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  • $$ Burger
    721 Market St
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    The burgers and fries here are still very good.

    Unfortunately, these people have absolutely no clue how to handle the lunch rush. They need a much, much better system.

    Go anytime between 11:30AM and 1PM and you can pretty well expect them to screw up your order.

    A real shame because the food quality is still good.

    Go for a very early or very late lunch. Avoid at rush hour.

  • 5322 Geary Blvd
    San Francisco, CA 94121
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I don't know. Maybe they were just having a really off night. But we're not coming back.

    We came to this place for dinner after reading many rave reviews on Yelp.

    Our first disappointment, which was totally my fault, was my mistakenly thinking there was 24/7 dim sum. There isn't, at least not on weekdays. That's my poor research, not the fault of the restaurant.

    We ordered prawn fried rice, clay pot beef, and lemon chicken.

    The clay pot beef came out first and the meat and mushrooms were tender, but not especially flavorful or memorable. I was OK with this dish and had the entire experience matched it, I would've given it 3 stars.

    Then, the fried rice came out. It looked absolutely beautiful, stuffed with bits of fried egg, chopped barbecue pork, and several enormous, fully-cooked pink prawns. I served the wife and kid eagerly, and was about to dig in when the wife pointed out that one of her prawns had a massive hair sticking out of it. It had fallen in and gotten fried into the rice, all right. Strike 1.

    We brought this to the waiter's attention, and to the restaurant's credit, we were offered the choice to either cancel the dish from our bill, or get a replacement. I opted for the replacement and found the fried rice to be delicious. Not quite as flavorful as something with barbecue pork fried in might be, but a few spritzes of soy sauce / hot sauce at the table took care of everything for me. Unfortunately, the hair incident put my wife completely off of the fried rice.

    She asked me to pass her one of the small bowls that the waiter had brought to our table when we sat down, so that she could serve some rice to the kid. The bowl and spoon I handed her were filthy, crusted on the edges with some kind of yellow something. Strike 2. I handed her a different bowl, which we still had to wipe down.

    The lemon chicken came out and looked beautiful. It was two massive chicken breast cutlets that had been breaded, fried, and sauced, and cut into generous slabs. The kid and I really enjoyed the chicken. The meat was clearly fresh and tender, the crust was crispy and the lemon saucy was good and tangy. Then we got to one of the last remaining pieces, which we found to be raw inside. Strike 3.

    Even though there were a lot of good things to say about the meal, the dirtiness of the dishes, the hair in the fried rice, and the undercooked chicken were just too much for us to overlook. Even though we live fairly close by, I don't see us ever coming back again.

  • 2830 Geary Blvd
    San Francisco, CA 94118
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    BOL Global is what used to be Liberty Tax on Geary. Same great professional, fast, courteous service.

    I saw Simon for a fourth year in a row (see my previous three years' worth of reviews for Liberty Tax on 2890 Geary if you care to), and as always, he was meticulous, easy to work with, and fast, fast, fast.

    I can't say enough good things about working with Simon at BOL Global. I see myself coming back to visit him yearly until either he moves away or I do.

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    Sad to say, San Wang has completely gone to hell.

    The service has become incredibly inattentive and the servers are no longer interested in taking your order, refilling your rice/tea, or actually seating your party properly or in a timely manner. They'll take your order (eventually), bring out your food (which still comes out quickly), and hand you the check (eventually). Beyond that, as a customer here, you may as well be invisible.

    The food has taken an absolute nosedive. The dry-fried squid is an absolute, soggy, floppy, flavorless-mouthful-of-batter disaster. The dry-fried chicken wings now come out over-fried, shriveled, and smelly. I've never been to San Tung in my life (I'll rectify this soon), but I can guarantee their wings, which I've never actually eaten, are better than this place's. That's how bad it's gotten.

    Before, this place looked like your typical, terrible, family-style Chinese restaurant and was such a treat because of how pleasant a surprise it would turn out to be.

    Now, this place is, in fact, your typical, terrible, family-style Chinese restaurant, with horrible service and awful food.

    If you're in San Francisco and craving Chinese food, you can do much, much, much better than San Wang. Avoid at all costs.

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    5.5.2012 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Third verse, same as the first. I met with Simon for my third year running and despite my tax situation changing (I was laid off in 2011), we took care of everything in a quickie one-and-done appointment followed by my faxing in a couple of follow-up forms.

    Until I move away from the area, or Simon does, I'll continue to bring my business here each year.

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    12.4.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Simon helped me with my taxes again this year, and got me in and out in one brief consultation… Weiterlesen
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    24.3.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I've had my taxes done here two years running, and had messy stock transactions, botched reporting,… Weiterlesen
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    First impression review - (written based on only 1 visit)

    Quickie Take-Away - Bad news: No more fried chicken.

    Long review - As mentioned in many other reviews, this is very much a hole-in-the-wall type of place, with a few outdoor tables and nothing but countertop stools inside.

