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    Now I know why I haven't eaten at Cafe 101 until now. We decided to try something a little bit different  on Bellaire and since my nephew "calls the shots" when it comes to deciding where to eat, we decided to eat at Cafe 101 to oblige him. Apparently, he liked the three spice chicken dish.

    The decor of the restaurant is decorated in a trendy modern style with wooden like branches decorating the tops of the ceiling. The chairs were pretty comfy and you were not jammed packed like sardines, like most of the typical Asian restaurants on Bellaire.

    We probably would have been fine if we had only ordered drinks and some Taiwanese appetizers. The fried squid was too hot to eat when it arrived at our table, but the flavor  and consistency was quite nice after it cooled off a bit.  I ordered a black peppered sauce with pork chop rice...which I could barely eat because the black peppered sauce was loaded with too many onions, which I can't stand! Also, I think the sauce had a lot of MSG because I was so thirsty after wards and I still had a headache 5 hours later. I have eaten much better pork chop with rice at Santong Snacks.....

    I doubt I would go to Cafe 101 a second time, unless it was just to order a drink.

  • $ Diner
    12810 SW Fwy
    Stafford, TX 77477
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    I have never eaten at this location, but the River Oaks location at Kirby and Shepard is packed with regulars that have been frequenting Avalon Diner for years, which isn't surprising as the diner has been around since 1938. You won't be surprised that the wait staff know the regulars on a first name basis.

    If you are looking to have a quality breakfast Inside the Loop without any bells or whistles and don't want to go to IHOP or Denny's, you should try Avalon Diner. You can order breakfast all day from 7AM to 4PM on the weekends and a wee bit earlier and later on the weekdays. I don't usually eat too much for breakfast, as I am not quite awake in the mornings. I am usually pretty satisfied with an order of french toast or a bowl of oatmeal.

    I also highly recommend their milk shakes, which are thick and creamy.....

  • 11103 Westheimer Rd
    Houston, TX 77042
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    J Alexander's took over the former Houston's restaurant on the corner of Westheimer and Wilcrest.  I used to dine quite frequently when it was a Houston's, but this was first time I dined there after the name changed probably more than 1.5 years ago. The menu and service at J Alexander's continues to have the same high quality I had grown to expect at Houston's. New drink refills (iced tea and soft drinks) are brought to your table before you even have a chance to finish your previous glass. Surprisingly, the fresh squeezed lemonade was refilled once for free.

    You definitely don't want to go to J Alexander's when you are not too hungry, as the portions are HUGE. I had an order of Mr. Jack's Chicken Finger Platter that came with a heaping side of cole slaw and my favorite...hand cut thin french fries. The chicken fingers were crispy and light and were not greasy at all.... The Barbecue Danish Baby Back Ribs are a bit messy, but are finger licking good.  With all that food, there wasn't any room left for dessert....

  • 9446 Long Point Rd
    Houston, TX 77055
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    I love the bul gol gi and kalbi (BBQ beef and ribs) at Seoul Garden on Long Point. I also always order the seafood pancake as well to start off. If you haven't noticed, the majority of the authentic Korean restaurants are located on Long Point. You can only cook on the table if you order two dishes or more of the BBQ. I am always trying to figure out why I bother to cook on the table because:

    I am doing all the work
    My hair and clothing wreak of smoke
    You end up burning either your finger or food

    It just doesn't taste quite the same when they cook the food for you in the kitchen.  You can stuff yourself with all the little side dishes that come complementary with your meal (kimchi, tempura, anchovies, etc) It's too bad you can't just order the little side dishes and a bowl of rice. The best part is you can ask for seconds! I think they must be stingy in Boston, as the Korean restaurants there only give you a little bit of kimchi and you can't ask for refills.

  • 2518 Rice Blvd
    Houston, TX 77005
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    Need to buy a gift for a little one?
    Want to buy something special?
    Just want to have a personalized touch....

    I spent hours roaming the Galleria desperately searching for a little welcome gift for my newborn niece. I didn't want to buy her anymore clothes as her closet is already overstuffed with just about every cute outfit that Janie and Jack  in Galleria III sells already. I was about to give up and just give her a monogrammed blanket, when I came across Doodles.

