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    I went here based on Yelp reviews and was severely disappointed.

    On my last night in Paris, I was searching for a place to get my nails done. I had acrylics applied 4 weeks prior and needed them shortened and refilled (no lifting or chipping in 4 weeks!! Done by Nana at Salon Glitter in Honolulu Hawaii THE BEST!!) I showed up at 11am when they were supposed to be open and no one was there. I returned 20 minutes later and someone finally answered the door. She explained she didn't have an opening until 2pm. I told her I had a train to catch that night and would it be possible to be done no later than 4:30? She said it would only take her one hour so I booked the 2pm slot.

    When I returned at 2pm, she was working on another girl. She told me the girl wanted a manicure too so I would have to wait 30 minutes. No problem. She didn't finish for almost another hour. She finally started on my nails and was so impressed by my prior work she stopped to take a photo (should have known then this was a bad idea) she worked slowly and kept stopping to answer the phone, put another coat of polish on the customer before me, trying to find supplies etc. I was starting to get nervous that I wasn't going to make my train, so I reminded her how soon I had to leave. When she finally started to fill my nails in, it was lumpy and completely messy. I tried to tell myself give her a chance to fix it. By then it was already 4:30 and I insisted I had to go. I didn't have time for nail polish, just finish now please. She kept insisting 5 more minutes! Then she accidentally cut me while smoothing my nails. This was the last straw. I insisted she stop and I must leave. This was at 4:50. She did feel bad and only charged me 25 euro instead of 39, then gave me a bottle of clear base coat and said "put it on while on the metro" are you kidding?! I literally ran to make my train and barely got there in time. I hate looking at my nails now. There are huge divets and some of the nails are shorter than the ones on the opposite hand. I suppose if you are getting the most simple manicure she is fine, but do NOT go here for anything else, especially if you are on a schedule!

  • 1625 Kahai St
    Honolulu, HI 96819
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    Took the course and purchased a gun and ammo from OGC and overall completely pleased with the experience. The course was informative and by far the best price on Oahu. My boyfriend accidently purchased the class twice online and they had no problem reinbursing him. All the instructors were incredibly patient (If they were annoyed by the annoying people, they certainly did not show it!). They answered every question no matter how repetitive. At the range they were very helpful and gave constructive criticism on proper form. Once completed, you get all the paperwork you need to do the elaborate dance that is registering a firearm in Hawaii. They do a great job explaining the steps throughly. You also get a $20 credit towards any purchase at the store once you complete the class. Later on, both my boyfriend and myself purchased pistols and ammo from the store. The employees are great!! So funny and relaxed, not to mention very well informed of their products. We've been back a few times and they always remember us and  make us feel very welcome. Thanks OGC!!

  • 444 Niu St
    Honolulu, HI 96815
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    Went here for breakfast with my boss, and I was completely underwhelmed. The ambiance is cute but strange, like hanging out at your crazy auntie's house. The staff is nice. The food, unfortunately, was terrible. Ordered a cheese omelette with salad and rice. It took well over 45 minutes for the food to come out. When it finally arrived, the omelette was watery and bland and the rice was overcooked. The salad was basically shredded lettuce and italian dressing. The bill arrived and even though my boss paid for it, I peeked and saw it was over $40! Are you kidding me?! Will definitely not be coming back.

  • $$$ Friseur
    5000 Kahala Ave
    Honolulu, HI 96816
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    Let me just say that I've had the same hairstylist for years who is the most fabulous person on the planet, and I am devasted that he lives thousands of miles away from me now.

