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  • 1400 Berlin Rd
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
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    I've tried several Indian grocery stores in the area and this by far is my favorite.  They have a huge parking lot so you never have to worry!  The store can be overwhelming when you first enter, but there's an order to the chaos.

    The fresh produce section can be a little pricey, but they do carry some Indian vegetables and fruits that aren't at regular grocery stores (i.e. sitafal).  I am not sure on the quality since I've never bought produce from here.  After the fresh produce, there's a section of Indian style pots and pans.  The section is really disorganized and I cringe at the thought of going through the mess to try and find something useful.

    They have a large selection of spices, snacks, frozen food, rotis, flours, etc.  They even carry some indian beauty products (i.e. neem).  If you're in need of anything, they shall have it.  I don't think I've ever gone there and not found what I was looking for.

    My favorite purchases include stuff from their snack section and home made rotis from the fridge.

    Happy shopping!

    Yelp Review #83

  • 619 Collings Ave
    Collingswood, NJ 08107
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    As an Indian, I can be extremely critical with indian restaurants.  My expectations are extremely high and I can only hope they're met.

    The parking lot, or non-existent parking lot is a bit annoying.  You're left looking for street parking.  I guess when hunger comes, being forced to walk to your food, is like the devil has come over you.

    The ambiance and the service are excellent.  It gives off a vibe of sophistication and elegance.  It's a perfect place to go for an intimate date night.  Our waitress was informative and attentive... we never had to ask for water or wait too long for anything.

    We tried their famous dahi avocado chaat, which is a completely new concept to me.  I love avocado and I love a good chaat.. mix it together, and you've created heaven.  I am not sure why I never thought of combining the two, but I feel like I missed out on something in life by only discovering it now.

    Besides the chaat, we ordered baingan bharta (eggplant curry) and chicken tikka masala.  Now we get to the reason why it's only a 3 star rating.  The food.  Plain and simple.  The food seemed to have too much sugar and personally didn't meet my expectation of flavor.

    Don't think I'll be going to this place again.

    Yelp Review #82

  • 77 Middlesex Ave
    Iselin, NJ 08830
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    When I walk into Khasiyat, I am immediately taken back to my days in India when I would walk into a restaurant and enjoy authentic Indian food.  Normally, my go to place in Iselin is Dimple's Bombay Talk, but apparently this place is also owned by the same mysterious Dimple.  Some of the food in both places remain the same, but what sets Khasiyat apart is wider selection of Gujurati food and of course the unlimited varieties of Parathas (wheat tortillas stuffed with anything you desire and sauted on a skillet).

    Atmosphere: The place is a bit cramped and it can get a little noisy.  

    Service: Runs on Indian service.  What I mean by that is that, its a yell out to whoever is near you to serve you.  Now don't get me wrong.. they did cater to your needs and kept a friendly attitude, but a little bit of professionalism would've gone a long way in my book.

    Food: My mouth waters as I think about all the food we devoured.  We ordered some idli sambhar, parathas, khasiyat thali (3 curries, paratha, rice), dosa sambhar, kachori chaat... nom nom nom  The food is beyond was so good!!!  As a foodie, I can be critical with restaurant foods, but this place is just excellent.  Things we didn't order that I must try: pomegranate lassi, khaman, and pani puri; and during the summer months, I must come here to try there khata gola.  I remember being a kid at a playground and eating one of those on the side street licking my fingers for every drop!

    One drawback is that they charge you 12% service charge and that doesn't include TIP, which is separate.  I am not sure what the difference is, but that's a total rip off (hence the 3 stars for the review), considering we had no one specific waiter and service was unprofessional.  

    Would've given a 4 star for the food, but restaurants are judged on an overall experience.  Dimple, get your story together... one place has service charge and the other doesn't, what gives?

    Yelp Review #81

  • 523 White Horse Pike N
    Magnolia, NJ 08049
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    I was pretty sure Wegmans was the place to hit up for some cheap and quality produce.  I think I can admit it when I am wrong... and wrong I was on so many levels.  Don't get me wrong, Wegman has many other qualities that lure me to it week after week, but this is about the awesomeness that is Produce Junction.

    This is no ordinary grocery store.. you don't just grab a cart and shop for your veggies.  There are two lines, one for veggies and one for fruits.  Have a list ready and quickly get served!  The quality of the produce is by far the best and the amount of food you get is jaw dropping worthy.  I suggest you take your own recyclable bags to carry all the produce since plastic bags are of the death and they don't have many boxes for you to carry everything.  

    Just to give you an idea of how cheap the groceries are, here's a list of all the things I bought for $20: bananas (10), oranges (6), blueberries (2 pints), strawberries, apples (8), cucumber (3), red onion (4), avocado (3), cherry tomatoes (2), peeled garlic bag, and carrot sticks.  At Wegmans, 6 oranges alone were $7...  Did I just make your jaw drop?

