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    Service by cashier ( blonde )  was horrible, was not friendly she did not even smile once , I watched her for 10 min to see .  And when I walked in she started to hand me a To-go order assuming I ordered it . I wanted to place an order , but if she wants me out of there so be it .. When I arrived at home to eat there was 4 small slivers of the $14 tri-tip and a scoop of mash oh don't forget the veggies that looked like they were sitting out for a while . I should've see the sign when the rude cashier handed me the bag ..  I haven't been here is a long time (before was better food & service, more food on your plate too) but things have got horribly worst & ill never go back !!

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    I went here with one of their $19 coupons after the gentlemen typed everything up gave me estimate to sign it came to $35 . I asked how and why is it $35 when I have a $19 coupon . He said with special oil that was 50/50 synthetic it cost more . Of course that's all they had.. Normally when people use coupons its that price listed not random prices . What pisses me off even more is he didn't even bother to say anything about the price different thought I wouldn't notice . I can go to the dealership for cheaper . I took many keys and left .  . I'll never go back !!!!

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    THIS STORE IS A 3RD PARTY SPRINT STORE IT is NOT a Real sprint .. DO NOT GO HERE.. I purchased a phone at this location unaware it was 3rd party , returning the phone 2 weeks later; first day in May and till this day Sprint customer service has no record of the phone being returned and they tried charging me an early cancellation fee. Thank god I still have the returned receipt for the phone. I have been dealing with this phone for a month and a half (3 phone calls with store manager, 10 calls with sprint customer service), all because of this store. Not all Sprints are like this; 5 Star & Pleasant Grove Stores both Great Service. This Douglas Store is a 3rd party Store, If I were Sprint I would close this store for horrible service and ruining Sprint's reputation.

    FYI: the person (Gustavo V.) who wrote the 5 star Review before me is the store manager.

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    THIS STORE IS A 3RD PARTY SPRINT STORE IT is NOT a Real sprint .. DO NOT GO HERE.. I purchased a… Weiterlesen

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