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  • 4804 Deer Lake Dr W
    Jacksonville, FL 32246
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    This Starbucks is the most convenient to me because it has a drive thru but I don't prefer to stop at this Starbucks. I love the Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino and it is finally back for the summer but whenever I go to this location they tell me they are out of the stuff to make it. The barista told me it was a "nationwide thing".  I then go to the next Starbucks close to me, that does not have a drive thru and I am not normally lazy but it was raining this day, and they make one for me.  I did come to realize that they too were out of the dark caramel stuff to make this drink but they made it for me with their other kind of caramel and I was very happy.  That crunch stuff is the best! Long story short, the girl that helped me was not very nice and she flirted with a guy walking by in front of me for 5 minutes before taking my order and telling me they were out of what I wanted and made no other option to provide me a drink that might be similar.  I will no longer stop at this Starbucks because of the way she treated me and the entire situation. Maybe if I was a guy with "cool facial hair" as she put it, I would have been treated a little bit better.

  • 330 Moody Way
    Winter Park, FL 32789
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    Just came to Orlando and stopped in for a trial class and it was AWESOME! I am used to a similar class back home in Jacksonville and to be in town and just be able to come somewhere was amazing. I felt comfortable and welcomed. I will definitely be returning to TR!! Happy to give 5 stars!

  • 4372 Southside Blvd
    Jacksonville, FL 32216
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    I just had a fantastic experience at this animal hospital. They are open 7 days a week and they are so friendly! They treated me and my pet with so much kindness. They offer a great wellness plan for your pet and I am so excited that I found this place for my mom's dog. Highly recommend!

    Shashidhar G.
    Kommentar von Shashidhar G. von Tinseltown Animal Hospital
    9.1.2014 Nicki,
    Thank you for the excellent review and recommendation. We are happy to hear of your…
  • 4413 Town Center Pkwy
    Jacksonville, FL 32246
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    I love this place! They take good care of you. They introduced me to shellac on my toes and I will never go back to regular polish! It lasts and I have no chips so I can go from heels to flip flips for weeks!! Expensive but worth it!!

  • 10915 Baymeadows Rd
    Jacksonville, FL 32256
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    I have been going to this Planet Beach for about 4 years and they continue to impress me! It is clean and the beds are always furnished with new bulbs. Today was an exceptional experience though. I told the cute girl working that I loved that they always had candy at the front. And I told her I only liked the grape. When I was done tanning she handed me a bag of grape lifesavers that said "all yours!" on it! That was so above and beyond and I will always remember that extra step she took to make me smile! Love this kind of service!

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    Very impressed by this Holiday Inn! Super clean and very nice all the way around. Good price too. Highly recommend.

  • 4413 Town Center Pkwy
    Jacksonville, FL 32246
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    This Starbucks is closed a lot for some reason! They have a sign on the door saying the system is down. When I have had coffee it's good but if I can't get in it doesn't matter!

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    Best workout ever

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  • Nur so...

    They moved, they're now by the Aloft hotel:-)

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