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    Pros: nice ambiance, live music Tuesday evening, solid pub food and beer selection

    Cons: bartender could have been friendlier, parking could be an issue on weekends, only a handful of beers on tap

    I've been to the Blind Tiger often and the ambiance and food never disappoint. The fried green tomatoes are well executed, with a creamy cucumber/corn remoulade. On Tuesdays they have half off their half pound burger, which makes it an easy and delicious $5 meal.

    It's a mix of tourists and locals. The locals range from a few college kids to yuppies and a few gents that live slightly north of broad.

    A solid choice if you're downtown, especially if you're within walking distance. The two bars make it an easy place to done solo.

  • 99 SE Mizner Blvd
    Boca Raton, FL 33432
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    Pros: Excellent, creative food. Great service. Friendly owners. In a word - Quality.

    Cons: Needs beers on tap.  Parking can be limited during peak times.

    The Goat really nails the Gastropub concept.  The food is creative and well-executed, and the ambiance is relaxed and somewhat refined. It's hip and funky without being gritty.  Which means, depending on the evening, it's just about right for everyone.

    Meat eaters cannot go wrong with the charred rib-eye.  The charred edges are intensely flavorful and the red and juicy medium rare was spot-on.  Pair it with a craft bourbon and end with the rum soaked bread pudding for dessert.  Leave with your stomach rejoicing at all that is good in this world.

    Looking for something lighter? Wanting to impress the lady in your life? Try the Fuji salad, which is an artful compilation of kale, carrots, apples, fennel, goat cheese, tomato jam, and all other manners of healthy, delicious goodness.  A perfect meal to recover from hedonistic living, I'd pair it with a crisp white wine and the cutely named Chicken or the Egg.

    The bar is equally well-equipped and the options are extensive. Those that enjoy a craft cocktail with 10+ ingredients can rest easy because you're in good hands. You'll find the cocktails are a  welcome respite from the omnipresent, sickeningly sweet drinks found elsewhere.  A good selection of craft beers - better than average, though I think one can always add to the beer list - and well-edited wine list.  I believe they may be adding draft beer on tap, which would be a welcome addition.

    Practical considerations:
    - Parking can be limited
    - The bar is ideal for solo diners
    - Food is served all night.  That said, if you do decide you want dinner at 10pm, it's possible not all the options will be available on the menu (from personal experience, I missed out on the sticky ribs!).

    In short? Highly recommend to the tourist and local alike.  Come for the food, stay for the drinks, and leave happy.

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    21.7.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Excellent salad place. Creative options that are served up quickly and easy to carry out for a fast, quick meal. The house made dressings really shine: lemon tahini, cilantro lime vinaigrette, sweet tea vinaigrette.  The only think keeping it short of 5 stars is the lack if steak or red meat for their salads.  Heresy? Perhaps, but sometimes chicken just won't do.

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    24.11.2013 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Excellent salad place. Creative options that are served up quickly and easy to carry out for a fast,… Weiterlesen
  • $$ Bar
    730 Coleman Blvd
    Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Great burgers, salads, and nachos.  Fun, casual atmosphere and live music. Nice selection of beers, but they also make delicious fresh juice cocktails. Hank the owner is friendly. Overall, it's a great place to grab dinner or a beer with no need to dress up. A friendly place where it is easy to relax.

  • 140 E Franklin St
    Chapel Hill, NC 27515
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    The gelato is excellent and the atmosphere is very cute/vintage.  I love the cakes they have displayed around the bakery, and there is always a good selection of cupcakes. In general the cupcakes are very good.  I live just off Franklin Street and have tried nearly every cupcake flavor available, in addition to using them to provide the rehearsal cake for my wedding.

    The Carmel fleur de sel stands out as one of the best, as well as the Carrot cake and Wimbledon cupcake.  The red velvet cupcake, however, could use a stronger chocolate flavor and could be more moist. (Note: it is important to let the cupcakes reach room temperature to maximize the moistness and delicate crumb.)

    In sum, I think most of the cupcake flavors are very good and the price is fair for the creative flavors and quality of the ingredients.  The are a few hit-or-miss flavors; however, in general you are unlikely to be disappointed.  The real show stopper is the gelato and the gelato martinis (which are $5 on Mondays).

    Katrina R.
    Kommentar von Katrina R. von Sugarland
    14.5.2013 Sara,

    Thanks so much for coming by!  It's wonderful to hear that you love our treats and I can't wait…
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    A new establishment with excellent burgers and an incredibly friendly owner.  Tom, the owner, made a point of personally thanking every person that arrived at the restaurant (formerly Jack Sprat) this Monday evening.  Overall, the service was very friendly and has great potential to grow into a neighborhood hangout - the friendliness inspires conversation among strangers (now neighbors) that are sitting at the bar or table tops.  The atmosphere is a cross between hip, brick-exposed walls and tin ceilings and a relaxed neighborhood diner.  Something ideal for both families and late night burgers & beer (though no crazy dancing or pong here - and that's a relief).

