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    During the consult the Dentist seemed very nice and listened to my HUGE undeniable fear of dentists. He assured me that things were going to go smoothly and that after reviewing and inspecting my teeth and the xrays we discussed when I should have the procedure done he was pressing for a week out but Informed him I would have to give my job ample time to use up the last of my paid time off to schedule and recover.. I was very very apprehensive and he assured me that Gas and Novocaine would do the job and I wouldn't feel any pain.

    Seven weeks later I walk in the door and let the lady know I'm here. it was 8:50am and my appointment was at 9. They took in three people before me, The office was frigid cold to the point of being uncomfortable.

    Red Flag one - I was introduced to the oral surgeon, who contradicted what the dentist had told me saying that the whole procedure couldn't be done today, when asked why in seven weeks he hadn't been show the Xray that was his concern he said he only sees things the day of the surgery.

    Red Flag Two - The expected me to sign a form that said that I had been briefed about any and all completions of the surgery as well as stating that I had gotten post op pamphlet and had read it

    Red Flag Three - When I asked the Oral Surgeon about this he glazed over it and didn't touch on even 1/3 of what was written on the paper.

    Red Flag Four, They were not prepared for me to sit down, tools were not in place, nothing was set up.

    Red Flag FIVE: The nitrous DID NOT WORK AT ALL. U didn't feel anything, and did not smell anything either. and after 3 minutes the Dentist came back and said are ya ready to get started... it was now 9:45

    Red Flag Six: The dentist didn't wait for the numbing agent to work completely before starting the injections which I felt BADLY

    Red Flag SEVEN: The Dentist got annoyed with me when I asked him for a couple minute break and told me " Well I think we're done for the day"

    Red Flag 8: Then and only after all of this did he mention sedation Which I would have wholeheartedly jumped at IF it had been had been suggested 7 weeks ago at the consultation.

    Red Flag NINE: The oral surgeon was discussion meds to prescribe and he was going to give me Vicodin that I am allergic to and it is CLEARLY stated on my medical form so I guess he doesn't look at those EVE ON the day of the procedure.

    So to wrap it up I have used up all the rest of my PTO this year for recovery of a surgery that never happened because the dentist withheld information, they aren't set up for the type of service I need but the were all too happy to take my money.

    OH! AND they weren't able to answer me on how and when I would get my CASH portion of the payment back. To quote the girl at the desk "You'll have to call our corporate office. I don't know how they handle that..." Can you say SCAM??

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    I read a ton of reviews raving about the cupcakes... I took the bait and decided to drive down to try em out myself. I ordered the renowned red velvet cake and a mexican chocolate cupcake. I tried the mexican chocolate one first (I love the flavor of mexican chocolate so I was a little disappointed. The cake was oily on the bottom and the icing was heavy and not flavored well. The filling even heavier and not too well flavored. After three bites I changed my attention to the all "hallowed" red velvet. Upon pulling the paper away from the cake I saw it incredibley shiny. I thought for a moment it was filled with honey or something... At closer inspection again OIL, dripping from the bottom! I thought twice before biting into it but the creamcheese frosting was beckoning... I bit and the frosting was..... Disgusting! It was like biting into a stick of butter. The frosting had been over beaten and was as disgusting as the oil left on my palate.... Even worse... No red velvet chocolatey taste. $7 wasted!  And the extra oil had me running to the restroom all night.

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    Only leaving one star because I cant leave zero. Number one... They dont price their papers and they range from 69cents to almost 4 dollars... That is a BIG spread. When I asked why the paper wasnt priced the clerk gave me a shocked look and said "you dont expect us to price all the paper do you?" Actually yes I do. You are selling a product, and you have employees who have nothing better to do than play with their I phones so yeah I think you have the staff and they have the time to price things.
    Secondly... The ignorance of the specials from places like foursquare. They offer 25% off and a free class. I had to inform them of the special, not just that I had ,hecked in, but they didnt know about the special at all. And I never was offered my free class!
    Lastly ... The snotty clerks barely blinked when I walked in, never asked if I needed help and were too busy talking about their iphones. And treated me like dirt when I did converse with them.

    I would not shop here, after all there are tons of scrapper stores in the SD area... And I guess I dont fit into what they think a crafter should be or spend!

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    All I can say is WOW! She is super professional yet warm and friendly at the same time. She is very good at what she does, and even tho the appointment had the potential of being awkward, the conversation kept flowing and it was as painless as it could be - I mean it is a wax after all! I will definitely be going back to see her on a regular basis! If you are looking for a fantastic wax job with a great price it is totally worth the drive to Carlsbad!

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    Even though there was a bumpy road to begin with, due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, I am looking forward to meeting with Maria.

    I will update after my appointment

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    The phone number is disconnected and the website leads you to a page about mexican illegal immigration.

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