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  • 27281 La Paz Rd
    Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
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    Was really disappointed. Thought the price was better than Creamistry in Irvine and that the ice cream tasted similar but, unfortunately, my almond base chocolate + hazelnut (was trying to make Nutella) ice cream melted in less than 5 minutes and became "ice cream soup" as my 3-year old calls it. It was super sweet and lacked a good texture not to mention the flavor was anything but satisfying. The reason I give them 3 stars is because the people working here are really nice. They offered to remake one for me (different flavor and still was not satisfying) to take home. Unfortunately, before we arrived home in 15 minutes, my ice cream had become really soft - once again, ice cream soup. Really bummed because I really wanted to like this place.

    Jason T.
    Kommentar von Jason T. von Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt
    19.10.2014 Hi Kathleen,

    Thanks for coming in.

    Our Almond Base is completely dairy-free and vegan so it won't…
  • 3333 Bristol St
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    The French onion soup rocks! Not too salty, flavorful, cheesy and savory. Really gives me cravings! In fact I already wanna come back and have it again!

  • 5300 Beach Blvd
    Buena Park, CA 90621
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    The food is mediocre and pricey. $6 for iced tea and $10 for a deconstructed plate of nachos with a few blah toppings just seems like a complete rip off. The only reason I gave them two stars is the friendly staff whom my kids loved and the "slide" that even I found to be interesting. I am not sure I would pay $65 incl tax and tip to come back here again for two adults and two kids to run around (each kid's entry fee $8 for 2 hours of play)  and eat mediocre food.

  • 2937 S Bristol St
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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    Taco carts that my sister caters for her son's birthday party produces a product that is way better than this. The tacos are really over priced, over hyped and mediocre at best.

    My friend and I had wanted to come try this place for a long time. We finally made our schedules work. My friend did warn me that the tacos here are small, but we were told the tacos are now larger than they were previously by the nice gentleman behind the register. I went ahead and ordered a two taco plate.

    Unimpressed. Pork belly was meh and the rabbit was dry and stringy. I left hungry and dissatisfied.

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    Koko's HK cafe is under new ownership. They have rebranded and renamed the restaurant as "Little Shan Dong" Li's Kite. There is an exciting new menu of noodles, dumplings, and small dishes. There is also favorite dishes such as lemon salt chicken wings from Koko's.

    Interestingly, they also offer bibimbap and sizzling hot tofu pot. Well, Shan Dong Provence is near Korea.

    The service is friendly but because it seems like they might be short handed, the pace is slower than desirable and staff is not as attentive.

    The annoying Chinese pop and Korean pop music is way too loud and distracting. Totally not suitable for the laid back atmosphere of the restaurant.

    The food is ok. but the jury is still out.

    With the mish mash of items on the menu, I wonder if they can pull it off well. There are several local competitors offering great beef noodle, Shan Dong noodle, dumplings, etc. would they have been better staying a HK style cafe?


    Good luck Li's Kite!!

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    1.8.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag
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    We decided it was time the kids experienced ribs. Against my better judgment, I dressed my 21 month old daughter in the cutest white color dress with a light pink color hair ribbon. Needless to say, after dinner, her dress is now a reddish brown and sticky bbq sauce is  all over her face and even in her hair!

    "That's why the kids get a bath every night." my husband mutters as he picks up another rib. I responded, "ya, but that dress is ruined!" as I cut into my HUGE prime rib and dipped it into the au jus. All the while, watching our daughter gnaw gnaw gnaw away at a chicken wing.

    Wow, what a great night! All kidding aside, we really enjoy this place. My husband sticks to the babyback ribs which are really tender but have a nice bite to them. The sauce is also flavorful and have a lot of depth. My favorite lately is the prime rib (for some reason, I have been staying away from eating with my hands, prob cuz I need to keep them clean to hold the baby? but I digress). I have been ordering it medium rare. It is without fail always perfectly cooked. I love the au jus but do wish that the horseradish have a bit more kick to it, otherwise, it is terrific.

    The front of the restaurant has been remodeled and looks quite nice. We like to sit in the back part of the restaurant that has not been remodeled because honestly, we feel slightly less bad that our 2 yr old drops food on the ground.

    Service is awesome here. The managers are courteous and the servers are prompt and attentive.

    Can't wait to come back here for a double family date night with our friends and their kids.

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    12.2.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    We come back here prob once a month.  My honey makes the best baby back ribs but I have to say, from… Weiterlesen
    4.0 Sterne
    29.11.2007 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I have been to this place half a dozen times in the last year and I have always really really… Weiterlesen
  • $$ Burger
    2981 Bristol St
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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    29.7.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag
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    Went back again, this time, I ordered the CM exclusive Shoyu Chicken Burger and was HUGELY disappointed. The chicken patty was dry. I couldn't taste anything except the fried oily onion bits. The shoyu sauce was just ok, really nothing to write home about. Not to mention it cost $15 bucks! I DESPERATELY WANT TO LIKE THIS PLCE - cuz, wow, what a cool concept!

    My friend ordered the truffle burger. We shared. Once again, I was not impressed.

    I did like the tempura onion rings which were, in my friend's words, "bland on their own but quite tasty with the umami ketchup". I am glad the onion rings were "bland" because I find that many places overly salt the fries and rings!

    Not sure I will come back again...was disappointed twice...they sure don't need my business judging from how packed they are!

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    23.7.2013 Vorheriger Beitrag
    With all the hype, we came here expecting more. I won't lie and say the burgers were not tasty, but… Weiterlesen
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    I am definitely a fan. My 22 month old daughter LOVES the thick noodle in tomato broth beef noodle soup. If she'll eat it, it must be good. right? She did NOT want to eat the beef noodle at Lao Dong off Walnut nor did she like the noodles at A&J. She'll be a future Yelper for sure with her discerning pallet.

