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    It was really horrible. We ordered the pan fried noodles, beef with eggplant and beef Pho. The food had no taste, the Pho tasted and looked like dirty dish water. The beef with eggplant was floating in eggplant. Low quality food. Will never go back.

  • 2644 Broadway St
    Redwood City, CA 94063
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    The service was good. The food was mediocre. There was only one dish, General Zao's chicken that was good. The lamb didn't even taste like lamb, asparagus lacked flavor and the chow mein looked like fast food chow mein. Disappointing, but maybe there are only certain dishes they do well.

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    My mom took her car in for the smog check. She made an appt. and they told her to make sure to be on time. The car passed and was in and out in 20 minutes. They told mom to bring the yelp coupon she mentioned, but she doesn't have a computer, so they still honored it. That was nice!

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    I found this mechanic for my parents' 2000 Acura RL. They went in 2 times so far, both times for brake repair. Jim has been great - honest and fair in his prices. He recommends what needs to be done and doesn't try to up-sell. I'm glad my parents now have a reliable mechanic to take their car to.

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    This place has great mechanics and the service is usually good, but they let me down on this visit. I came in for 2 recalls (wiper arm & trunk release) on my Lexus IS250 & replace cover on seat track. Checked in at 11am. Was told the car would be done by 2pm (which seemed fair given the lunch hour.) Car took 3.5 hours which seems excessive to me based on the minor work that needed to be done.

    The service advisor, Yvonne A.  informed me that my brakes were "not good." (What's that supposed to mean?) When I asked for clarification, she told me the brakes were at 2mm. She didn't say I need to get them taken care of immediately, so I asked for clarification if there was a safety issue, and she replied, "You need brakes to stop the car." Which I found condescending, and moreso coming from a woman! I think she could do better in being more professional in her explanations of the mechanical issues.

    Further to this, I had gone to another mechanic the week before and the brakes measured at 3mm and 4mm, so it seemed hard to believe that they were at 2mm. Yvonne also said that my rear rotors could not be resurfaced because it had already been done once. My mechanic told me that he could resurface the rotors one more time.

    Bad service from Lexus definitely affects the image of a high quality company. Management should train their service personnel better.

  • 1517 Stockton St
    San Francisco, CA 94133
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    Haircut price for women is listed in the shop as $13. I went to Kelly for over a year, but then she started arbitrarily charging $18 without changing the sign or at least listing $13 and up. It was very disappointing, as it seemed like Kelly did not enjoy being in business anymore and wanted to steer customers away with her price increase. I've seen them spend more time cutting men's hair and charge less.

  • 1683 Broadway Blvd
    Redwood City, CA 94063
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    Decided to try this salon for a haircut due to the positive reviews. Nancy was fantastic! She patiently asked how I wanted my hair cut and how much to cut. She was very professional and friendly. I'm so glad to find a local salon for my haircuts. I used to go to San Francisco, but now I will come here. Nancy did a great job - best haircut I've had in a long time!

  • 5161 International Dr
    Orlando, FL 32819
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    I thought Perfumeland had a great deal on Especially Escada. I bought it and then tried it and it did not smell like the true fragrance. I suspected counterfeit product. I read the previous person's review and see I'm not the only one who has had this experience. What a disappointment and wasted money. It didn't even come close to the true scent of the perfume.
    I will definitely not purchase again. I wonder if this can be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

  • 29 Birch St
    Redwood City, CA 94062
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    Dr. Weibel is an "old school" dentist so he's not out to do work you don't need to make money. He does his own cleanings. I even referred my parents to him after they had a bad experience with another dentist who ran out into the parking lot asking to get paid (for thousands of dollars of major work). Dr. Weibel just sends a bill. My dad says Dr. Weibel sings cowboy songs while he works. He definitely enjoys his work and is a happy person. The unfortunate thing is that Dr. Weibel is retiring soon.

  • 2615 Broadway St
    Redwood City, CA 94063
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    This biergarten is cool. I went there for the first time about a month ago. Great variety of German beers and the best fresh, hot pretzel! It is a fun place but gets crowded. Better than the average bar, by far!

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