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  • $$ Massage
    6100 City Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19131
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    Tea L -

    I don't know how often you go for a massage, but I have a couple of suggestions. If you are uncomfortable at all - go ahead and talk about it with your masseuse so you can get that out of the way. Otherwise, it is unlikely that you will be able to enjoy the session.

    I remember the first time I went to see Frank and realized that the studio was in his apartment. I only knew because I could see the kitchen from where we sat in the living room as we talked.  Any personal space of Frank's was completely separated from the massage studio and its dedicated bathroom. There are curtains and sheets available for privacy and coverage. Frank always demonstrates absolute professional courtesy regarding clothing and disrobing.

    Also - communication is essential with a masseuse. How else will they know? Frank can give all kinds of massages. I just wish I could stay awake through all of mine! He just does such a thorough job that I find myself waking up several times.

    Obviously I feel totally safe.

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    Yep. I found the help I was looking for. Frank really listens - not just to the answers to his… Weiterlesen
    Frank G.
    Kommentar von Frank G. von Life4orceTouch
    4.2.2014 Life4orceTouch - Awarded 2013 Best in Philly - Massage Services

    Arita, thank you so much for taking…
  • 253 Williams Ave
    Newtown, PA 18940
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    I have had just the kind of beginning experience with this contractor that convinces me to keep them as my go to roofer from this point on. I recently purchased a house in West Philly that had been rehabbed. The window in the back on the first level, in the little add-on room, started leaking water through the wall and splashing on the inside of the window. I couldn't tell if it was from a fault rook or fault siding installation, since both are fairy new. I called Artur because they work with both roofing and siding, and because I really liked the video on their website. I also noted that they were the only roofer that I noted on Angieslist that performed jobs for less than $500. Sometimes I know a job is a small one, and I'd like to pay accordingly.

    Artur came out the morning we had scheduled, even calling me to say that he was hitting some traffic and would be 15 minutes late. I really appreciate communication!
    He got up on his ladder and started to examine things. He told me what he was seeing. He deliberated re-doing some work, and then explained to me that with such a small roof, the job could still become several hundred dollars if he did that. He suggested that he simply make a strong seal between the new roof and the new siding, which wouldn't cost as much and could easily take care of the problem.

    Gotta love a guy who is looking out for me in the short term and developing a relationship for the long term.

  • 426 W Girard Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19123
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    The service was great. We really wanted to be happy. The guacamole was tasty. The beans and rice were a nice departure from typical refried with greasy rice. However, neither of us would give it another shot. The pork was so dry and hard it was difficult to cut, and impossible to eat without lots of something saucy. The flavor wasn't worth the effort (rather "lack of") so I sent it back asking for a "chef's choice" on the replacement, thinking that was my best shot. It's sitting in the frig. We have eaten Mexican and fusion versions of these foods across the South and up the West Coast. So sad that this was such a disappointment and such a pricey one at that. I'm seriously glad they have their fans, but we are not among them!

  • $$ Pub
    1801 E Passyunk Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19148
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    Great music and food tonight. Mussels in white sauce with loaves of bread to sop up the goodness. And "Union Back" performing. Definitely a great evening! The only glitch was the waitress bringing my change from a large bill and trimming a couple of bucks off before I had a chance to figure the tip. I also didn't get a receipt. No biggy. I planned ahead, but it felt a little creepy.

  • 5.0 Sterne

    I called Couture Cleaning to do a lead test. There was  a small window of opportunity for them to do it before move-in and they found a way to get in quickly. The test was thorough, less expensive than I found anywhere else. Their reports were prompt and they were totally courteous. I will definitely call them again!

  • 8229 Germantown Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19118
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    I was walking the dogs and smelled hamburgers on the grill. My neighbor, Anderson Delone, was sitting on his deck and suggested the Chestnut Hill Grill. I was surprised to find that it was the restaurant in the Hotel and it was kinda hidden past the quiet lobby. Nice bar atmosphere, good menu, great prices.

