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  • 1805 Paseo San Luis
    Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
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    Great, what more can one say.  A long time local resident I've just rediscovered The German Cafe from my first visit 20 years ago.  The current owner/manager has taken  this restaurant from a little quaint establishment to a must go to experience.  Known throughout the county and state the food, service and atmosphere makes you feel like you are truly in Suddeutchland (Southern Germany).  The cooks, servers and management are truly excited in the experience they serve you when you come to eat and enjoy good company.

    Annette E.
    Kommentar von Annette E. von The German Cafe
    19.1.2014 Thank you very much for taking time to write us your great review! It is always a pleasure to serve… Weiterlesen
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    On a quick weekend getaway I found my self at this resort.  I must say haven driven by this location several times over the years I was presently surprised by this little hidden oasis.  The Hacienda room was pleasantly appointed, large shower and heavy overhead beams giving the room a comforting since of stability. I must say a small microwave would have been appreciated.  A nice lake with all the water foul you could imaging great you as your eyes taking the views of mountains to the east.

    I must say Panchos (a local retail shop) provided a great experience with art, uniquely crafted furniture, gifts for every budget.

    If you have a chance take a little time and checkout the very unique history surrounding this area.

  • 4209 N Craftsman Ct
    Scottsdale, AZ 85251
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    On a early Saturday evening, the band was playing the crowd was just starting to meander in.  Going further inside in an attempt to avoid the high volume of the band whose audio was piped in throughout the restaurant (I failed) I realized shortly that I must of been missed siting in the middle of the dinning are as the wait staff moved smartly from the kitchen to the front delivering the drinks and food to the patrons. I ask a member of the staff was I sitting in the wrong area and soon service was rendered.  

    Food, nothing special but it is more of a bar than a restaurant.  Although the atmosphere was unique, I do have a question why cameras were in the mens room.

    Jeff F.
    Kommentar von Jeff F. von Dos Gringos
    4.9.2010 Thank you for your comment Stacy. Here at Dos Gringos, we always respect the privacy of our guests… Weiterlesen
  • 6398 S State Hwy 92
    Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
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    This is a long standing landmark in Southeastern Arizona.  I like to think of it in as two restaurants in one with a nice little bar in the middle.  The dining area in the back gives you a great view of the mountains over the back patio.  I highly recommend the Peppered Angus New Your cut, medium rare, and I'm not a medium rare person normally.  The wait staff was prompt and courteous.  Ask for the back room as it does have a bit more personality and ambiance.


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    14 years ago was my first time at Yama Sushi, I was very impressed at the time not only was the food great but the environment was like stepping in tranquil Japanese seaside restaurant.  When he move to his current location I kept forgetting about it because it was almost hidden, now I know why.  

    The places in unkept, the initial feeling was dirty, dark and sad.  Fish in the display cooler seemed a bit too close to room temperature and as if it has been out all day.

    I do not think it was proper for the owner to share his feeling of being trapped in his restaurant, it does not convey a since of pride of ownership and at the least making the customer feel happy with their decision to come in.

    You are better of going to Burger King

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    Finally we have a respectable Italian ristorante here in Sierra Vista.  Small, cozy but with a taste that will make you tongue very happy, Sophia's is a gem that can make a little dinner outing into an emotional evening out.  Currently it's BYOB and I think it should stay that way, enhancing the personal experience.  This is truly a small place seating no more than 20, reservations are highly recommended.

    Please enjoy.

  • 4907 S Hwy 92
    Sierra Vista, AZ 85650
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    If you feel like sitting in a dining  with 2 or 3 friends with the fireplace crackling in the corner, then this is the place for you.  Small, unique, friendly and one of a kind place, the Outside Inn will leave you with a warm smile on your face, just as if you departed your friends house after a great evening and you know you do not have to do the dishes.

  • 354 S Highway 92
    Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
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    I ordered a new leather living room set a couple of weeks ago, looking at a set on the showroom floor (paid 100% up front).   For some reason I had to wait over a week for the delivery truck to travel 80 miles from Tucson to pick up the living room set and move it 4 miles across town to my house.  After a no call on the delivery day I made the called late that afternoon, to my surprise I was told by the first person that I was not in the system, and then I was transferred and told by the second person that they would call back.  An hour later I received an apology from a third person and was assured that I would be delivered the following Wednesday, are you kidding me!  You would think a delivery that next day would have been offered, but no.   So I returned the next day to cancel the sale of $3,500, a little bit of compassion or an offer of a discount that had some depth to it might have saved the sale.  I was a good thing I did not get rid of my existing set prior otherwise I might of felt compelled to accept the deal.

    Service after the sale is something we deserve and should expect; maybe that is why this store is closing.

  • 1785 E River Rd
    Tucson, AZ 85718
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    Hello! Steaks, Martinis & Jazz, I'm in!

    From the restaurant with a menu to make your eyes water to the live entertainment and the outside patio, it will be hard to find a better place in Tucson to have fun with your friends. Whether is is a fine dinner or chilling with some cool jazz, the service is top notch and the place is a where a lot of business can happen.

    Plan on an evening, get there early if you want to chill at the band.  This place gets 2 thumbs up both times I visited.  It is a step above!

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    Sorry, although the the environment is quaint and the initial impression would move you to expect an special experience, I've been disappointed not once but twice.  The service leaves much to be desired, the staffed did not seem to take ownership of the experience whether it is their table or not.  It seemed the ability to multitask is lacking here a bit.  I would state that the only reason this facility is open is because of its location in the middle of a prime tourist location.

    Feel welcomed and go to the BBC.

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