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    I'm so in between on this place. Even as I've selected 2 stars l'm sitting here thinking..."like should i have given them 2.3, 2.5? maybe a 3??"

    Which is the problem with this place. You really don't know to feel about it.

    Its like the guy at the metro who compliments your shoes. Did he like your shoes becuase he thought they looked good on you and in turn you look good? Or did he like your shoes...for him? You don't know.

    You walk into this place and are seduced by the enormous wall of Sharachi (sp?). The red stuff. The line is long. Very chipotleish. You go up and you see you can choose between type of starch, veggie, meat, and garnish. Other than the rice, it seems cold noodles are really weird in a hot bowl, but I don't know.

    They have lamb, chix and meatballs. Then corn, green beans, and kale. Then like some mint or cilantro or something.

    As the girl takes the first slice of rice. I say slice because its not a spoon. Its like a wooden paddle. I'm like, uh, can I get more rice. She is like that would be a dollar. I'm like ok, well thats ok. Then she goes to put on the meat, which i'm sure are maybe 5 pieces. I'm like is that all the meat you get? Shes like yes, if you want more that would be extra. I'm like...hmmm.... ok. So then comes the corn. And then sauce. you can get curry, or curry, or soemthing else. I'm like I'm kinda in between sauces, I like a lot of sauces on my food. Can i get 2 scoops? And then she says again, that will be another dollar. They were literally putting it on there with like a Baby Alive spoon that my daughter uses for her doll.

    I said fine. At the end you get a half empty bowl that is filled with flavors you are really confused about. The food is luke warm, has odd spices, but its interesting in a way.

    I went back a few weeks to try different flavor combos and again, it turns out to be another halful bowl of confusion.

    I say save your time. Go RIGHT across the street TO CHIPOTLE, THE O.G. and get your bowl how you want it.

    oh, and i burped this stuff up for about a day. I know...that's not sexy. Just like the guy who said he liked your shoes.

  • 3130 Crain Hwy
    Waldorf, MD 20603
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    "When I think of home, I think of a place..."


    I have struggled. Seriously struggled to find a good nail/spa in the Waldorf area. I was going to Queens nails for a while and then I believe they took a chunk too much off my foot which caused me to limp for about a week.

    One of the moms in my area told me about this place...this Haven, where people like their job, they are friendly, its clean, they great you, they don't rush you out...somewhere you want to be.

    I said ok, but if this place flops I'm going to be sad. And ladies and gentleman...KV did not disappoint. As with everything important in life you have to ask the right questions. Who made the macaroni and cheese? Who made the potato salad? And who do I go to at this new nail shop?

    Not all mancurist (or macaroni and cheese) is created equal.


    Coco, coco coco. I love her. She sat me down. Got me a glass of the finest wine, some fruit dimmed the lights, turned up the music, layed my chair back and proceeded to give me the best pedicure I ever had in my life. I never typically get my nails done, but I just didn't want my time with her to end. So I let her do those too. And its been a few months and I haven't turned back! I love her. She is so intimate, takes her time, and makes you look amazing!

    Jimmy. Oh Jimmy, he's responsible for eyes, lashes, etc. He did my brows and eye lashes and they lasted for over 3 weeks!

    Please, if you are looking for a spot in the southern maryland area, stop in here. You will never turn back!

  • 810 7th St NW
    Washington, DC 20001
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    I would like to preface this review with saying the story i'm about to tell happened a few years ago...however, i've passed this place everyday for the past 3-4 years and never once think about going in because of the "event".

    The event:

    I'm in the city hanging with my girls and we decided to grab some quick lunch and drinks. We pass this place and say, "hey, we've never been there...lets try it". As you guys know I love "off the chain" places so anything that is not a franchise is a winner.

    We go in...the menu, though limited, we looked through and decided on a few things. She the burger, me the soap. The soap was like a beer broth type of french onion soup. I thought it was worth a try...

    And this is when it goes bad. The waiter brings my "soup" luke warm. Which is striike one. It taste like someone poured beer in a bad old spoiled cup of onions. It was watered down and just not a good idea for anyone to every try.

    I told the waiter "excuse me...this soup is not what I was expecting. Its cold and the consistency is a little strange". He says with much attitude, "well you ordered so you are going to have to keep it".

    And that is when Lacresia showed not so sweet alter ego. She responded with "excuse me...actually, no let me see your manager"!

    Manger comes over and asks whats the problem. I explain I am totally unhappy with my "soup" and he says "well you sare still going to have to pay for it". I was like WHAT?!? I tasted half a spoonful. And you are coming for me!

    I was like, you can KISS my *(**(&)^^(%(%^(&(&*( AND MY %^@*&@)($&(@*&$(@ AND I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM PAYING FOR  *(&^(*&)*()&) BUT I HAVE NEVER BEEN TALKED TO LIKE THIS.

    As i proceed to storm out, they apologized but it was too late. The impression was made. I will never step a foot in this place. Ever again!

    I suggest you not also if you care anything about me!

    Josh A.
    Kommentar von Josh A. von RFD Washington
    4.11.2014 RFD would like to apologize for any issues that happened a few years ago.  We constantly strive to… Weiterlesen
  • $$ Hotel
    Waterfront-West Homestead
    Munhall, PA 15120
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    I have to give credit, where credit is due!

    This is not necessarily a 5 star hotel, but they definately give you 5 star service!!!

    I came to meet up with some friends and our children for a trip to Kennywood. Even before the trip, I had great customer service from Ashley helping me to situate our adjoing rooms.

    Upon arrival, everything was smooth, the front desk people were extremely nice. The hotel was very clean, and the room was HUGE! We got the 2 queen bed suite with adjoing King suite and it was more than enough room for our 2 families and 4 little ones. They loved it!