    They also carry fresh flowers and wicker basket (random?).  Another bonus is the huge parking lot! woot woot


    Yelp Review #80

  • 5.0 Sterne

    Whenever I am in need for a quaint mom and pop joint for Mexican food, I will be right here!  It's BYOB place that oozes a comfortable casual atmosphere.  You walk in and seat yourself... warning though that it's a small place, so small that you could even see the kitchen behind the counter.  I personally enjoy a place where I can see the kitchen, gives me a peace of mind about my food being prepared fresh, which by the way is exactly how this place operated!  Fresh food galore!

    The waitress hands you a paper menu and chips layered with beans, cotija, and salsa.. for FREE!  Even though its a BYOB place, they do have a fridge that has authentic mexican sodas and bottled water.  The menu itself gets a little hectic.... I felt overwhelmed, took our group 15 min to place an order.  

    As a vegetarian, sometimes you're left with very few options.  Our waitress made a suggestion off the menu about vegetarian tacos that consisted of grilled zucchini, onions, eggplant, and beans... best thing EVER!!  The tacos were amazing as I topped them off with some green salsa (mild) given to us at the table.  They also give you a red salsa that's super spicy for those needing a little kick.  Portion sizes are also extremely big and no one from our group finished their meal.

    One thing to consider is that if you're in a hurry this place might not be the right place... its a bit slow since they only have one waitress and one chef (at least the night I went).  Grab a few coronas, pop back some tacos, and have a relaxing casual night out...

    Also, its CASH ONLY... "taco" about injustice.  that's the only qualm I have about this place, but other than that, loved it!

    Yelp Review #79

  • 5.0 Sterne

    I wanted to stay at a hotel that was close to everything.. including getting to Windsor (Richmond area) since my husband in the air force was staying there. I was going to explore Sydney and make my way to Windsor after my stay.  As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by the bell desk and personally taken to the check-in desk.  Yes, thank you, I am glad you noticed that I was a princess.  We took the Sydney ferry down from Parramata (must do!) station and the hotel was only 3 blocks from the harbor, which is great because I had no car.

    The hotel is breathtaking!!! It is seriously an eye candy with its pristine decor and luxurious ambiance.  They have a huge lobby with a bar/lounge, a bell desk, concierge, and a gift shop!  Since I was a Marriott silver rewards member, they provided me with 2 free drink tickets, and also free wifi just for being a Marriott rewards member!!! Talk about being appreciated for being loyal.

    The room is extremely clean! They provide you with all the toiletries.  I didn't spend too much time in the room, but I wish I did.  There's a drawer in the room that provides you with all the goodies you need to have a romantic night!  They even provide you with a wine bottle opener. The bed was so amazing that I woke up around midnight thinking it was the next day!!!

    The hotel is located in a very busy area, which makes it easy to find coffee shops, restaurants, stores, etc. The bell desk staff will hold your luggage while you explore the town if you aren't able to check-in or if you have a late flight. The concierge helped me with finding a train station to providing a guided city map. I walked all over Sydney with only the tips from the concierge.  They really do know their city inside and out!

    Overall.. a great hotel!

    Yelp Review #78

  • 100 Market Street
    Sydney New South Wales 2000
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    You could purchase attraction passes online for a lot cheaper than buying them individually.  I recommend doing that if you want to hit up the Sydney Wildlife Zoo, The Tower Eye, The Sydney Aquarium, and Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.  If you don't have access to the internet, you can also purchase the attraction passes at individual places, but they are a bit more than they are online.  I don't know why they don't honor the prices that are online.  

    To actually get to the Sydney tower place, you need to enter the mall, go to the 5th floor and that's where the official checking-in process takes place.  After checking in, you go to a really pointless 4-D film, with no chairs and a nasty mist coming your way.

    The lift that takes you up to the Tower Eye will fit max 6 average people so the wait to go up and down may take a while due to the queue.  Once on the top, there's not really much that's breathtaking.  If the Opera House was viewable, maybe, but all you see is buildings upon buildings, which is probably what I should've expected out of a busy city.  There's a little food shop on top for your to purchase expensive food.

    I did sit on the railing and read a book just to get my money's worth.

    Yelp Review #77

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    Aufgelistet in Yelp Events

    B-I-N-G-O.. and Bingo was his name-O.  When Yelp was having this event, my inner old lady couldn't deny some tea and bingo... I mean that just screams like a wild night out, especially since it was till 9 p.m., right?  As always, Yeeps dressed to impress at the tea party; everyone was decked out.. I even wore heels!

    It was super organized and the event started off with our "chamber maids" serving us pineapple-coconut black tea and a champagne-raspberry white.  I do wish we got to pick our own tea, but regardless, the teas were delicious.  They also served some scrumptious brownies and a super moist pink vanilla cupcake.  *piggy*  

    I think pink was the theme, but that didn't stop the boys from having fun.  Seriously, who are you guys? because you made tea seem nothing but boring. Thank you for that!

