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  • $$$ Computer
    70 Front St
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    Came in in a panic because a key was stuck on my keyboard. Had to wait a little bit for the right guy to come in, because they were just opening up. He took my machine immediately, brought it back fixed in 3 minutes, and they didn't charge me.

  • $$$ Damenmode
    123 W Broadway
    New York, NY 10013
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    I don't like to shop, so when I find a place that has clothing I really like -- well-made, stylish, comfortable, original, and offbeat (I have a weakness for the asymmetrical) -- I'll return to it over and over.  A Uno has just become that store for me, and I'm a lifelong New Yorker.  Prices are high for my budget but I've found terrific stuff on sale, and these are the clothes that I reach for time and again,no matter what the occasion.. The selection of Trippen shoes is the best I've seen.  Fantastic hats.  And Ruthie the proprietor is enormously helpful without being push.  an absolute find.

  • 239 Nassau Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11222
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    A friendly guy came over the day after I spotted a rat in my basement and put down a bunch of poison. since that took care of the problem, they didn't charge me for the follow-up visit a week later. good, honest service.

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    I'm not a shopper, but when I spotted the dress in the window I went in, tried it on,  bought it and two more, and staggered out in a daze.  the only similar shops I've found were in Barcelona and Buenos Aires. the fabric gorgeous light polished cotton. the silhouette 1940s-meets-sci-fi, great colors, and excellent prices -- the most expensive one was $103, astonishing for designer duds.  oh, and giant pockets.  and I just found out that they runs ethical manufacturing shops and market only virally through the internet, which keeps prices down.  I'm ignoring the ridiculous name and becoming a regular.

  • 559 Driggs Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11211
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    This pharmacy alone is reason enough to live in Williamsburg.  One pharmacist speaks Polish and the other Spanish.  Both are kind, efficient, and exceedingly competent. They knew my name by my second visit, and gave expert advice to a friend during a medical emergency.  Plus, despite the tiny size of the place, they manage to stock everything I can never find in the soulless aisles of CVS or Duane Reade.

  • 5 W 30th St
    New York, NY 10001
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    As a shiksa shopping for a hamsa for a Jewish friend, I wasn't looking forward to the standard chill from Orthodox shopkeepers. A nice Yelp review convinced me to make J Levine my second stop. I found something lovely and well-priced immediately, the woman behind the counter couldn't have been kinder or more friendly, and when I showed her the good reviews she was so surprised and thrilled that I decided to add my own.

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    I agree with Christopher K - the new Williamsburgh Cafe is absolutely worth checking out.  inventive continental cuisine, a new young chef who'll come out to your table and listen to what you have to say, good prices, roomy, and unpretentious.  Give it a shot.

  • 19 W 34th St
    New York, NY 10001
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    I'm 56, with chronic low back pain (an injury, stenosis, scoliosis, arthritis, blah blah blah).  I've been to scores of physical therapists over the years (and done Pilates, Feldenkrais & yoga) in a fruitless effort to ameliorate my symptoms and develop a long-term exercise program.  Sharon Gary was recommended by my kinesthesiologist/chiropractor and she is simply the best practitioner I've ever worked with. She's developed a set of exercises to stretch and strengthen that I don't even dread, and refines them every week. She also does hands-on therapy that feels great. Incredibly (to me), I feel better. Sharon is expert, low-key, and flexible.  She listens to me; more importantly she listens to things my body is saying that I don't hear and then teaches me how to listen. Over the years, the difficulty of finding the right therapeutic path has been more demoralizing than the pain itself.  I feel as though, with Sharon's expert guidance and companionship, I've finally found my way.

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    great review of yoga physical therapy!

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