    No one complained about the noise. No one complained about our kids ripping through the breakfast and leaving a mess. The breakfast people were super nice!

    The pool was the highlight of the trip (even more than the dang amusement park). The kids loved it and didn't want to leave. We were the only ones there. They even went and drew and stapled papers in the business center and no one bothered them.

    This hotel was definately family friendly and I appreciated the great service.

    If and when we go back to the Pittsburg area, we will be staying here!

  • 505 H St NW
    Washington, DC 20001
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    Its kinda sad that you really have limited options of good Asian food in Chinatown. The Chinese is bad and the Japanese is just ok.

    Momiji is our go to place for sushi from work. (now that Yo Sushi shut down:-( I go for the lunch special. You get 3 rolls and soup for like $13. I think this is def worth it and you get a great deal. I don't think I would pay regular price through for their sushi. The place is cool, upstairs and downstairs, but it always smells of mop water...which is strange.

    I typically get the Blue Crab Roll, the Dynamite Roll, and maybe spicy salmon or something. They also have these Sushi Bowls that are really good. Its basically a deconstructed sushi roll with rice at the bottom and all different types of fish on top.

    Its def the best bet for sushi in Chinatown, I just wish they would febreeze it.

  • 2233 Park Ave
    Detroit, MI 48201
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    EVERYTIME i'm in detroit visiting my friends, they MAKE me go here. For the first few years I fought it. I didn't get it. Its a half empty bar, with rude people, and the drinks were moderately priced. I just felt like there has to be another place to go.

    Well...I don't think there is, lmao!

    Centaur has the monopoly on the chill lounge in Downtown Detroit. Period. So just go here...and stop complaining about it.

    Most recently I actually had the best time i'd ever had because we went in the daytime on a saturday and got a GREAT happy hour special, like $5 martini's. The place was still empty, but the drinks on the top floor were flawless!!! It made it worth it. Until the bouncer outside was a jerk to a man riding his bike (who actually let me take it for a spin). He said he didnt' want people like that at this place...I'm like how do you know who that man is! It was so rude and inappropriate.

    But yeah...just go...only if the drinks are cheap, and enjoy what you can while you're there.

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    Meh...I've had better...

    I seriously may be one of the only people in the world that does not love Nando's. I really don't get the excitement. I actually love places where I can play in sauces and toppings, but even there sauce is just...meh.

    I have tried the chicken, the salads, etc...but meh. The best thing I've had there are the chicken livers actually. They were good. But that was like a year ago and I imagine if I loved them, I would've gone back.

    I just think they are a little over priced and underwhelming...sorry:-(

  • 726 7th St NW
    Washington, DC 20001
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    I seriously eat here at least once a week, but sometimes twice, if I'm really in the mood for Mexican.

    In Chinatown, your options get slim. Since there has been crazy renovations I was pretty bummed when they shut down pot belly and ericted what I thought was just gonna be another lame taco joint (see California Tortilla).

    Lime is anything but! Go here on Tuesday, Taco Tuesday, best day of my week. You get two tacos, unlimited chips and a drink for $5! Its the best deal in town. They have this amazing salsa bar where you can basically just gorge on all types of salsa, from mild to hot to cilantro to beans and corn, go crazy. I do!

    They also serve drinks, but I never partake. I love the Steak and Queso Taco and the Original Beef on Hardshells. I actually have never even tried the long list of burittos and salad and such because I'm addicted to my tacos.

    The service is pretty fast. It can get crowded, but its worth the wait. And they play some jamming tunes in there. The girls who work at the front leave a little to be desired and don't seem happy...ever...but don't let that stop you.

    Go here!

  • $$$ Drogerie
    8859 Branch Ave
    Clinton, MD 20735
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    Writing reviews for things like CVS' really mean you hate the place. Because in all actuality, the big scheme of one is really yelping their pharmacy choice.

    But if you happen to be that type of person; that person who wants to make sure they are making an informed decision before entering a relationship, a long relationship...a supposedly commited relationship with a pharmacy...this review is for you...



    This can call your meds in 2 days in advance and you get there and its still 65 people waiting in front on you and they still don't have your meds ready. Try to call...the most rude people ever.

    And there are at least 14 people working behind the counter. The most i've ever seen at a RX. Like what are all yall doing???? Crotcheting a blanket?

    Patience isn't my thing, but the lack of professionalism, coupled with the fact that no one is on their job is just upsetting.

    I just called to have my last RX transferred. I just can't do it with them again...

    I need all the hours in my day.

  • 932 Freeport Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15238
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    The name alone says everything!

    When I first passed this spot, I was like hmmm interesting concept. Going in, it was everything I wanted it to be!!!

    Again, on a trip with the fam, we stayed across the street from this joint and i love to visit off the chain places.

    And this place is just that! It seems they thought of everything! The decor! The slogans, the garage door patio, the milkshakes, the burger menu, i mean...what don't they do!?!

    I didn't have an adult beverage, but I would imagine they were good too!

    The little had the hot dog and deconstructed it and still loved it.

    I got the Steak/Morton burger and it was good. It was even good 3 hours later on the highway! Lots of onion straws. I could've used maybe a little more cheese.

    DH made his own burger and thank God that was an option.

    An to end it...I got the Carmel pretzel milkshake. do the pieces of the pretzel stay whole an not soggy in the glass (and a half) you get of it. My daughter said they use special "permenant" prezels that never get soft. She may be right!

    The fries were actually the BEST thing on the menu to me. I need a week to just try stuff from this place. But the fries...perfection.

    I miss you already Burgatory. Being bad never tasted so good! (is that they're slogan because I seriously just made that up).

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    Once you get your own sitcom I'll be there to add the laugh track.

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