    I made my first trip to Jodie's in the summer (of 2011) the hopes of trying the much talked-about fried chicken, only to find that the restaurant isn't serving it anymore. Jodie himself seems extremely unhappy about the matter and has printed up a lengthy explanation he'll probably insist you read. Long story short, the health inspector apparently got Jodie on some kind of fine-print technicality and now none of the nice people who come to this restaurant can have the fried chicken they crave. Boo. Not sure if the situation has improved since then.

    I ended up going with one of the many plates listed on the wall (as mentioned in other reviews, the wall inside of Jodie's is positively covered with different menu plates that include some combination of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, rice, roast veggies, and other brunch/diner fare).

    I settled on a porkchop, hash browns, and eggs platter (the name escapes me). The hash browns and eggs were fine; the porkchop seemed to have been heavily marinated in a salty, vinegary sauce. It wasn't bad but I don't know that I'd be eager to try it again, at least in favor of all the other menu items I passed on this time out.

  • 3015 Shattuck Ave
    Berkeley, CA 94705
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    First impression review - (written based on only 1 visit)

    Quickie Take-Away - This is barbeque done Kansas-city style, dry smoked meats that will probably require liberal application of the house BBQ sauce to enjoy. BBQ platters come with vinegary Kansas City-style coleslaw (not that heavy, mayonnaise-laden stuff you get at fast-food restaurants). The very indulgent, very unhealthy Frito pie is apparently a Texas recipe and the kind of thing you'll want to try at least once, just to say you did. As mentioned in other reviews, refreshing honey mint tea is complimentary for dine-in patrons.

    Long review - I think this was just a case me coming in without enough information. I expected spicy, deeply flavorful smoked meats but while the meat was decent to very good, the smoky flavors were subtle at best, and undetectable at worst. The restaurant has big bottles of one type of sauce (labelled "smokey BBQ") and the sauce seems more or less mandatory.

    I ordered a three-way combination platter of pulled chicken, rib tips, and hotlinks (unfortunately, that evening the restaurant had already sold out of my usual BBQ standbys of brisket and ribs), and I also ordered a Frito pie with pulled pork. (For the record, that's normally a meal for two, and I came in planning to bring home leftovers.)

    The rib tips were probably the best part of my order; tender, fatty, and falling off the bone, though since these were rib tips, about 1/3 of the meat was hidden bones you have to constantly spit out. The pulled chicken was surprisingly moist, and kept a hint of smoky flavor, though it wasn't as flavorful as I was hoping. The hotlinks were a complete miss as far as I'm concerned. They were dry, crumbly, and totally flavorless. I'd read positive reviews about the poultry links here on Yelp and regret that I didn't get those instead.

    The Frito pie was every bit as "so bad it's good" I expected it to be. You can basically think of them as Texas-style nachos, with Fritos in place of tortilla chips (they come with your choice of chili or pulled pork, plus melted cheese, pickled jalapeno peppers, and a dollop of sour cream). If you order it, plan to eat it quickly or have it congeal and harden on you in short order. (I actually had this happen to me since the only seat open in the house was next to an open window that was blowing in cold air.)

    As mentioned in other reviews, this is not a big restaurant. There are two large tables indoors (which can seat 4 small parties of 2-3 people each), and two tiny tables outdoors. The honey mint tea, which is reserved for dine-in patrons, was refreshing and tasty and went very well with the meal. Other reviews have stated that there's also free watermelon for dine-in patrons, but for the life of me, I couldn't find any.

    I ate as much of both of my entrees as I could, and to be fair, I had a very good meal, but I dumped the rest. No interest at all in taking any leftovers. Again, I might've enjoyed myself more if I'd come in knowing more than I did. I'd like to think that my disappointment here was largely due to misunderstanding what this place is and isn't, and hopefully I'll have time at some point to give this place a second try, especially to try the brisket and ribs.

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    First impression review - (written based on only 1 visit)

    Quickie Take-Away - Great Reggie Jackson special (2x fried pork chops, 2x eggs any way, your choice of grits/hash browns), adequate sweet tea, and amazing lemon ice box pie. Total cost ~$22 and well worth it. Recommended!

    Long review - After fighting baffling Sunday afternoon westbound I-80 traffic, I arrived at Lois the Pie Queen's fuming, "This place had better be worth it." It was. The place is built like a small diner with 5-6 small tables and a counter with individual stools, and has a decent selection of soul food and diner staples (burgers, fries, etc.).

    When I arrived at about noon, all tables were full (of yuppies and hipsters who, like me, had probably heard about this place through Yelp). I took a counter seat and ordered the Reggie Jackson special and a sweet tea to start with, and my food was ready within minutes. As much as I hate to complain, the pork chops were just a little bit on the dry side, but otherwise very tasty and served sizzling hot. My sweet tea and sunny-side-up eggs were fine, and the grits were hearty and very tasty after I carefully stirred in the rapidly-melting pat of butter they came with. This was a good, solid brunch and I would've been happy to give the place 4 stars at this point.

