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    75% of flavors were out and one gal working was overwhelmed with taking care of the problem and ringing up the two
    people in the shop.

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    Love this place...but disappointed that on a busy Father's Day afternoon they feel it is necessary to have a worker sitting on the floor scouring the grout with an electric toothbrush. Disgusting!

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    They received two stars because I love their tea but that is about it. I have been a customer since the store opened but am pretty sure today was the last time.
    The manager is a real piece of work. She is so pushy and if you do not respond to her bullying she becomes condescending and rude. Today she actually refused to give me the price ( it is right there on the can!) of two flavors that are used for a sampler tea. She said I had to wait until there was room on the counter to bring the teas down so that I could smell them. Really?! I asked her if I really need to smell the tea in order to find out how much it costs. Craziness.  I took my to go order tea ( of the sampler flavor that I was planning on buying!!!!) and left.

    If only this had been the first time...

    In recent months, I have noticed the staff becoming much pushier. A few weeks ago I overheard the Asst Manager coaching the employees to "not take 'no' for an answer." Yikes. This was the same visit where I spent more than intended because same aforementioned manager kept overloading the scale. Sure she tells you she went over and "is that 'ok'?" like you actually have a choice in the matter. Ok well you do have a choice but I didn't like the prospect of telling her to back off. Didn't think it would go over well.

    Lesson learned on my part. If I don't want to run with the big tea-hawking dogs then I should stay on the porch with my timer, German Rock Sugar and hand-forged, cast iron beautifully painted one-of-a-kind teapot.

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