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    I've been grabbing my lunch from here a few times a week ever since I discovered this place a few months ago.  tons of selections, cheap, quick and tasty.  for sandwiches, fill out an order form; soups - they've always got three different options in little kettles and sides - a fridge full of stuff like mac salad, pre made sandwiches, etc) along with like 30 different kinds of drinks and desserts.  

    if you want to get the "yenni" - half sandwich (dutch crunch roll with trip tip mayo and mustard) half soup (i usually go for the lemon chicken quinoa) for $6.50 :)

    tip:  you can also get paninis here it's not on the order form but check out the board behind the counter

  • 460 E William St
    San Jose, CA 95112
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    Our favorite pho place (Pho Ha Noi) closed down recently (side note:  WHY???????! so so sad) so we've been looking for another spot that's not just another generic pho restaurant.  And Pho Cong Ly is it!  or comes pretty close to it :)

    Fresh noodles made daily.  If you've ever gotten the chance to try fresh pho noodles you cant really go back to the starchy store-bought's just not the same.  Tender tender beef.  How do they get it so tender??  And big meaty oxtailsss.  'nuff said.  Only complaint is the bowls are a little on the small side.  That, or the prices are a little high for the amount you get.  I usually can't finish my bowls but here I can easily finish the small ($8) and still not be completely full.

    Rice plates are also pretty good - and they also come with fries lol.  Not a fan of the red tomato rice but the beef cubes with garlic and mushroom is so good!  

    15% student discount if you have your ID (if you pay the entire bill, you can get the discount for everyone instead of everyone having to show student ID).  Check your receipt before you pay though - requested that they leave out the beef shank (one of four meats you get with the Special Combo pho) but instead of charging us $8 they charged us $8 for a regular pho with beef with an add on charge of $2.50 for the oxtail (umm why would i pay more to get less?).  Probably an honest mistake but hopefully they've worked it out by now.

  • 400 S 3rd St
    San Jose, CA 95112
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    We've been living in downtown SJ for about two years now but this place didn't really catch our eye until a few weeks ago (I think due to bad reviews about cleanliness and because they don't have an online menu) and since then we've been coming here at least twice a week!  Not your typical chinese or vietnamese restaurant as they are not known for fried rice, beef/broccoli or pho - just good ol' noodle soup bowls at super reasonable prices - about $7 a bowl.

    They dont have a set menu but when I order for my coworkers these are the choices I give them:

    Pick one of each

    -big egg noodles
    -little egg noodles
    -flat rice noodles

    -seafood (shrimp, squid, fishballs)
    -combination (includes seafood plus beef balls, liver and sliced pork)
    -fresh shrimp wontons (supposedly made fresh daily on-site); can add on 3 pieces to any of the other options for $2.50
    -a whole mini fried chicken (SO GOOD)

    The broth is the same for all of the items above but you can ask to get it dry and they'll put pork bones in the side of broth.  Love the lightness of the broth - it's not super flavorful but something about it makes you want to drink the entire bowl when you're done.  

    Try this place!

  • 110 E San Fernando St
    San Jose, CA 95112
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    I was kind of wary when this place first opened because the businesses that were here before did not do so well but I am so glad i was TOTALLY wrong.  LOVE that this place is less than half a block from apartment....I already find myself craving it during the day telling myself I deserve a treat after a hard's day work ;)

    Their milk teas are just the right combination of tea and milk (not too light, not too tea-y) and the pearls are always perfectly chewy (unlike other places that have their off days with super hard balls).  Decent size for decent price but they have an awesome buy one get one free special for students which makes it sooo worth it.

    OH and they just rolled out their newest offering.....shaved ice!  forgot if it's taiwanese shaved ice or what but im definitely trying that next time im there...tomorrow? prob! ;)

  • 78 S 1st St
    San Jose, CA 95113
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    I was excited about having a new fast food korean restaurant to add to our usual lunch rotation but i was not impressed by the food or the false advertisements.  I ordered the shrimp dosirak which is pictured on the menu with a bunch of fresh meaty shrimps and a side of jap chae (glass noodles).  What i actually got was a few barely cooked tiny baby shrimps and a side of three pieces of broccoli (see link to pic below).  For 9 bucks plus tax I totally dont feel like I got my money's worth.  Feel free to use cheaper ingredients but dont lie to me and then overcharge me for it.  The food didnt completely suck but I doubt I'll be back again anytime soon which sucks cuz I live and work only a few blocks from this place.…

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    LOVE the pho ap chao noodles here - kind of like a bunch of little pho noodles stuck together into long rectangles and then pan fried until crispy :)  Covered with a light gravy, veggies and whatever protein you prefer (I usually like seafood but I think the chicken here is slightly better).  This is one of the few dishes that I REALLY crave each and every week I can never get sick of it!!  I also really like the bo luc lac- small beef cubes with tomato (or white)'s kind of hit or miss with how fatty the meat is but when it's good it's amazing!  and even when it's not it's not that bad.  

