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    I LOVE THIS PLACE!  Not only does it provide a place for businesses to recycle their leftover materials, but it provides artists with a place to find unique and hard to find items to use in their work.  At a great price, might I add (a paper grocery bag filled to the top is only $7, though larger stuff is sometimes priced separately.)

    Anyone interested in art in any way, shape or form will be enthralled by this place!  There is an AMAZING amount of really awesome stuff that can be incorporated into just about any art project you can imagine!  Plus there is a little art gallery at the front with really fun recycled art, jewelry, clothing, etc for purchase.

    I cannot stress how cool I think this place is.  My mom is an artist as well and every time she comes to visit we have to make a trip to The Scrap Exchange.  They have everything from old test tubes, to leftover sheets of caution stickers, to scraps of cloth, to old typewriters, to sample squares of granite, and so so so much more!

    Another cool thing they do is art camps and birthday parties for kids.  I have seen soo many completely enraptured kids working on projects with the most random things like foam rollers, old lace, random buttons, and leftover plastic caps.  It's like artistic freedom gone wild and kids LOVE that!

    Basically, if you hate clutter this might not be the place for you, but those of us who don't mind it & who are always looking for the perfect piece for your next art creation will be in enthralled!

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    There were a lot of firsts for me at this event!  It was my first Elite event, my first time trying Rosé wine (yum!), my first tarot card reading, and my first time going to Mosaic!  Everything was fabulous!  I'm only sad that I never made it to the back to have my first henna tattoo, but I was too busy chatting with all the wonderful Triangle Yelpers & watching the awesome belly dancer.

    I feel so lucky that I got invited to this wonderful event!  Christina did a fabulous job with the planning!  Can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

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    I was looking for a good, inexpensive place to have lunch with my mom on Yelp and came across this restaurant.  I had passed by it before & not really thought twice about it because of its fastfood-y looking exterior.  But upon reading the reviews I decided it sounded like just what we were looking for.

    We showed up around 11:45am & didn't have to wait long to order.  There were so many fabulous sounding things on the menu that we were both super excited to get our food by the time we ordered.  The average price for a meal with fries and a drink was around $9, so it wasn't super cheap, but very reasonable for what we got.  The food came fairly quickly & was great!  

    There was nice artwork on the walls and things looked pretty clean & well kept, but I couldn't shake the (upscale) fast food feeling due to the order counter and drive through window.  I have no qualms with fast food, though, & we weren't there to have a long sit down, so it was just fine.

    All in all it was just what we were looking for and we were very satisfied with our experience!  I look forward to checking out other things on the menu in the future!  (I had the Chipotle Chicken Sandwich & my mom had the Strawberry Kiwi Salad with grilled chicken on top.. yum!)

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    Let me start by saying I wish I could give 4.5 stars.  I decided to get my hair cut last minute on a Saturday morning.  So I got on Yelp (I've been going to Fantastic Sam's & wanted something better) and looked at reviews.  I called a couple other places and no one had openings, but when I called Rock Paper Scissors they fit me right in!  

    I was able to park for free (since it was Sat) in the lot right across the st & had no wait for my stylist.  She was super nice & seemed to know exactly what I wanted.  (I think her name was Laura?  So bad with names..)  My hair looked awesome when she finished with it (my friends said the best cut I'd ever had!)  Unfortunately I have still not quite figured out the round brush on my own, so it's not quite as wonderful as she did it, but it's still a great cut.

    My only issues were that I had to do some touch up trims (I end up doing this after every haircut, so not unusual) and I heard no mention of the homebrews they apparently have (though it was noon & early for drinks I guess.)  

    Overall, RPS was a very trendy little place with cool brick walls, artwork everywhere, friendly stylists, and reasonable prices ($40 for a cut.)  Five stars is hard for me to give out for salons unless everything is absolutely perfect, so consider my 4(.5) a fabulous review!  I will be going back!

    jenean e.
    Kommentar von jenean e. von Rock Paper Scissors Salon and Gallery
    10.6.2010 We would like clients to know that we welcome you to pop back in for an extra little snip... it is… Weiterlesen
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    I went here for lunch with my mom one chilly Monday afternoon.  We sat by the front window which was a big mistake since the sun was super bright & ended up being super hot since the window had no covering.  The waitstaff was friendly but the menu wasn't very big and was hard to interpret.  My mom ended up with the green salad with chicken and I got the glorified ham and cheese.  They were both well prepared but very plain and by the end of the meal we were both over it.  Her salad was greens with a light lemon dressing and 2 plainly cooked (but very tender) chicken tenderloins resting on top.  My ham & cheese was fancy and had a small, plain salad with it but it just didn't knock my socks off.  Not worth the steep price and uncomfortable sunny location of our seats.  I hear brunch is great and maybe the dinner menu is better, but I will not be going back for lunch!

  • 201 S Estes Dr
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    Southern Season is a don't miss shopping spot for anyone visiting town or for those in the area who need a great gift or something a little different to make a meal special.

    If you are hosting a dinner party, SS is the place to go.  From amazing cheeses, deli meats, gourmet.. well anything, wines, coffee and teas, and desserts, to flowers, cookware, decorations, and plates, SS has you covered!  You will impress your guests!

    I must go off on a tangent here about my favorite section of SS; the chocolate/candy area!  If you love gourmet chocolate, foreign candy bars, or even just a really good selection of Jelly Belly jelly beans, this is the place for you.  I have on many occasions seen wide eyed children & parents (!) happily picking out one or two truffles, slices of gummies, or ornate little hand made candies in the shape of animals to devour on their trip around the mall.  And, to the delight of some, they have a great sugar free chocolate section as well!  

    Across from the truffle counter is a section of hundreds of candy bars from all over the world.  It's tons of fun checking out the different languages, packaging, and prices.  A personal favorite are the bars that benefit the rain forest!  

    Despite the slightly high prices, A Southern Season is a favorite place to go.  I used to work in the mall and would go to their hot bar for lunch, grab a chocolatey snack, get special things for parties, and look for gifts when I needed them.  Everyone working there is super friendly and helpful as well, which is very important in my book.  I say go often for a little treat, especially during one of their awesome annual sales!

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    The Station is one of my most favorite places in the world!  There's never a cover, there are always great bands & DJs, the food is wonderful, everyone is friendly, and the people watching is great!

    It is rare in the Triangle to find a place that offers great music for free multiple times a week.  From swanky instrumental bands to awesome indie rock bands to great DJ dance parties, The Station has it covered.  And on days there is no featured music there are often other events going on such as the hardest trivia you've ever experienced on Wednesday nights, an awesome setup for basketball (& other sports) watching, and random benefit events.

    Most importantly, I always feel comfortable at The Station, even when having to wait for long periods by myself for friends to arrive.  There is plenty to look at on the walls to stay occupied, tvs to watch which usually either play sports or random indie films, or you can chat with a friendly bartender.  I never feel that awkward need to check my cell phone/look out the door every minute & will my friends to hurry up.

    All in all, I just love the laid back ambiance combined with the great selection of events resulting in a cheap, fun night out!

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