    However, I made sure to also order a slice of the lemon ice box pie and was delighted with what I got. I received a generously large slice covered in spray-can whipped cream, but the whipped cream is neither here nor there, nor is the crust, which I believe was made with graham crackers. No, the real star is the filling--the sweet, tart, heavy lemon filling, which presumably contained some small amount of custard, but could easily have passed as a dish of ice cream on its own.

    If you could imagine a 1970s sitcom starring a family of containers of lemon-flavored ice cream having A Very Special Episode with a visit from a distant cousin, the product of an unspoken union between Great-Grandma Lemon Sherbet and a mysterious gentleman named Mr. Pie Filling several generations ago, you'll have a sense of what the lemon ice box pie is like. I say the pie makes Lois' worth the trip on its own.

    As mentioned in other reviews, the wall in front of the counter is adorned with photos of the restaurant's owners taken with various celebrities, which I saw for myself from my counter seat. Local talent like actor Danny Glover and pop/R&B group Tony! Toni! Toné! were expected. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that non-local talent, like R&B singers Gladys Knight and Anita Baker had also been by.

  • 1695 Solano Ave
    Berkeley, CA 94707
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    OK. It's because of places like this that Yelp needs to let people give zero stars.

    When we first walked in the door for dinner, the hostess was sweeping the floor with a small broom and dustpan. When we came into the restaurant, she just put the broom and dustpan right on TOP of a nearby table, right next to a napkin setting that someone else would use. (We couldn't believe it.)

    Next, we ordered the teriyaki tour dinner (which comes with salmon, chicken, and beef teriyaki) for myself and the chirashi bowl for my wife. The teriyaki was average at best--the salmon was OK but the chicken was slightly tough, and even though the beef was still slightly red in the middle (it looked medium rare), the meat was so tough that my wife's jaw ached after trying to chew a single piece.

    The real problem was the chirashi bowl, which is a bowl of sushi rice with a bunch of sashimi (raw fish) on top. My wife noticed that the fish was very mushy and soggy, and didn't seem all that fresh. She still tried to eat some until we got to the white tuna, which clearly tasted rotten, so that she had to spit it out. We pointed this out to the server, who brought the hostess, We explained to the hostess that the fish didn't taste fresh at all (because my wife didn't want other people to end up eating this fish), but the hostess just brought another cut of fish and curtly suggested that maybe we had gotten a bad cut, and pointed out that the chef had cut the fish today. So instead of an apology, they didn't really seem to care. "Go ahead and eat it," said the hostess, who was already on her way back to the kitchen.

    We should have known this place would be bad when the hostess first put a broom and dustpan on top of a table. We picked up the check and left immediately. We're never going back. This place has lousy sashimi, lousy service, and lousy hygiene.

  • 4869 Telegraph Ave
    Oakland, CA 94609
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Pricey Korean food, but fresh, high-quality ingredients and a menu that will likely appeal to older audiences (Korean parents, grandparents, or in-laws).

    Sura's prices are noticeably high, even for some of the higher-end Temescal corridor Korean restaurants (Casserole House, Sahn Maru). However, the menu is pretty distinctive. Many of the menu items include traditional soups and stews that aren't available at other places in the vicinity (that I know of), including several varieties of ginseng chicken stew and mixed rice bowls.

    I brought my wife and child to this restaurant recently to find it completely empty on a Sunday afternoon (you have to imagine that these Telegraph restaurants are fighting a silent price war with each other, and the establishments with more cheaply-priced food, predictably, seem to be winning). I ordered the sweet potato ginseng chicken stew and my wife ordered a variant on the stone bowl mixed rice. Both dishes were extremely good, if pricey ($15+). The chicken stew was flavorful and the whole chicken boiled in the stew itself was fall-off-the-bone tender, as you'd expect. The mixed rice bowl was filled with a sticky variant of rice (white rice mixed with various grains before steaming) and many fresh vegetable side-dishes, along with fresh chopped lettuce, which gave the whole entree a light, fresh taste. And yes, as noted, a scoop of dessert ice cream is free with your meal.

    The restaurant is pretty generous with side-dishes. They all seemed reasonably fresh and flavorful--I don't recall anything jumping out at me as being amazing, but they were all uniformly pretty good.

    The restaurant itself is clean and well-lit inside, and has large, painted wooden tables and chairs that give it a very traditional look. (There's also a small cordoned-off area with tables and chairs for small parties that should accommodate about 20 people.) The restaurant also has three giant, spigoted jars of traditional Korean alcoholic drinks smack dab in the center of the restaurant if you care to partake.

    The prices of this restaurant make it hard to consider as a frequent go-to place for grabbing a quick bite on any given day, but it seems very well set up for the occasional family gathering. For what it is, it's a very good place.

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