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  • 1100 Elder St
    Houston, TX 77007
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    great high ceilngs.  coffee done right.  reasonable prices. wifi.  the church practice band i can tolerate.  the cloth couches smell strongly of sweat and worse. Perhaps a liberal treatment of Fabreze regularly?

  • 1730 L St
    Sacramento, CA 95814
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    you guys handlef the big sat morning post race (tie dyed faces?)with style.  Huge mimosa got me a good start.   one thing: get salami and a european hard cheese on the crepe list so I could relive my teen europe backpcking days.

    decided to get a dessert crepe and coffee too. nice they let me sneak in the order wo standing in line again.

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    I live in LA and drive 45 min sans traffic each way. Its that good. But with LAB and Stronghold on the way I may need to change. I doubt either will surpass S1, but will S1 be better, even with travel time?  I wish theyd have a one membership climbs all program.

  • 759 S La Brea Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
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    Came here with daughter for bfast and get some work done for an hour or two.  Ordered a bfast burrito and a squeezed orange juice, round 16 bucks.  Food is fine.  Asked for a plate and extra fork to split burrito w daughter.  She gave it to me, but then proceeded to tell another employee, plainly in my hearing, that she will change the menu to add a sharing charge, because they're getting "two meals for the price of one.". Okaaaaay.  Not only do we have organic free range everything here, we also get an extra helping of passive aggressiveness and business nonsense at no charge.  I was looking for that to be listed as no.20 on Mr. D. Lama's Instructions for Life posted on the wall, to no avail.

    Jennifer R.
    Kommentar von Jennifer R. von Muse on 8th
    18.10.2013 I am so sorry you had this experience today!   We had an unusually rough day because someone called… Weiterlesen
  • 118 S 2nd St
    Williamsburg, VA 23185
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    Great example of how helpful Yelp is in avoiding tourist traps in a touristy city like Williamsburg. As fish n chips shops go, it is the best value I've ever seen, and close to the best tasting as well (the absolute best was a fish n chips truck in a small town in England). We ordered the 6 Crabs special. The fish was very decent and plentiful, the shrimp was perfectly cooked--butterfly'd, four large oysters again not overcooked, large scallops. It also came with a crabcake--the best I've had (though I'm not a crabcake connoisseur). With all that and the fries (nice and crispy) and hushpuppies, this was more than enough for two. But we also ordered a soft shell crab sandwich, and that was awesome as well. I like that the food was not too dark--meaning that they didn't skimp on changing the fry oil regularly. The two of us could not finish, and brought back snacks for later. Soda cans self serve from the fridge at .75 each, a modest markup. Hard-working down to earth people providing good food. I like that. Total came to just over $20. That's about 1/2 what it would have cost at a place like Seafood Outlet in L.A., my second favorite place for fish n chips.
    The other thing I liked . . . they had Shin Ramen for sale too! Next time I'll just ask them to boil me one with my meal!

  • 4430 Beverly Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90004
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    I've been going here off and on for 20 years. My favorites: the creamy fresh generous uni, the hamachi, the mackeral (I love the fishy taste). All large portions. When low on money, use the huge real-crab cali rolls, the clean-oil (i.e. they must change their oil daily) tempura, and the dy-no-MYTE dynamite to fill you up, and the real fish for taste.
    About a year ago, I noticed the sushi portions getting a bit small, and the uni was unimpressive. Also the young male waiter always acted like he had something stuck up somewhere.
    But, I tried two weeks ago, and the uni is as fresh and huge as usual! Also, it was good to see the old-timer waitresses (who've been there since god knows when). I don't know about any ownership change. The dynamite, however, was even more greasy (read: more mayo, less mushrooms & scallops) than usual, so that was the only mi[yo]nus.

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    based on one beef green curry. They are friendly and fast, and reasonably clean. Also, a huge portion. But the taste -- not very deep, a bit unbalanced, overly salty.

  • 2.0 Sterne
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    cheap, but not really worth it in taste, even the $10 large. female staff member was grumpy. Pizza took about 25 minutes (I don't think she was in any hurry).

  • $ Burger
    6401 Hillcrest Ave
    Dallas, TX 75205
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    real charcoal grill is a plus, as is the genuinely friendly staff.
    not cheap for the size of the burger, but their Tuesday after 5 special (1/2 price for all burgers) is worth it. I get the #4 chili & onions.

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    good, cheap and fast, just like In n Out.

    You can get an egg/bacon biscuit with gravy on the side for around two bucks. (same food, but much cheaper than getting a combo) Add bottomless coffee/ice tea. Now sit down and take top part of biscuit and eat it with butter and the fancy jams they have.

    Their fried chicken is good . . . kinda like KFC's extra crispy on a good (KFC) day. But the biscuit is where the value is at.

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