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    I just had a poor sushi experience at another restaurant and realized that I'd never posted any reviews for my favorite:  YUKI!  This is my family's favorite Sushi restaurant in southern NH.  

    We've had lunch at Yuki several times over the past few years and have enjoyed the Sushi here.  In my experience, the wait staff has always been friendly and prompt/attentive.  They also have a fairly diverse Japanese and Chinese menu of cooked foods and hibachi tables in the back although I have not tried them.

    The Sushi is consistent, fresh, and the tastiest I have had in the area.  My favorite rolls are the Summer, Red Boy, Yuki, and Ichiban.  I also enjoy a basic spicy tuna roll and Yuki's is good.  My sons like the "butterfly" roll which is deep fried and arranged in the shape of....  a butterfly.

    Their lunch specials are a good value.  You get two of their "special rolls" and soup/salad for $19.99.  It's a lot of high quality sushi for the price.

    Another reviewer mentioned that Yuki tends to heavily sauce some of their rolls (the menu descriptions will tell you which ones have sauce).  It's true and I like them that way.  But if you prefer less, ask the waitress or sushi chef to go light on the sauce.

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    Saw a lot of mixed reviews here but decided to try Jade Dragon for their "all you can eat Sushi" night (every Thursday from 3-9pm).   Sometimes a "deal" is a "good deal" and sometimes it isn't.

    This one isn't.

    The inside of the restaurant is very interesting and definitely has some unique character.  It  was about half-full when my family of 7 arrived.  It took nearly 15 minutes for a waitress to take our drink orders, and another 45 minutes (after that) to get our food.  I'm not exaggerating.

    The Sushi portions were small and the quality was poor.  Several of our orders were incorrect as well although they had the right order/tag along with each plate (that's how they track it).  The sushi at your local Market Basket isn't terrific but is better than what we experienced here.  Really -- I'm not kidding.  Some of the rolls were made fresh and some seemed to have been made previously and refrigerated.  You can tell because the entire roll is very cold and the rice is dry when they're made like this.  A few of the rolls had an "off" taste to them that is difficult to describe but didn't seem right.  

    Although we could order more Sushi, we decided to depart after the first-round because the sushi wasn't very tasty and we didn't want to wait another 30-60 minutes to try again.  Two members of our group had upset stomachs later.

    We were very disappointed in our experience and won't return.  Not sure if the sushi is better on other non-all-you-can-eat nights but I'm not willing to try again.

    There are several good Sushi places in the area that are worth the additional cost.  Drive a few minutes East and Yuki in Manchester is consistently excellent.  Yoshimama in Nashua is also very good.  Sake House in Milford is very inexpensive during their Mon-Wed half-off nites and not the best but quite decent.

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    Visited the union grill with my daughter based on many positive reviews here.

    This is small town old school and we really enjoyed it.  The waitress was prompt and friendly and the place was full of patrons who were engaged in animated conversation.

    The menu selections were diverse and the specials looked interesting. I ordered one of the breakfast crocks. It was too big for me to finish, but not for lack of effort.  And it was delicious! My daughter's omelette was less tempting but still pretty good although not exceptional.

    The coffee was hot and delivered in a large mug. I like that.  

    The  union grill is my new local top 3 breakfast joint.

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    I really enjoyed the sushi here.  The service was fast and the prices were very reasonable.  They have a very large selection of maki's and the presentation was unique. My playboy roll and arigato roll was served in a horseshoe shape with a small salad in the center.  Both rolls tasted excellent. I will be back.

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    Good standard pub atmosphere and food.  A diverse menu with lots of comfort food and, conventional sandwiches/fried selections, etc.

    My son's hamburgers were prepared well and they both really enjoyed them.  I had fish and chips which was served in a very crispy and tasty batter.  I also opted for the sweet potato fries based on recommendations here and some folks in town and they were good but not great.

    I also tasted one of their  house beers and it was good but seems slightly flat and watery to me.  Not bad but not great -- kinda like our overall experience.

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    Visited the Penny Cluse Cafe for breakfast with my sons.  All the food was excellent and we had no waiting on a weekday during slow season (late Feb).  The boys had thick fluffy pancakes and french toast and I had the egg tacos.  Service was outstanding -- my coffee never got low or cold :)

    The menu offered traditional breakfast items, sandwiches, etc. along with some more interesting fare that you don't typically see.  My egg tacos were served in warm corn tortillas, avocado salsa, and black beans.

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    My daughter and I had dinner here on Sunday.  Decor and ambience was very nice.  Service was a little slow but very friendly.  Eggplant Rolatini was very good.  Not the best I've had but still really tasty.  We also had spaghetti carbonara and really enjoyed it.

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    Based on there exists here,  my 11 year old son and I stopped by for some burgers.  

    He wasn't impressed by the exterior.

    He was extremely impressed with his bacon cheeseburger.  Claims it was the best he's ever had.

    Mine was excellent.  Very fresh and juicy on a fresh bun.  Definitely one of the better burgers I've had.

    Prices are very reasonable.  Drinks in the cooler including local Swampscot sodas.

    We will be back!

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    Sushi was excellent with a wide variety of creative options and flavors.  One of our favorite local places for Sushi.

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    My son and I really enjoyed the food at Chicken & Biscuit.
    He had fried chicken and I had fish & chips (Tilapa).
    We both agreed it was the best chicken we'd had in a long time.  The fish was also good.  They offer a diverse menu of traditional & bonless chicken, fish, gyros, burgers, fries, rice, etc.
    The owner was working behind the counter, very friendly, and genuinely concerned that the food and service was acceptable.
    The portions were generous and the prices were excellent.  We'll be back.

    While they have seating available, the setting is more like a fast-food restaurant with counter service than a quiet sit-down restaurant experience.

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