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    A few weeks ago I placed an order to go.  1/2 of the Thai salad with shrimp.  It was pretty tasty and I would order again.  I also ordered dessert.  Key lime pie! WELL!  for 6 bucks I would like a nice slice.  Instead, I was given 2 small slices with burnt crust!
    I should've called Adams right away, but I didn't!  :-(
    It is always a hit and miss with me and the grill.  Cold Pot Roast?  That was the first time I had dinner there.  Great service, poor food!  I like going to Cueva Bar for my food and drink!

  • 350 University Ave
    San Diego, CA 92103
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    omg!  i love peets coffee's and teas, even the matcha green tea freddo, is yummy! BUT the seasonal pumpkin freddo!!  i was soooooo disappointed!  the moment i saw the barista pump from pumpkin flavored torani syrup i should've asked for my money back.  it was DISGUSTING!  head on over to jamba juice for their pumpkin drink.  way better and w/o the use of torani syrup.  i thought peet's was more high class than to use a flavored sugary syrup!  gag!

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    After doing some shopping in Hillcrest, I decided to have an early dinner.  I found La Pizzeria on my way back to my car.  It was very quiet and I was the only diner.  I scanned the menu and found my fav Italian dish, chicken piccata.  it was delish!  I had a glass of wine, too.  All for about 25, including tip.  For those people who wrote about the 80's music, they had on Italian music while I dined.  I didn't catch the name of my server, but he was very attentive as well as a couple of other staff members.  By the time I left the place was filling up with people.  The only complaint, my espresso.  I like mine with the lemon peel/zest and a cube of sugar.  Other than the espresso, I was very pleased.  I will be going back!!!
    One more thing, what is up with their online menu?

  • 3038 Adams Ave
    San Diego, CA 92116
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    I enjoy this place.  Everyone is nice and the food is good.  I should say, the machaca is good.  Sometimes I eat in the restaurant and sometimes I get the machaca to go, but they always serve your money's worth.  Someday I will order something different!

  • 2105 Mission Ave
    San Diego, CA 92116
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    I wander in every now and then for a coffee, before it gets busy.  Coffee is great! A couple of the female staff need to put a smile on their face. Otherwise, it is an ok place to hang out.

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    About a month ago I took my car to Carrillo's. It was close to where I live and I had read a few reviews.  I have to say Carrillo's exceeded my expectations.  Everyone was friendly and polite. Hector was great. He called and kept me informed about the status of my car.  They did a great job on my car. They even detailed it.  I highly recommend Carrillo's!

  • 2223 El Cajon Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92104
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    I live in the area.  I've been checking out the restaurants/bars in the area that I can walk to.
    Last night I decided to have a cocktail so I walked on over to the Red Fox.
    The place was not busy, but there were a few people having dinner and several people at the bar.  Since I was having a cocktail only, I sat at the bar.  The bartender, son of the owner, was very personable.
    It definitely is a throwback and I love that about this place.  It was to early for the live entertainment, but I will be back for live music and a good steak.

  • $$ Yoga, Lounge
    3811 Ray St
    San Diego, CA 92104
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    Right after I moved into the area, I went into the Kava Bar one afternoon.
    I was the only person in the room, besides the woman who was working.
    I sat down and greeted the woman.  I was received with an icy look and just a very unfriendly feeling that I turned around and walked out.
    I have not been back since.

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    It has been awhile since I've been to this particular CPK. I went in a week ago. And I was thoroughly disappointed.  The waitress came by after a few long minutes. After another few longer minutes I asked her for my water.  I had also ordered a beverage. I waited and waited. She served me my drink with my meal, a soggy, wilted salad!
    The manager came by to apologize and to tell me my waitress was busy! The place was no where being full.  One of the waitress' excuse was that the table before me had a lot of special requests.
    New management, I think,  will try the other restaurants here on out.
    This CPK is always busy so 1 person not going back is no big deal...

  • 4615 Park Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92116
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    I ordered the park pizza, delivered. It was here in no time.
    The pizza was delicious!
    Now I know where to order my pizza's from.

    PS- cute delivery guy with an Australian (?) accent!

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