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    I shopped around and read reviews on Yelp, and ended up settling on USA Moving and Storage. Their reviews were decent and the price quote was a market rate (or slightly under) for 4 guys and a truck. My move was complicated because we were moving myself and my wife out of two different apartments and into one. On top of that, we lived in elevator buildings in which we needed to block off specific times to reserve the loading dock. This requirement made the timing of the move key.  

    The guys arrived within 10 minutes of when they said they would be there (8:00 AM). That's "on-time" in my book. They went to work right away and used blankets and packing tape for all of my furniture and miscellaneous things that I neglected to pack in boxes (fans/lamps/etc).  

    We filled the truck completely (don't remember the size) and drove to the new place. Unloading went very quickly and the guys didn't take any breaks for cigarettes, lunch, or otherwise. In all, they completely finished the job in 2.5 hours. It helped that we were moving to an apartment only 2 blocks away, which kept transit time down, but I still thought that 2.5 hours was amazingly fast given how much stuff they moved and that they had to wait for elevators at both places.  Because of the short time it took to move and the speed with which the 4-man crew worked, my move came in under-budget by ~$200.   I would definitely recommend USA Moving and Storage to family and friends; however, I suppose it all depends on which crew you get, given some of the other reviews on Yelp.

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    I ordered takeout from the Grill Room and after finishing ~3/4 of my Caesar salad, I found a dead moth in the remainder of the salad.  I was so disgusted that I returned to the restaurant to notify management.  The host apologized profusely and gave me a couple of Restaurants America gift cards to make up for it.  Despite the attempt to make it better, I will not be eating at any of this company's chains ever again.  Insects in my food is unforgivable.

    Note: This event happened back in 2009, but I had forgotten about it until my girlfriend ate there with her mom this evening and saw a moth flying around in the adjacent room--hence the delayed post.  The restaurant's management may have addressed the pest issues since I dined there, but I don't know.

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    As an update to my previous review, Metro Loading Service's outsourced claims management company finally repaired my couch this weekend.  The repair job was decent, although I can still see the damage if I look right at at it.  I'm keeping my star rating the same as previous because it took more than three months and numerous calls to remedy the situation, which should have taken one month, at the longest.

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    My landlord hired Metro Loading to move my things between apartments (long story). The three movers… Weiterlesen
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    I hired A-Z Moving after gathering quotes and looking at reviews of various movers in the Chicago area. A-Z had competitive prices and an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau (not the BBB's highest score, but satisfactory nonetheless). The movers were reasonably punctual (only 5-10 min late), which was important given the fact that I had to reserve the service elevator at the moving destination.

    The three movers were polite, friendly, quick-working, and didn't take any breaks, which was much appreciated given that they were being paid by the hour. They took the time/effort to use moving blankets when necessary. They moved all of my things within the previously estimated time frame, and my bill accurately reflected what I was quoted over the phone.

    I gave the movers 4 stars because the move went as expected (not having anything broken/damaged is an expectation, not an achievement). I would have given a 5th star if the total cost had either come out cheaper than estimated, or if I felt that expectations had been exceeded. Good job.

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