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    Got the gluten-free Bianca pizza and loved it! So did the people in our group who normally eat gluten! Seriously some of the best pizza I've had and a GREAT beer and wine selection. (PS if you're staying at the Adelaide Inn you get 10% off).

    Only down side at this place is that there are SO many TVs and I'm not a fan of that. But if you want to watch a game the nice thing is that each booth has its own remote so you can choose the channel for your individual TV (or if you have a kid you can just turn it off!)

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    Good moderately priced breakfast and lunch options - really liked my salad and sandwich. Easy to find healthy and/or gluten free food as well as fresh-baked scones, cookies, and brownies (baked goods aren't GF). Very friendly and helpful employees too.

    On the downside soups and espresso drinks weren't very good. Cappuccino tasted like drip coffee and soup was very salty and possibly from a can?

  • 1150 Murrieta Blvd
    Livermore, CA 94550
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    Excellent chiropractic care. The whole office looks like a scrapbook threw up in there so try to look past the decor!

  • 4949 N Rancho Dr
    Las Vegas, NV 89130
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    * I am only writing a review for the hotel and pool - I didn't visit the casino, movie theater, bowling alley or restaurants/bars.*

    First, the hotel advertises that only the casino and the 2nd floor of the hotel are smoking; floors 3, 4, and 5 are supposed to be non-smoking. We stayed on the 4th floor and I can tell you that everything was permeated with either smoke or a combination of smoke and whatever spray they use to try to cover up the smoke smell. In fact there was someone obviously smoking in a room on our non smoking floor - this is made possible by the fact that there are windows that open in every room so the smoke alarm never nabs the smokers.  Whenever our AC would turn on, we would smell cigarette smoke too so they have clearly not figured that element out either.  Let me be clear: there wasn't just a little smoke on our floor - our hair, luggage, clothing, etc. all had to be washed twice when we got home to get that smell out!

    Second, I reserved a room with 2 queen beds for 4 adults. So naturally when we got there, we needed some additional things delivered to our room (towels, pillows, etc.).  Each time we needed something, the thing would not ever arrive. I would call down to the front desk who would transfer me to housekeeping but no one was ever there at housekeeping - I kept having to leave messages. But the messages also did nothing.  So THEN to get what we needed I had to just go out into the hallway and flag down a maid in the hall and get them to go get me whatever we needed.  We needed things 3 times and all 3 times I had to go out and get what I needed myself.

    Third, their pool is a TINY, bean-shaped pool so it is really only appropriate for little kids.  That's fine but I should note that there is no way to get from the hotel to the pool without walking half way around the OUTSIDE of the building.  It's a really odd set up and not that this pool thing is the end of the world but it's just one more thing about this hotel that seems like it wasn't thought through very well.

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    Bubba's Burgers is really a waste of a great name.  The burgers are small and over-cooked and the toppings are nothing special. I ate there with 7 other people ranging in age from 8 to 70 and every single one of us came away underwhelmed and hungry.

    Hanalei really does need a good burger place though for the next time we go. I hope someone steps up to the challenge so we can have a nice juicy burger with great toppings next time!

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    Delicious sushi!

    For those that are GF: Their California roll is naturally GF (there are no sauces/spices in it and they use real snow crab).  I didn't quiz them extensively about their other rolls but at first glance it appears that there are probably 2-3 other GF rolls (probably spicey tuna and salmon skin).  Bring your own tamari (sold down at Harvest Market) and you've got yourself a great GF sushi place!

  • $ Hotel
    10 Hegenberger Road
    Oakland, CA 94621
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    Bottom Line: Rooms are large and nice for an Econolodge but our car was broken into when we stayed with the park 'n fly package.

    This is OK for an Econolodge.  If you're staying at an Econolodge, chances are that price is your number one criteria and in this case, this Econolodge compares nicely to other motels of this type/price range.  It's nothing special: the rooms are sparse, have thin walls, were clean, and are surprisingly large.  

    The one thing I would caution everyone against is using their Park 'n Fly package. Our car was broken into and the criminal was likely aided by the fact that their "security gates" are frequently left open.  When we returned at night to pick up our car, it was pitch black outside and the gates had been left wide open.  Luckily there was no damage done to our car (and nothing worth stealing!) but think twice before you leave your car there during a trip since the motel is not responsible for any damage or valuables stolen.

  • $$ Hotel
    1700 N. Livermore Avenue
    Livermore, CA 94551
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    Spacious, clean room that included satellite TV, desk area, and a kitchenette - great value!

    I only stayed there 1 night but I could see easily staying there a week.  The kitchenette is very handy - inlcudes a bar sink, coffee maker, fridge and freezer (a bit larger than your typical "dorm fridge"), a microwave, and plenty of cupboard and counter space. I think this would be super handy for those with little kids or who are staying for more than just a night.

    Breakfast is included with the room rate which is nice.  It's nothing spectacular but it includes your standard hot 'n cold continental breakfast fare (eggs, sausage, hash browns, waffles, cereal, etc.).  The day we were there there was also a breakfast burrito.

    For those with GF concerns: Their sausage itself was GF but they drain the grease on bread. There are no GF cereal or yogurt options either. So your options are eggs and milk.

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    Yum - Pasture raised eggs for the first time this year :)

  • Koke'e Rd Hwy 550
    Waimea, HI 96796
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    Awa awa pui trail is not to be missed!

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