    So now the dilemma - who to cut my hair? I've been burned many times in the past, so I am VERY VERY VERY picky about who does my hair and how. I'd rather grow it to my knees and have split ends all the way up than get it cut by someone who I felt skittish about. I asked around for months for any good stylists in town, and I finally was recommended someone that sounded good - Britteny at Salon Reve

    My friend and I went there on a recommendation from a coworker. His wife always has great hair, so I was putting full faith into his recommendation (I also threatened him if it turned out bad)

    Britteny was professional, friendly, and tolerated our shenanigans quite well. She was basically handling three clients at once (my friend and I, plus this dude who dropped in a needed a quick trim). Even though she was spread thin and had her hands full, we all came out with great hair and had lots of fun! I got a haircut while my friend got cut and colored. Mine was about $60, I think hers was around $160 for everything. The only reason I give it 4 stars and not 5 is the price (though I am willing to pay for a cut I love since I don't do it very often) and the parking. Definitely get your parking validated because if not, it will end up being $75!!

    I will definitely return to her when I need my hair cut again. The salon is inside the Kahala resort, which is super posh and has dolphins!! What the freak?!

    Anyways, go to Reve and see Britteny!

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    -Great location, nice ambiance
    -nice food selection, the menu isn't too big or too small, good variety and everything i've tried tasted great
    -of course, FANTASTIC beer!
    -all the servers I've had have been great

    -sometimes it was a bit slow

    Hooray for Kona!

  • 1099 S Beretania St
    Honolulu, HI 96814
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    Now that I have been to Auntie Pasto's a number of times during lunch and dinner, I feel like I can give a fair review.

    Lunch here is a joke. Not enough servers, and even when there is enough servers, the service itself is poor. I went to have lunch with my boyfriend and we were two out of 6 people eating there. Yet everything from the drinks to the menu to the food orders and the food coming out was incredibly slow! We had two different servers, so things got a bit confused as well.

    Dinner is better, at least service wise. The food isn't terrible, but its nothing to write home about. A lot of really heavy sauces, don't come here if you are on a diet.

    On the plus side, the wine is delightful.

  • $$$ Tattoo
    2128 Kalakaua Ave
    Honolulu, HI 96815
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    This place has been in business over 33 years - that has to say something, right? Well rounded talented artists who are so friendly and helpful. Stop by and look at the portfolios because the work speaks for itself. It is cash only, so no credit cards!!

    They do have a facebook fan page:…

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    Large delicious menu, can't go wrong with the BBQ. If its busy, expect service to be slow. Actually, even if its not busy expect service to be slow. But don't worry - this is a great place to hang with friends and enjoy a meal to its fullest. Take your time and try each one of those lovely appetizer dishes!

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    This place is a beer paradise in a sea of mediocre chain restaurants and bars. The beer selection is constantly rotating and on point. The food is delicious and always served perfectly and on time. The best part of this little piece of Belgium are the people. Jacquie and Michael exude happiness and hospitality that make you feel at home. Everyone on staff is knowledgable and passionate about the beer. I have been going to this cafe since its opening and I am so happy to see everyone catching on to this slice of beer heaven!

  • $$$ Computer
    1229 Wisconsin Ave NW
    Washington, DC 20007
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    I called the day before I went in to schedule an appointment at the Genius Bar to fix my slot loading drive. I made an appointment for 11:45 am the next day with no problem. The problems didn't start until I actually showed up for the appointment.

    I showed up a few minutes early and seated myself at the Genius Bar. It was a weekday, and there were a good number of people in the store, but not too many where all the employees were busy. Some were standing around chatting with each other casually. After sitting there for 15 minutes with not a single person asking me if I needed help or acknowledging my existence, I realized maybe I have to check in with someone first before I could be helped.

    I walked over to a young man with an iPad that everyone with questions seemed to be gravitating to. I told him I had an appointment at 11:45 and no one had spoken to me yet. He was very polite and asked me for my name. After he found me, he said I was checked in and that someone would help me in a few minutes.

    25 minutes of sitting later, not a single person had helped me yet! Some of the employees behind the bar locked eyes with me, but not one said Do you need help? Do you have an appointment? Or even a Hello! I was frusterated and decided it wasn't worth another minute of my time to wait for something that they would probably not be able to fix and would have to pay a ton of money to replace. I can live without burning cds for a while. It would have been one thing if they were busy, but they were more interested in bojangling than helping customers.

    I was very disappointed since I saw the Georgetown store had high reviews on Yelp and was expecting better service.

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