    Located on the north side of Rice Blvd in Rice Village, this baby store was filled with furniture, cute clothing, stuffed animals, toys, personalized gifts and a section for customized bedding for little boys and girls. I contemplated buying the gigantic stuffed kitty, but decided it wouldn't go too well if the baby got smothered by it. Happily, I was able to find the cutest stuffed pig which Doodles gift wrapped without any additional charge. Just in case you were wondering, my niece is a "golden piggy" as this is the Year of the Pig in the Asian Zodiac.

    The personalized gifts take a couple of weeks to order, so you will need to plan early in advance. I think they even offer "Personalized Shopping Services" to meet all your baby and lil ones' needs....

    Your wallet will definitely be considerably lighter after leaving the store.....

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    I was amazed at finding this little restaurant in the Heights and Sixth Ward off of Washington. The historic Patrenella home is now the quaint location for an authentic Italian restaurant with a bit of an outdoor patio. Of course when you enter the front door you are like on "center stage" trying to figure out WHY is everyone staring at me and WHY am I standing in the middle of the restaurant. Luckily I was not left standing there too long as I was able to locate my friend who was waiting for me at the bar, which is located in the middle of the house.

    I had the Veal Meatballs, which was one of the many specials that evening.  It was so tasty, the sauce was definitely loaded up on tons of garlic, but the tomatoes rounded out the flavor quite well. It was a good thing I did not have additional plans after dinner as I would definitely have scared everyone off. The dipping sauce for the bread was filled with plenty of garlic, herbs and olive oil.

    I would definitely recommend Patrenella's as one of the Best Italian restaurants in the city. It's like eating "home cooked" Italian food in a cozy little setting. Not surprisingly, Patrenella's has been awarded  many of the legendary Marvin Zindler's  "Blue Ribbon Awards."

    Parking and finding the restaurant can be a bit of a challenge.....

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    If you enjoy being pampered, you will love the treatment at Spa Nordstrom.  I was feeling a bit achy today, so I called for a massage appointment and was I in luck as someone had canceled their appointment. As I was being walked down the hallway, the therapist Stacy looked at me and said "I've given you a massage before."  Sure enough, she was the therapist I had the last time I had gone to Spa Nordstrom more than 2 years ago.

    You start your treatment off with a relaxing foot bath and a heated neck pillow while you are relaxing in a quiet darkened sitting area.  I was having a deep tissue massage as my back was bothering me. Stacy applied just the right amount of pressure in the right places. I felt so relaxed and managed to drift off to sleep. When she was finished, she walked me back to the "lounge" sitting area and offered me an Elixir drink and another heated neck pillow.

    I definitely won't let another 2 years go by before going to visit Stacy again.

  • 2660 Fountain View Dr
    Houston, TX 77057
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    The Fountainview and Westheimer HEB was the first outlet opened by the grocery chain in Houston in 2001. I go shopping at this location when I don't want to deal with all the crowds and traffic at Central Market. Of course, you can not get full sampling all the food as you walk around the store as you can at Central Market. This location carries a lot of the more popular specialty items as Central Market as well as the normal staples you would expect at a grocery store, without paying the premium. It's really easy to run in and pick up the one item you are always missing in a relatively short amount of time.

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    Azuma is my all-time favorite sushi restaurant in Houston and I think I am pretty picky about sushi. I was first introduced to sushi at Nippon (which was later replaced by Nara on Westheimer) more than 15 years ago by my Japanese friend. I could not believe I would ever learn to love to eat raw fish...but Toro is my favorite!

    They have another location in the Rice Lofts in Downtown and I have heard that they will be opening a third location in Rice Military off of Washington. The Downtown location has an outdoor seating area that is really great for entertaining.

    Azuma was the first to introduce hot rock beef in Houston, which can now be found at many Japanese restaurants throughout the US.  Also, the sashimi is served over a bowl of crushed ice, which keeps the fish cool as well as pleasant to the eye.

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    It's so difficult to find a good esthetician that is friendly, knows what they are doing and can make your appearance simply stunning! I have tried a lot of different day spas in Houston including Sensia, Persona Day Spa, Spa Trellis at the Houstonian, Spa Nordstrom and ever since I was given a spa package for my birthday at Tova's.... I have only allowed Eleanor to take care of my complexion. I have introduced several friends to her and they have become loyal clients as well.  She can get pretty upset if you are late for an appointment, but that's only fair as it minimizes the amount of time that she can spend on you!  She definitely gets down to business and does not spend a lot of time chatting with you....

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