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    This is the greatest repair shop with in miles! I have tried others but no one and I mean no one does as good of job as Jerry! His prices I reasonable. Never been disappointed and would refer to everyone. I would drive an hour or more to go to him cause he doesn't make you pay for stuff you don't need. LOVE LOVE LOVE this repair shop!

  • 1404 Morningside Dr
    Milbank, SD 57252
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    My car was really acting up so I took it in since I had to travel the next day. They test drove it twice and told me nothing was wrong with it. The only good part is they didn't charge me anything since they didn't find out anything. When I was leaving their parking lot it was jumping all over still. I went out of town the next day. When I got back to town my normal mechanic was able to look at it. He told me I'm lucky it didn't break down on me cause my timing chain is jumping. Be only drive it around the block where Johnson's drove over 7 miles. Not very happy since Johnson's told me it would be safe to drive out of town. NEVER again will I go there. I will stick with McFarland repair!

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    I have had the pleasure of having all 3 of these stylists do my hair and I have NEVER walked away unsatisfied! Please everything is reasonable priced.

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