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    FYI, if you ever drive 9 hours to get Chads bread the next morning be warned, no loaf bread until after 4pm on Sundays. Sure I got some croissants but that was because I waited over an hour in line. If there was a sign stating no loaf bread until after 4pm I would have left, I still had 6.5 hours more to drive. Not a hater just stating my experience.

  • 25838 Barton Rd
    Loma Linda, CA 92354
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    Ok, first off this place IS still open. The place is pretty sparce for new clubs. If you are looking for grips, forget it. There are about 5 grips to choose from and hardly any club building supplies. The man behind the counter never looked up or stopped talking on te phone the whole time I was in the store (15 minutes).

    I am sad about this reviw because I was hoping for a well stocked, friendly local store to spend my money at instead of driving 25 minutes to a Golfsmith location.

    All and all, avoid this shop, nothing special with a poor selection.

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    So an update. They are building a new clubhouse so the bunker/pitch area is gone. They bought new mates for the range and they have put new balls in the range machine (although the old crappy balls are still in it too, mixed bag). Still no starter, no marshall and they over book often. They do not have a on line monthly Calender so you can check to see if they are running a event and plan accordingly.

    Right now the fairways are spotty and the greens are a bit bumpy in places. Be aware this is predominately a seniors course so the greens have quite a few balls marks and lots of spike marks around the hole, not to mention heel dragging, that make putting a challenge.

    The Tee boxes are a wreck right now. They have not sanded and seeded them at all. Or for that matter hardly moved the teeing area up or back to help the grass grow back.

    The bunkers are a mix of sand and rocks, some big enough to ding your wedge face.

    Lastly, hardly anyone walks this course, which is a shame because it is fairly easy to do and with the pace of play being so slow it might spread people out a bit. Riding in a cart is a game of hurry to your ball and wait.

    All and all, still a cheap course to play (walking in only $27) so you get what you pay for. Just be prepared to wait and remember it is the Pro Shops fault not the people ahead of you for most of the slow play.

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    Okay so I am new to the area and now I have 6 rounds under my belt at this course so I feel like I… Weiterlesen
  • 7777 Victoria Gardens Ln
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
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    This purely about the fly fishing side of the store. The supplies for fly tying are pretty sparse. The capes are way to pricy for the quality. Thread supply is not the best either. Now that bring said the people behind the counter are very nice and quite helpful.

  • 1888 Golf Club Dr
    Beaumont, CA 92223
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    If it wasn't for the idiot grounds crew I could give this place one more star. Guy cutting around sprinkle heads would not move from next to the pin. He waived me in but I waived him off the green and he would not move. I realize there is work to be done but come on. The guys in the movers would not move off the fairway for a minute so I could hit. They would not stop cutting around the greens when putting. At one point I had to wait in my cart for 2 minutes because I was stuck between three sprinklers 50 yards out and my ball was on the green. Slow play is not always the players fault.

    Besides that the greens were nice (sandy on the back) and had a good roll. You are rewarded for good shot and not so much for bad shots. Fairways were nice with good signage. Driving range was all grass with a mixed bag of range balls.

    Will I go back, maybe.

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    So far the initial contact has been very impersonal. You fill out everything online, submit resume and job preferences, blah blah. Then call them back and tell them it has been submitted (the person who answered the call back never gave me a chance to give her my last name). Then you wait to be called in for a sit down and discuss what is going on in the job market.

    Stay tuned sports fans, we shall see what unfolds.

  • 44501 Rainbow Canyon Road
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    Nice 27 hole course. People are nice enough. Fairways were good for a hot area and the greens were nice. Club house is a little dated but nice enough. Easy enough to walk just stay hydrated. Food was good, beer was cold.

    Only thing I did not like was 5 dollars for 25 balls on the range, a little steep if you ask me. No pitching area.

    Free app for the course. Keeps score, gives yardage, and hole info. Nice Staff. Walkers welcome.

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