    A loud talker in the bar area (I agreed with everything she had to say - I just couldn't hear my husband) made the eating area downstairs more attractive. Our waitress was eager to please and gave good advice.

    We loved our burgers which were so large I just finished the second half of mine for lunch. Super tomato slice in April! And brie cheese and onion rings are great additions! Definitely a place we will revisit.

    The only issue was that we were brought a different beer than the one we ordered (because the bartender thought we would enjoy this one more). It was kinda strange, but the beer was good, so we rolled with it. Then we were charged extra for a "featured" beer that wasn't on the menu we had ordered from. Wished I had simply said, "No - we'll pay for the one we ordered since there was no indication upon delivery that the one we were given would be more." We are very generous tippers, and that little up-sale cost her more than the difference, sad to say. Next time . . .

  • 401 S Columbus Blvd
    Philadelphia, PA 19106
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    Based on the food and service alone I would make this a 5 star. A really lovely meal! But my experience to follow the meal urges me to issue a WARNING.

    They added 10 dollars to the credit card charge. Who would normally notice such a thing, right? But I was checking my credit card statement against my receipt entries on Quicken for tax purposes and saw the discrepancy. I pulled my receipt and there it was. This would have made our tip $35 on an $85 meal. Waiting for them to call me back to confirm my credit card number for a refund.

    Then there was the little episode of my scarf which I accidentally left behind. One my daughter brought me from Nepal -and distinctive. They insisted they only had black scarves in their lost and found. I called again and urged them to see if anyone had perhaps taken it home. When it was discovered I was told it was because I hadn't described it accurately.

    Just called them back about the card - and this time I apparently gave them the wrong number for calling me back (!). They credited my card with the $10 - but I didn't have to give them the credit card number. Does that mean they still have it?

    This is beyond uncomfortable.
    Pay with cash!

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    I saw Jaie because I was experiencing a debilitating migraine. She was kind and insightful. I was surprised at how specifically I could describe my headache because of the nature of her questions. She gave me a homeopathic remedy that had me up within the hour and enabled me to attend the festivities of my daughter's wedding weekend. She was a lifesaver.

  • 985 Bethlehem Pike
    Montgomeryville, PA 18936
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    I will definitely continue to shop here. I like the styles and the prices, and I have realized that I really don't mind if a piece of furniture completely wears out. I might want a different color or style anyway. And this is a price point I feel comfortable with.

    They are bringing out a brand new chair for me on Saturday - even though the chair they are replacing was purchased almost a year ago. The thing is - my husband and I always sit in our favorite place to watch TV and it wasn't until months after the purchase that I realized that the padding was a bit deficient on one arm.  They believed me, and apparently want to keep me as a customer.

    They have!

  • 3800 E Sky Harbor Blvd
    Phoenix, AZ 85034
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    When I discovered that I was going to change flights in Phoenix on my way home to Philadelphia, I got excited thinking I had one more chance for some Southwestern food. So, I took my time, cruising by a place called Sir Veza's where I watched a woman try to pick through her aluminum foil packet for something that deserved being speared with her plastic fork. When I to to Jose Roux, it looked posh by comparison, and I read enough reviews to think this could be the place. I was right.

    I ordered the fresh guacamole appetizer and when it came, the serving size was so large I almost regretted having also ordered the fish burrito. It would have been enough, but getting to take home some of this burrito for my husband is a treat!

    Really fresh ingredients, great service and great prices for anywhere. With a 30% tip it was still $20 for a great experience.

    The only reason there isn't a fifth star is because the garbage was changed out at the station next to my table, and when excess nastiness spilled onto the floor, it was kicked aside with disgust, until someone brought someone else, who brought someone else, who finally picked it up and removed it from the dining room. Nasty!

    Obviously this is not something that was normal, or acceptable to them, but to leave it within eye and nose shot of the dining guests while they protested its presence was thoughtless.

    Step up folks. You deserve the 5th star!

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