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    I never had a chance to enroll in any of the courses because I found the conversation with Dana/Denna (apparently the only person who answers the phone and the inquiries about private classes) impossible. She is so condesending and arrogant that she made the idea of paying any money to the organization that has such a person on its staff, revolting.
    I would understand if I had a bad experience with her could (if inclined to be understanding of the moods of somebody who represents the service you are ready to pay for) think that she had a bad day. But no, our Denna is arrogant and important every day. The first day I called, she actually gave me the impression that I shouldn't have bearing in mind how late it was in the day...she suggested I called next day. Even if I offered my phone number hoping she would call the next day (when she finds the time!) she did not. I called all in all about 4-5 times trying to enroll with no response on the other side.
    Our Denna was today when I again called in a reeeeeeally bad mood. When I protested about her behavior and style of conversation she even refused to tell me her full name or whom I could call who is "above her" to complain. She has she is the oooooonly one responsible and has been a director of the private classes for 15 years.
    Good knows what one could expect from others in the Gottham Workshop if the director has no client skills whatsoever.


    Britt G.
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    15.11.2011 Thank you for your feedback. We regret that your experience in trying to register for a class was… Weiterlesen

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