    If you're looking for something other than your usual pho and rice plates, check this place out and check these dishes out! :)

  • $$$$ Steakhouse
    10330 N Wolfe Rd
    Cupertino, CA 95014
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    My coworkers and I were celebrating the end of a project and decided to split three steaks among the four of us with a couple sides and appetizers.  For the appetizers we got the ahi tuna and hamachi shooters which were good but nothing too special.  For the sides we got the tempura asparagus and crab stuffed zucchini....I didnt really care for the breading on the asparagus but the zucchini with the crab was different and tasty!  

    For the steaks, we ordered a regular filet, regular ribe eye and the waiter recommended the waygu steak which sounded super delicious (he brought out the uncooked steak and described the marbling throughout).  We ended up getting the half waygu and half American steak ($150 for a ribeye).  We messed up because we started out with the waygu steak and IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD AND FATTY AND MELT IN YOUR MOUTH GOOD that we didnt even want to touch the regular steaks.

    Overall, I thought this was a good steakhouse, all of the dishes were good but again nothing special so the thing that really makes it stand apart from others would have to be the waygu steaks.  So if you come here make sure you're willing to spend that $$ to get the best! :)

    OH and they give you cotton candy at the end of your whimsical! :)

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    LOVE the jerk chicken here.....the meat is always juicy and tender and flavorful.  The fried plaintains are also good but I didnt really care for the rice and beans (rice was kind of mushy not sure if that's how it's suppose to be caribbean style so maybe just my personal preference).  Also tried the corn festivals which are similar to corn bread but not as dense and way tastier (if youre debating btw the two def get the corn festival but beware theyre HUGE).  Overall, a great new addition to downtown san jose for lunch or dinner :)

  • 235 E Julian St
    San Jose, CA 95112
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    This review is mainly for the little tacqueria inside the supermarket.  I know everyone has their personal preferences for tacos but for me, it's all about the tortilla and then the meat.  I love how they dip their tortillas in a bit of oil before they throw it on the grill making it oh so perfectly lightly crisp and greasy....and after trying out like 10 other taco joints with 4 star yelp reviews around the area, I find that theyre the only ones who do this!  I also judge a taco place by how well they do carne asada and I like the cut of meat they use (some places use ribeye but i think arracherra (flank steak?) is sooo much better) and how they cook it fresh to order with little to no gristle (instead of reheating on the grill like other places).  There's nothing worse than taking a big bite of hard fat yuck.  My boyfriend is usually an al pastor type of guy but he thinks the seasoning has a little too much chipotle.  I would also pass on the tamales (try El Rico Pan bakery on Willow Glen). He does think the carnitas are amazing though! :)  They also have awesome juices - I've tried the watermelon and cantaloupe and I love how fresh and pulpy they are.  The horchata is also one of the best that I've tasted out here....not too sweet with just the right amount of graininess.

    I've only tried the tres leches cake from the supermarket but I  think it's delish!!  They put the cake in a cup and drench the milk all over.....other places it have it in a square container so all the milk tends to dry up quicker so I def appreciate how milky theirs is.  Overall, a very solid place to get tacos and desserts so def check it out! :)

  • 617 Blossom Hill Rd
    San Jose, CA 95123
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    My coworkers and I found out about the grand opening of Moveable Feast Blossom Hill the day it was happening and so glad we did!!  We researched the list of food trucks and narrowed our choices down to two trucks (being food truck vets we knew how you can get full from just one truck so we had to strategize lol) - Sam's Chowdermobile and Chairman Bao's.  We got there around 630pm and while there was a good crowd of people, it didn't feel too overwhelming and people were actually lined up single file in front of the trucks...very organized :)  They also had plenty of parking and plenty of seating (tons of little red buckets) as well as a few heat lamps.

    We hit up Sam's first and got the lobster roll ($16.50) and the clam chowder ($5.50).  Both were super tasty but I was really impressed with the clam chowder....little chunks of soft potato, bits of bacon and a ton of clams.  We were really full at this point so decided to order Chairman Bao's to go.  You get a choice between baked (($6.75) or steamed buns ($3.75) and four or five different meats.  They are a little on the pricey side but if you get it every once in awhile they are soooooooo totally worth it.  Im still drooling thinking about the pork belly steamed bun!!  Other choices were spicy chicken, tofu with bok choy and coca cola braised pork.  The bf loved the spicy chicken, I thought the tofu was pretty decent for being a vegetarian dish and looking forward to trying the coca cola pork next time!! Both of the buns were good but I think I personally prefer the steamed buns :)

    The website says that theyre gonna have this event every Monday with different trucks each time so Im definitely gonna keep coming back every week!!

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