    It was super fun playing bingo in different ways, i.e. L bingo, blackout, frame bingo, etc.  We were given a 5 minute break half way through to chat it up with other Yeeps since during the bingo its everyone for themselves..  There was no downtime to talk during the game, but the random comments from everyone was hilarious.  If you won, you got to pick a nice prize from the prize table.  Even if you didn't win (ahem, ME), you still walk away with a nice ring from their collection.  Thank you!  

    I do wish I got to have the full experience... regardless, thank you for another fantastic night.  Kailua def has some hidden treasures, including this tea place.

    Yelp Review #76

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    Aufgelistet in Oahu Adventures

    My friends and I wanted to do something different.. not the usual snorkeling tour, not the same old beach, just something different since we live in Hawaii; and different is what we got!

    Parking: $6 all day in front of the Hawaiian Prince hotel

    We got picked up by a raft and whisked into the ocean to meet the Red Dolphin just sitting maybe  a mile off shore.  After a brief safety lecture, you're on your own to do whatever you'd like on the boat.  

    Activities once you're on the boat:
    - lounging on the line of chairs (some in shade) on the top deck
    -snorkeling (although we only saw some black fish, we did catch a rare sighting of a sting ray).  They provide you with snorkeling gear, but you're allowed to bring your own.  One of the workers did a free dive and got some really good shots of the sting ray on our GoPro.. thank you!
    -On the back of the boat where the lifeguard sits are 3 different jumping platforms, low to high, and a super fun slide ending in the ocean.  I normally don't like the water, but the slide looked too much fun to pass up!  If you're uncomfortable doing the activities, you can always take a noodle or a life jacket and just swim around.
    *you can rent jet skiis, but costs extra

    The boat does provide you with libations and only burgers, no fries, no sides.  The burgers are to be cooked on your own on the top deck.  They provide you with ketchup & mustard.

    My friends and I just had a 3 hour non-stop fun.. especially that slide.  The crew doesn't harp you on leaving the boat, but does do a great job at announcing the shuttle to get back to land.  The last shuttle leaves at 2 p.m.

    The service was great.. everyone on the boat seemed to really enjoy their job.  Thank you for a great Saturday afternoon activity!

    Yelp Review #75

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    Aufgelistet in Yelp Events

    No boys allowed.  Period.   It can't get any better than this... 3 of my favorite things, BOGO shopping, cocktails, and food, all together? It has to be a dream!  :)

    Kilua really is an undiscovered gem.  I had never thought of going shopping out there, but I think this event opened my eyes to hidden boutiques.

    My friend and I got there early thinking we'll check out the boutiques before hand, but they had closed it to the Yelp event.  Talk about VIP.  Now I was super excited and pumped.  After chatting for a few minutes, we checked in and got our super awesome Yelp reusable tote bag!!!  Personally, you can't have enough bags; take it to the beach, use it for groceries, pack lunch/snacks into it when on errands.. the list is endless.

    When the time to shop got closer, I kept wondering how we were going to fit all these women into one store.. let alone how was I going to fight off complete strangers for these awesome deals.  Ok ok, so I can't really fight, but I can become the devil when thrown into a pile of good deals.  It happens, its natural.  right?  Thankfully, we were split into groups of 11-14, led by Emi and the awesome interns.  We were led by Julia, who as always was super excited and spread the excitement throughout the group.

    First stop, Sand People.  I had never heard of the store before so I was super excited to see all the new things.  I grabbed a Red's Apple Ale and worked my way around the boutique... and worked my way around I did, as I cantankerously spilled my drink all over my friend. :sigh: can't take me anywhere.  I did, however, on the bright side save the mugs and glasses...sacrificing my ring finger.  It still throbs.  I didn't end up buying anything since it was on the pricier side.

    Second stop, Mary Z's.  We first munched on some pizza from Bob's Pizzeria and checked out the jewelry.  Really good collection of some local hawaiian made jewelry.  I tried on couple of Gypsy clothing, but didn't end up buying anything.  

    Third stop, Fighting Eel.  Best food so far with the Cactus munchies.  I really liked Fighting Eel's stuff, but it was on the pricier side and I just couldn't justify spending so much on it.  

    Fourth stop, The Brazilian Showroom.  You could sip on some KAI Vodka, which is actually pretty delicious, but I didn't want to be inebriated with my credit card in hand, so I just had a sip.  I had full intention of buying a bathing suit, but the selection didn't seem anything unique, so left after 2 seconds.

    Fifth and final stop, The Global Village.  Saving the best for last? Indeed.  Margaritas and awesome prices on stuff? Sounds like a dream come true.  It was the biggest boutique and I spent the most time here.. loving all their stuff and it was at a reasonable price.  I walked away with some really good stuff, a free vegan wallet, and a tote... again, you can never have enough totes!

    The event was super organized and thank you Emi and the Yelp staff for putting all your hard work into creating a great community.  It's definitely appreciated.

    Yelp Review #74

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