bar menu here as "gourmet" bar food.

    For entrees, we've had brick chicken, which was tender and had tons of flavor.  They have a salad that's equivalent to a cobb, I don't remember what it's called but it was good.  The beef tenderloin salad is amazing; the beef melts in your mouth.

    Beware of the desserts - one will serve a whole table.  They are massive!

    Service wise, we've had to wait a while to get a server to our table, but once they're there they are attentive and friendly.

    Given the limited non-chain food choices in NW Austin, Cover 2 is a welcome addition.

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    I was disappointed after reading the good reviews here.  The portions were small, the food mediocre, and out of 2 appetizers, 5 entrees and 2 desserts, they got three orders wrong.  That's a third of the order they got wrong.  They fixed the problems, but they weren't particularly apologetic about the errors. There seemed to be about a hundred 19 year olds working there, I had a hard time figuring out who was in charge.

    The salads were $14 each and were mostly lettuce.  My husband got red snapper for $17 and the portion was quite small.  The wings were good but not spectacular.  Tasted like they came out of a frozen Costco bag.

    The atmosphere is nice, and I like the fact that there's a big kid's play area which kind of separates those who would like to have a more adult dining experience from the families with little ones.

    Cover2 is a few miles away and it's significantly better.

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    Terrific.  Five star service and food.  It's a little pricey, and you probably won't be stuffed when you go home, but that's what fine dining is all about, and this is fine dining!

    This is not your standard, run of the mill, Thai place.  If you're looking for regular pad thai, there are a million places you can get this.  This is place to try something new and interesting, something you probably haven't had before.

    The food couldn't have been fresher or more delicious, and the service was the best--they clearly were very concerned that we were happy and taken care of.

    It's worth a drive up north.

    Kuantan V.
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    25.4.2013 Thank for the awesome review and understanding our concept!
  • 2901 Decker Dr
    Rice Lake, WI 54868
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    I found a roach in my salad.

    Also, because I was gay, they beat me with a 2x4, and tried to fire me as a customer.  Oh, but they wouldn't fire the actual employee who drove her boyfriend to the restaurant to beat me so badly I was hospitalized.

    Enjoy going out of business, you low life scum.

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    Wonderful meal.  Started out with cheese and charcuterie, which was very well done with great condiments.  

    My son had the duck, which was to die for.  The french fries are worth the trip alone.

    I had mussels, which were big and juicy and in a fantastic, low-cal cream sauce (ok, only in my dreams was it low-cal).

    The profiteroles for dessert were airy and tasty.

    Also, staff is casual and friendly, but very attentive and helpful.

    Great place.  So glad we discovered it!

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