    All kidding aside, I really like Chef Hung. I don't eat very spicy so I really enjoy the tomato broth. Even their house soy based broth (#1) is not too spicy for me. All in all, the spices are quite different than A&J and is distinctly good (who really cares about Lao Dong - I give them zero stars if I could - and what the heck happened to that Golden Bowl Pho place they took that space from? I really liked their food!).

    I also quite enjoy the modern thin sliced steak that is in the #1 and #4 that I frequently order. Hubbie loves to order the tendon, honeycomb tripe...

    We also like the pork sung and egg wrapped in the thin onion pancake, pork XLB dumplings, marinated intestines, fried chicken wings, and fried pork chop rice.

    What we don't like (take away one star) are the green onion pancakes (thick and doughy just doesn't sit well with me)...c'mon, green onion pancake is a staple and their is just not that yummy. I also do not like the tiny portion of shaved snow. For that price, I expect the shaved snow bowl to be at least twice as big! RIDICULOUS how small it is. (this could really warrant me taking away another star...but, the service is making up for it)

    Eating with two little ones is difficult. And we often come with family or friends who also have little ones. The servers have been very attentive and accommodating each time we came. I really appreciate that.

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    I do not write many non-food related reviews so you know I mean business when I do.

    We have been customers for nearly two years - since we first moved into our brand new home in a brand new community. We liked the owner who came knocking door to door to show us a list of our neighbors' names who have signed up to use their pest control service (unbeknownst to us, there were ant problems in our newly constructed community) - not sure about privacy issues re name dropping, but whatever, that is a different discussion.

    Long story short, we liked him, and he personally serviced our home and was quite courteous. Then, his business grew and employees came to service our home and overall service level went down.

    Please allow me to share something that really bothered me and is a primary reason why I cancelled my regular service with their company (and my neighbors are also planning to do the same if have not already done so).

    For the last two scheduled services I had, I was very dissatisfied. I came home from work and found an invoice / service summary left at the door. I am used to that and appreciated seeing the "bug people" come to "do their thing". However, two days after the supposed service took place, my husband found ants all over the outside of our side yard (this is the wall outside of our kitchen sink). He was very upset and asked me to call and have the "bug people" come back. I called a few times, each time picked up by the answering machine. I was tired of waiting for them to pick up the phone, and gave up.

    Then, the next time they came for our scheduled service a few months later, I happened to be home that day. I was organizing a few things upstairs, and saw someone walking around the front of the house. I didn't think anything of it. Then, minutes later, a knock came at the door. I opened the door and someone other than the owner handed me an invoice / service summary and left. He did not say anything to me, did not greet me, did not tell me what he did or ask me any questions, literally, just handed me a piece of paper, turned around and left. Puzzled, I took the paper, closed the door behind me and went inside.

    When I finally read the paper carefully, it read, "gate locked, could not service". I was thinking to myself, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You personally handed me a piece of paper, and you couldn't ask me to unlock the gate for you? More importantly, Our gate does not have a lock that cannot be opened! It is simply a hook that you unhook to open the gate! Anyone taller than 5 feet tall can reach the hook!

    I told my neighbors the story and they also shared similar dissatisfaction. They felt bad since they were the ones who introduced "The Bug Professional" now called "Malang" to us in the first place.

    I have worked for small businesses.  It is great to have a good client base, but it is terrible that service levels decline when the business grows and clients begin to leave. It's too bad.

    Jeff S.
    Kommentar von Jeff S. von Malang Termite and Pest Control
    25.2.2014 Hi Kathleen, sorry to hear about your experience. Can you please email us your customer service file… Weiterlesen
  • 3.0 Sterne

    Last week, I walked into the Veggie Grill - my first time at a vegan restaurant in quite a while. The decor is beautiful and the ambiance is lovely. The restaurant is clean and new and the AC was blasting and I was freezing cold. I didn't know what to expect at this vegan restaurant - well, as my Yelp followers know, I am a meat and potatos kinda girl.

    The first thing I spotted is that there is NO soda machine! Thumbs up for that Veggie Grill!

    My friend and I ordered sweet potato fries to share which were quite tasty but a bit soggy. I had the kale caesar with chickin and a side of quinoa. My friend ordered the portabello mushroom burger.

    I loved my kale caesar. It was delicious. In fact, I think my husband would love it so, this weekend, I bought some kale from Wholefoods and will try to copy this salad and make it at home (with real bacon and real chicken for him, however). The kale caesar is so expensive...all the kale I bought at Wholefoods only cost a fraction of what they charged me for this salad (minus one star for the cost)!

    I have always like quinoa; however, theirs had absolutely no flavor, no sauce, no nothing. But, I guess that's what makes this healthy?

    My friend's portabello burger looked fabulous, but when she bit into it, what seemed like a waterfall of portabello jus overwhelmed the plate and splashed all over her shirt. YIKES - thankfully, she was NOT on a date! We gave a restaurant associate feedback and he basically blew us off, telling her that it is typical for the portabello to be juicy and water coming out was to be expected. What? I hated that attitude. I mean, if I were in his shoes, I'd just apologize and send over the manager instead of pretending like he knew how it is suppoed to be prepared (minus one star).

    In all fairness, we talked directly to the manager later on (did not complain about the poor attitude of the first employee to whom we gave our feedback) and she gave my friend a coupon for a free entree.

    Anyways, I am not sure we had the best experience here. My friend wants to do meatless Mondays so, I am sure I will be back at some point with her again...

    Also, please turn down the's freezing cold in there!

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    I love that soup. i havent been in so long, i need to go back.

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