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  • 1306 Saratoga Ave
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    I don't know how typical my experience was but you go. We arrived 45 minutes before closing and the place was starting to quiet down. My husband's food arrived about 20 minutes before mine did. Minus 1 star.

    For food hubby had combination with Saba shioyaki and tempura. Tempura batter was crispy but a little thick. Saba was good. Portions were small.

    I had a uni/ikura Don and two nigiri - salmon and hamachi. The uni/ikura Don was very good. It would have been stellar if they used sushi rice. The salmon nigiri was not marinated so the flavor was muted. The hamachi nigiri was very tasty, fresh, and buttery.

    Given the okay experience and the poor customer service we won't be back. There are way too many other good Japanese restaurants around here to justify returning for a so-so experience.

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    Frankie and Kai are truly my dynamic duo! These guys are the real deal -- educated about body care and caring and gentle people!

    Frankie saves my body from the aches and pains of daily life, driving, unhealthy eating habits, allergies, and stress! In fact, I'll often see Frankie before I head down to Kaiser. He understands how bodies function and always (I mean ALWAYS!) solves my problems.

    The latest incident involved me having a pinched something on the left side of my body that was getting more painful as the days progressed. After trying to medicate for more than a week, I saw Frankie and with a 90-minute session he was able to pinpoint the pinched nerve under my pelvis. There was immediately relief and the day after my session I was walking pain free and had the ability to twist left to right again. I've seen Frankie at least 5 times in the last year! I love the combination of deep tissue and swedish massage that he uses!

    Kai is the best esthetician I have ever worked with. He understands why my skin behaves the way that it does. He products that he uses are gentle but effective! He has given me numerous facials and a peel. I love coming back because he is so professional, knowledgeable, and my skin loves the attention!

    Oh! They moved locations! The new space is wonderful!!! They now have a large, airy, well-light lobby and 4 generously spaced treatment rooms!

  • 504 Wesley Ave
    Oakland, CA 94606
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    Every once in a while we like to give our chemex a break and head out for coffee. Haddon is, hands down, our favorite place to go! The ham and cheese empanadas and alfajores are fabulous but just icing on the cake!

  • 212 International Blvd
    Oakland, CA 94606
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    Hella fun! Another gem in the awesome neighborhood that is Oakland!

    I've lived in Oakland for a while now but learned and saw a lot of new things. The guide, Riche, was so patient with us. We were a group of 4 that included a senior, youth, and a plus sized person. None of us had any experience on a Segway but with a little training we were ready to roll.

    The training took about 30 minutes and the tour itself was about 2 hours. We went on a Sunday and the farmers market was in full swing in Jack London Square. We went around Lake Merritt, headed to JLS, downtown Oakland, party of Uptown, and back to Lake Merritt.

    We are definitely coming back and will be sure to  take all our visitors on this tour!!

    A few practical tips for the unfit. Stretch before you get there. Standing for that length of time strained my calves so we took stretching breaks along the way. Taking the ramp onto the sidewalk was a little challenging. Picking up a little speed as you approach the curb is the best way to deal with the upward slope of the on ramp. Take wide turns as tight turns may sometimes cause the segway to hit a wall and cause you to fall off. Yup, happened to me.

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    Family run business. Hands down some of the best noodle soup I have ever had. It was so good we went back 3 days in a row.

    We have the house special and the seafood bowl, together with the fried bread/chinese donut. I wish they would open up a restaurant in the bay area.

  • 39170 State St
    Fremont, CA 94538
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    Woah. Completely shocked at how bad the good had gotten.  I'm so sad because I used to love the fish here. The sauces taste, jarred. We had the duck curry and it came in a small soup bowl with two slices of duck. For $13.

    The food is now really bland and the sauces are, for lack of a better weird, thin. Sadly, we will never be back.

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    I came to Beau's on a whim and I was completely bowled over!

    I had the massage and facial package for $120 on a Saturday evening. A deal in itself but they kick in an additional discount for new clients. SWEET!

    Beau is a blend between a spa and clinic. They have two rooms in total, plus a small welcome area. The spa is very welcoming and relaxing. The location is great, too, in a very nice Oakland neighborhood with lots of great restaurants and bars.

    About the treatments.

    Massage, 60 minutes. The massage was up first and after some consultation with Frankie about my medical issues and goals for the treatment (!!!) he decided a mix of relaxing and deep tissue massage would be appropriate.

    By far, this was the best massage I have ever had. I got the sense that he was timing his stokes with my breathing?!?! I especially appreciated that  he eased into the deep tissue massage. It felt like he was coaxing my muscles instead of trying to beat them into submission.

    Facial, 60 minutes. The facial with Kai -- just the thought of it makes me smile. He customized my treatment based on our conversation and it's completely apparent that he knows his stuff! He cleared up (hah!) my misconceptions about skin care, my skin problems, and gave me some advice about make up! The facial involved cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and MORE MASSAGE!

    I feel like I stumbled on such a great find and I can't wait to see them again!

    Things I loved:

    A. Consultation!!! Hello, yes please. Talk to me about my problems and goals and then devise a plan!

    B. Technique. These folks know what they are doing and they do it well.

    C. The folks at Beau's have this quality that I can't quite define. It's a very classy place staffed with real professionals. It feels like they don't want to do anything but help you feel better.


  • 5415 College Ave
    Oakland, CA 94618
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    Tokyo style sushi, smaller blocks of rice in proportion to the fish.

    Speaking of which, the fish was very fresh! Chef has a very light touch both in the wasabi application and the shaping of the nigiri!

    The following stood out for us: saba, sake, uni, ankimo, tako, and homemade tamago. Not very many places make the tamagoyaki anymore and even less do it well. Uzen has a very respectable tamagoyaki.

    Small note about western style rolls. There's a time and place for that and Uzen isn't that kind of place.

    Respect the skill it takes to prepare good sushi. Tip accordingly, especially if you're eating mostly nigiri.

    I spied some interesting cooked selections from the menu that we weren't able to try like tsukune with shiso. We will be back, for sure! Uzen provided one of the best sushi experiences we've had in the East Bay. Not a lick of pretension, all the focus is on the food.

    Arigatou, Uzen!

  • 3561 El Camino Real
    Santa Clara, CA 95051
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    With so many other options, do yourself a favor and skip this place. Head to another stall in the food court. Limp, great, and thin kimchi pancake. I'm not even going to finish eating it.

    If I could give this no-stars, I would..

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    We had 3 burgers: the Mediterranean, Bacon-Cheddar, and Poblano. The burgers were consistently dry and lacking in flavor. The buns were hearty and sturdy. We also had the shrimp and fries combo. Total bill was $40.

    All in all, the whole experience was disappointing.

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