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  • 92 Rockingham Street
    Bellows Falls, VT 05101
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    This place is great! Locally sourced, delicious ingredients, beautifully cooked!

    In my hometown, when I want a burger, I make it myself (or I decide it's not worth the bother, quite often!) - mainly because I like knowing where the meat came from (in my case, approximately 3 miles from my house). Pretty damn nice.

    What's nice about Shona is being able to trust a local food establishment to consistently provide the best quality possible in a way that keeps the community sound and whole. I don't wave to the cows I end up eating at Shona (they're not on my commute), but I wave at the farmer who raises them when we pass! (He thinks I'm a little nutso :)

    Going to Shona is such a treat! They do everything right, are super nice folks, and don't take things too seriously - just seriously enough to be awesome :)

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    I've had great apps here, nibbles from the entrees of others are also very good. The Calamari Flatbread is really fun and different. Heard good things about the fish & chips. Creme brulee was perfect. Switchback and Wolavers IPA on tap, great selection of local spirits.

    This place is new, and still working through some operational things I think. The food & drink are great.

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    Lots of stuff to poke through, which is fun. One man's junk is another man's treasure - this is that kind of place. The owner is very friendly.

    Make sure that everything you buy makes it home with you. There's a lot of clutter by the register (as well as everywhere else) so you'll have to extricate anything that gets tangled up!

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    Unfortunately, this really was the pits. The lady working wasn't unfriendly, but the food was atrocious and way overpriced for what it is. I had read reviews before going and thought, "oh, surely, it's not that bad!"

    It is. It really is. Sad, bad Mexican food.

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    This just opened! I've been driving quite a ways for massages (recently had major surgery) so having something in town is great, and the massage I got was wonderful! It is run by a Chinese family who live here in town - there is a bit of a language barrier, but there is a translation device, which helps!

  • 104 Pleasant St
    Claremont, NH 03743
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    I guess it's a bit of an unfair review, as I haven't had the chance to eat here, but that's kind of the issue. Arrived just after 8 on a Saturday night, sat outside, no one came. The restaurant wasn't very busy & we asked if sitting outside would be ok, they said yes...but oh well. We were trying to catch a movie, so after waiting for 10 minutes for menus, it was destined to be a fast food night. It says they're open til 9, does the kitchen close at 8?

  • 242 River St
    Springfield, VT 05156
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    I had to pick up a prescription for my mom, who just had both knees replaced. The scrip didn't get called in until 5:45 (Pete's closes at 6). Not only did Pete call me to let me know the scrip had arrived, he got it ready for me, offered to stay open until I could get there, and was utterly fantastic, professional and kind.

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    Salmon sashimi was good, eel and avocado roll ditto. Chicken yakitori was not so great (the sauce was weird and the chicken didn't have great flavor). The miso soup was a bit sweet for my taste, but I love love love the spinach in it, and the tofu was delicious. Friends ordered sushi and Korean food and seemed happy. Lovely, patient server.

  • 20 Valley St
    Springfield, VT 05156
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    Great little deli with good coffee even at 3 in the afternoon, and the best Italian combo sub I've had in years - I got it with cabbage instead of lettuce and a little Italian dressing, super good and super cheap!

  • 574 Washington Street
    Wellesley, MA 02482
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    While the shopping here was fun (and I found a lot of great stuff at pretty good prices), the service was incredibly offputting, rudeness and condescension to the max. I guess I should have dressed up to go shopping to avoid being profiled by the really unpleasant women who worked here - they were snooty and insulting. Also, these same employees were really bad at organizing the fitting rooms, and got all pissy when one put me in a changing room that the other had thought she'd reserved for someone else. Work together, ladies. Also, snobbiness should have no place at a second-hand store, no matter how good the labels on the clothes.

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