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    After having such a poor experience prior to my cleaning, I was truly hoping that there would be a silver lining.  Unfortunately, there isn't.  I had asked for a move-out cleaning since I had nothing in my apartment and essentially they just had to come in and make the place look spotless.  Since the company couldn't give me an exact time that they would arrive, I left the door unlocked and left out the groupon and a very generous tip.  I came back after work and did a walk-through with my apartment.  To my surprise, there were several areas that were still filthy, I could have done this myself in less time!  The bathroom sink was still dirty, the stove and oven were still a mess, and after all of this, I still have to pay the apartment to hire a cleaning service for $150!!  I am beyond disappointed!  I truly wish I had something nice to say, but there really isn't.  The customer service was terrible, no one contacted me the whole time, I had to contact them when I discovered something was going wrong.  Good luck to anyone that tries this company, I hope this was a one-time situation :(

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    This is a review prior to the cleaning service.  I discovered Vero's because of a Groupon advertised… Weiterlesen
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    You want an amazing haircut and a fantastic experience?  THIS is the place to go!  I found Meghann through a referral of two people and I feel like she's my hairstylist soulmate :)  First off, she has great hair, and is always experimenting with fun styles and colors (always something I look for).  At the beginning of your hair appointment, she will sit down with you in the lobby and discuss your thoughts on cut and color.  If you want her opinion, she'll be happy to give you ideas, but she is equally happy to just listen and take direction.  Her assistant, Amanda is also great!  She usually asks me what I'm drinking that day (they have everything from coffee to wine!) and always helps with the prep work and styling at the end.  Meghann is also a perfectionist, and will make sure you think everything is perfect with your hair before you leave the salon.  I love my time there, I know I will get to read all the great celebrity gossip magazines and throw a little personal gossip in the conversation as well.  The location is fantastic, just a couple minutes from Santana Row, and the price beats anything you'll find in there!  Her appointments fill up quickly, so please do not expect that she can see you the day you call.  A few words of advice; always try to make your next appointment at the end of your current one and make sure you bring your checkbook or cash, as she does not take credit cards.

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    Great service!  I am an executive assistant and Limo Fiesta is the best service in the Bay Area.  My CEO arrived about an hour early with his flight into SJC and they were already there waiting!  We now have a permanent service we will always use, thanks Limo Fiesta!!

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    Amazing!  This winery is one that I tell everyone about, whether it be family and friends or just some new folks I meet while tasting somewhere else.  Mario is the most amazing person to have the tasting with, he will proudly tell you about his family and how hard they work for this winery.  The view is the best in the valley, the wines are delicious and the atmosphere is so relaxed.  I have now been tasting there 3 times and have never stayed less than an hour.  You truly feel like part of the family, the cat will even adopt you if you stay long enough.  My only note to any of you reading this is make sure you get directions and make an appointment (can be done the same day).  Happy tasting!

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    If you are looking for a place to escape the busy city, this is it.  Upon arriving, you are surrounded by nothing but hummingbirds and a sense of peace I haven't felt in probably 3 years.  You are greeted by the Innkeepers, who will offer you a glass of wine and a tour of the grounds.  We stayed in the Courtyard room (around $180 a night) and it is an amazing room.  Included with the room is a fireplace, two robes, a claw-foot bathtub (not big enough for 2 people), and a private toilet and wash area.  The room was also scattered with books and magazines and the innkeepers were happy to provide anything else to us, including reservations at local wineries.  Our main attraction was the wine tasting and the Inn is about 10 minutes from the main tasting rooms.  Breakfast is served at 9am, but even if you are a late-riser this one is worth waking up for.  The coffee and juice is always fresh and the food puts most restaurants to shame.  I will definitely be visiting again and I am already looking forward to it!!

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