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    My update is that Toyota of Watertown remains the worse car buying experience I have ever had.  Rich H fails to mention that even though yes, they did pick me up from work, I had to call and remind them that they left me stranded without a car there and only picked me up after I called to remind them.  The recall on the car was from 2009-2010, way before they sold me the car this year.  This should of been checked and repaired prior to them selling the car.  One would think that this was common practice when selling used cars.  
    The first two check engine lights came on within the first week of owning the car.  It is my firm belief that at least the first time the computer was simply reset to turn off the check engine light, rather than actually diagnosing why it had come on- since it then came on again 2 more times.  
    I should also mention that the 3rd time they picked up my car, I was NOT told that they were going to be taking it for a extended period of time- otherwise I would of taken my infant's car seat and gps out of the car.  I was told many hours after they took it  AND after I had to call them to get a update that they had taken it to a Nissan dealer where it would remain overnight and into the next day.  So yeah, they needed to go and pick up my car seat for my baby. Again this should not be made to sound like it's a favor to me.  I had no idea that my car was even at the Nissan dealer until after the fact- and again I had to call them to pick me up at work, where yes they paid for my rental car- but at that point, who wouldn't have?!  I was left stranded without any transportation!  
    His response to my review comes off as if they were doing me a favor for fixing the car they sold me on issues it was having within the first couple months.  These are fixes that should of been done prior to the car being sold to me or anyone.  Also, there was a 90 warranty on the sale, so these things would/should of been covered anyway.  
    Their lack of customer service was appalling.  I was only ever offered a apology for all the trouble after the 3rd time I had to take my car back to them.  In fact I am getting more customer service via his response than I ever did in person or over the phone- which shows me that they only care about how the public as a whole sees them (internet) than a actual customer (me) for one.  
    So again, yelpers- do your self a favor and buy from another lot.

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    OMG!  Do not buy a used car from these people.  I bought a 2009 Nissan Cube from them and during the… Weiterlesen
    Rick H.
    Kommentar von Rick H. von Toyota of Watertown
    13.3.2014 Thank you for bringing these items to our attention.

    We'd like to update the record of our response…
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    A great vegan brunch can be had here!
    Tried the waffles and the tofu Benedict, both awesome!  But the waffles with cream and berries were the real winners, and I didn't even think I liked waffles much.
    Def. will go again and try lunch and dinner here.
    Wait staff was very prompt and helpful and friendly.
    Unpretentious and simply good vegan food.

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    Good vegan ice cream.  Tried the Chocolate pudding and Cardamon Pistachio both very good.  
    The woman behind the counter was very nice, and helpful offering samples and engaging in happy small talk.

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    Man this place sucks and yes I'm vegan.  What a waste of $20.  Sad.  Very sad.

    These other reviews must be nuts or this is the only vegan pizza place they have tried.  Ordered a medium pizza with mushrooms, onions and basil.  There was maybe a total of 1 mushroom on the entire pizza.  Sauce eh, crust eh nothing to write about.   It was however covered with cheap onions, with a tiny bit of fresh basil.  But the big problem was the lack of cheese.  I mean they literally put prob 1/4 cup of cheese on the entire pizza.  There were many bites with no cheese at all.  UNACCEPTABLE.  

    This was the worse vegan pizza I've ever had hands down.  And I've had vegan pizza in NYC, ATL, Portland, and Providence to name a few.  Shoot, regular non-vegan pizza places do vegan pizza better, example:  Mellow Mushroom.   Hell drive 45mins to Providence and eat good vegan pizza with plenty of cheese at Nice Slice.

    2nd- no fucking bathroom?!?!  Are you serious?  Tell me who wants to use their hands to eat pizza, when you can't even wash them in a bathroom?  Nevermind taking any children here.   Again UNACCEPTABLE.  

    Clearly starving, vegan gutterpunks could only enjoy this place.

    Eric P.
    Kommentar von Eric P. von Peace o' Pie
    6.1.2013 We're sorry to hear that you were not happy with your experience, though insulting us and some of… Weiterlesen
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    I only came in for a drink one day when walking around the neighborhood. Never will I again. Everything looked shiny and nice and omg hip- however, really guys a straight edge bartender with a attitude?!
    I mean I'm ok with you being straightedge, but not the jerk diarrhea of the mouth kind serving my drink up with some self-righteousness.

    I even heard him make a snide comment to a person ordering a drink beside me- something like "I don't put bad things in body"- when they asked for a drink suggestion. Like it was a insult to ask a bartender for a drink suggestion.

    He was fairly nice to me, but that could of been because I appeared more hipster-y than those people what with my obvious neck tattoo.

    Still treating anyone who is throwin cash in your face that way is really uncool in my book. And if your so damn righteous with bad ass self- stop being a bartender!

    Would of come back to try the food what with the vegan options, but this first experience left a bad taste in my mouth.

    Very disappointed Ria.

    *on a side note- I didn't use scoutmob. However all the bitching about it being used, um complain to management that agreed to the terms, not for customer's for using the dang discount.
    **you can tell from my reviews that I rarely come yelp to review, I only do when I have a stand out bad experience.

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    I tried to order a staple vegan, brocolli, tofu, garlic sauce.  mind you they have menu items for just brocolli & garlic sauce & tofu with garlic sauce.  whatever you do don't try to mix it up.  they basically wanted to charge me for 2 dishes, for one.  couldn't seem to grasp the idea of just mixing in the tofu with the brocolli & garlic sauce.  so a dish that should of cost around $7 ended up costing around $12.  and wasn't worth it taste-wise.  thumbs down.

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