    For my meal, I had the peppercorn burger.  The peppercorn sauce was excellent - very peppery and moist without being overly sticky.  The meat itself was the best in Chapel Hill, a seared, juicy burger cooked a nice pink medium and served on a buttery bun. The meat is certified angus - a bonus (typically I have to go to Durham to find comparable quality of meats OR to a higher-priced establishment).  

    I also tried the chili, which is a fantastic rendition of Cincinnati Chili, the owner's hometown (though he is a huge Carolina fan!).  The desert and salads looked excellent, though I did not personally try them.

    I highly recommend the burgers here, and I will be back to try to the slow roast beef.  Though it is new, the solid selection of beers (several local craft brew on tap) and the made-to-order certified Angus burgers coupled with a casual, not-overly-undergrad ambiance bodes well for this establishment.  The price ($9 + tip for a burger, a side of Parmesan rosemary chips and fountain drinks) is fair for the quality, friendly service, and relaxed atmosphere.

  • 107 N Columbia St
    Chapel Hill, NC 27514
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Buns is very undergrad oriented - too chaotic to enjoy as a mid-twenties yuppie (and probably not ideal for families).  The menu has a decent set of options, but the burger is overwhelmingly dry and the combinations are uninspired.  I went three times hoping that this would be a good burger place, but could never get past the unflavored meat and fast food like ambience.  I prefer Top This or Linda's Bar and grill for my burgers.

  • 750 Martin Luther King Blvd
    Chapel Hill, NC 27514
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    The Durham Foster's is better - service, food, and ambiance wise.   That said, this is an excellent spot for Brunch or coffee.  It's got plenty of tables to spread out on and a great selection of food - with enough vegetables to appeal to the health conscious.  Wifi is available except during peak lunch time, and it's honestly an easy walk off Franklin street (just down MLK).

    Recommend when you're looking for a casual place to linger and chat over brunch, or you want a place for coffee and biscuit and a solid few hours of work in the morning.

  • 1305 E Franklin St
    Chapel Hill, NC 27514
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    A classic, dense biscuit.  Not as flaky as Rise, not as greasy as Bojangles.   Large serving size with classic fillings - the fried steak is particularly wonderful (and very filling!!).  Recommend as a heavy breakfast to start your day off right!

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    I have been to Revolution for drinks alone several times.  As a nice place to grab drinks before a show - or even on a first date or two, it's a great place.  It's well situated downtown with easy valet parking, a well designed ambiance, and excellent selection of cocktails.

    Today  I also tried it for the food.  Two people that shared an appetizer, two entrees, shared dessert, and four drinks came to about $110.  Not unreasonable, but high enough to create certain expectations for our dining/food/experience.  But, to be clear, I think the price is fair (with the one service exception listed below).

    1. Food - the food was very good.  That said, for the prices, I expect it to be very good. the Duck tamales were a nice twist for an appetizer, and the scallops were some of the best I've had in Durham (or Charleston, SC for that matter).  The veal pasta was good, but I found that the sea food dishes were far more inspired than the red meat options.  I do not believe that  you would leave her disappointed in the food, though the quality was in keeping with the price (which, while well portioned, is not a share-able size like other similarly priced establishments).

    2. Service - overall we were very happy with the service.  The complimentary valet was not only convenient, but exceptionally friendly.  The waiter was friendly and able to make quality recommendations for both food and wine when asked which was appreciated.  

    However, and this is why the restaurant lost a full star in my review, I was served a drink with sputtering, dying fruit fly drowning on top.  Unfortunately, I did not see the specimen until after taking a sip, when I was horrified to look down and discover the gross little bug.  While my drink was replaced, the bartender or manager did nothing to compensate for the gross experience or mistake. I would have expected the cost of the drink to be compensated at the very least for a restaurant of this caliber.  This experience/lack of apology soured my overall experience somewhat - it differed markedly from other area chefs and restaurants that have went above and beyond to provide an exceptional dining experience.

    3. Ambiance - The decor is warm, yet with a bit of a more polished edge than typical in many Durham restaurants.  Many of the tables are ideal for groups.  As a couple, I would have preferred a bit more space between my table and the next, but this is not unusual and a common complaint I have of many restaurants.  I have also had several appetizers at the bar before, which is ideal for more causal dining.

    Overall, if you are downtown and looking for a place to grab drinks and maybe an appetizer, this is a solid bet.  The food is also good, ranging from solid executions to somewhat inspired seafood dishes.  However, it is no better than one would expect from a fine dining restaurant.  While the ordinary service is fine, the restaurant would do better  to respond to their mistakes more affirmatively - particularly when those mistakes involve bugs in the drinks.

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