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    The quality of the the juice here is fantastic.  The staff is quite helpful & friendly.  The atmosphere is vibrantly colored; there is seating inside in addition to a small table or two available to enjoy from the sidewalk.  I ordered a cranberry, orange & ginger juice concoction that was beyond refreshing & promptly made: cranberry crusher.  In addition to juices, there are smoothie options & others available.  The pricing is moderate though seemingly in step with the quality of the ingredients for the product being offered, no complaints there.  Also, as of the date of this review, if you check-in/mention Yelp at the time of purchase you'll receive 25% off!

  • 10700 Corrales Rd
    Albuquerque, NM 87114
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    A very helpful staff member made his knowledge easily accessible as I stumbled into my adventure of gourmet olive oil & balsamic vinegar; it should be noted that other gourmet oils & spices are available too.  I am nearly certain everything is available to sample.  All oils & vinegars are labeled with more information than I knew was useful to evaluate flavor.  The metrics are present to help assess preferences or discover new variations to challenge the palate.  There is a rewards program for frequent shoppers, buy 11 bottles and receive 12th free.  4 variations exist to trial products or commit to flavors.  The smallest exists in a 6 piece gift variety pack or individually for more extended sampling; these 60 ml bottles can be selected for the gift pack on demand.  The other available sizes are 200 ml and 375 ml bottles.

  • 5505 Osuna Rd NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87109
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    I went in to this store while waiting to pick up my Thai Vegan.  I had seen it lurking in the corner of the strip mall & was finally compelled to investigate further. Tabula Rossa & without expectation I entered to inspect the type selection available.  My analysis had begun: The store has a reasonable focus on newer releases with minimal back stock. Additionally, beyond graphic novels & comics there were a decent number collectible pieces (toys & other merch) on walls & in the glass displays that surrounded the cashier counter.

    The employee manning the helm was knowledgable, friendly & helpful.  I would definitely return to explore other new releases.

  • 8550 Holly Ave NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87122
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    Upon first inspection the modern yet sparse, colorful decor & clever graphics may lead you to believe that this is a hip, national chain that you missed somehow & it finally made its way into Albuquerque. Think again, this establishment is grass roots born out of the back of a comic shop.  It has achieved two mall locations and at least three storefront locations including this one.

    Drinks and flavors have been added on several occasions throughout its history in addition to bottoms from the traditional boba to the newer gobis and nunus.

    My personal favorites are the Bliss and their rendition of Thai iced-tea.  I specifically note the Bliss for its eloquence in execution:  the flavors are subtle and present yet compliment each other perfectly.  It is a mixture of loose leaf green tea, vanilla, non-dairy creamer & my personal favorite - longan honey.  Longan honey is an amazing honey.  It is exquisitely floral and mildly sweet adding a great dynamic to this, my most beloved of hot beverages.  And when these things are $1 a pop I tend to binge and/or hoard anhydrous versions for later constitution to relish the next few mornings as they are not open early enough to use for an early breakfast.

    Seriously though hold the drink, after 10 minutes of steeping and cooling, in your mouth and breathe into your mouth and inhale/exhale for the aromatics of the honey.  It's fantastic, really!

    The staff are hard-working and friendly.  They cater to my larger than normal individual orders and requests for dry drinks for later use.

  • 10433 Lagrima De Oro
    Albuquerque, NM 87111
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    I have truly enjoyed working with this establishment over the last two years.  I had some mild corrective work to be done on a full set of teeth, including wisdom:  Closing top gap between central incisors (8,9), lateral incisor movement forward (26), and some cuspid rotations to name a few.

    I ended up here because I wanted a second opinion.  The first place I went to suggested to me that only braces would do the trick for alignment and to correct mild mandibular retrognathia, the consideration of mandibular osteotomy and distraction osteogenesis.  It was thorough I'll give them that, but I wanted Invisalign.  My alignment issues were cosmetic at least or only negligibly deficit in function at worst so all of that seemed excessive.  So I decided to part ways with that establishment and seek a course of treatment elsewhere.

    I do not remember how I came across Haltom Orthodontics, but it was definitely a worthwhile discovery.  The evaluation was thorough and the communication was an open dialog between patient and doctor.  I discussed my expectations and desired treatment and listened to how that could fit in my plan of care.  They accepted my insurance, Delta Dental, and I paid the rest using in-house financing; it was a simple process.  I was able to pay for the entire treatment over the course of a year.

    So, long story short I was able to get an all Invisalign treatment plan, correct my alignment deficits & functionality, minimize the mild retrognathia and keep my fully functional wisdom teeth.  Post-plan corrections and tweaks are part of the deal to hone in the finishing touches and I opted to keep final retainers as aligners, and not a permanent fixture, also a conversation of options.  I love dialog!

    From the front desk to assistants and molders to Dr. Darren Haltom himself, the entire staff is friendly and welcoming.  They even have a reward program called the Haltom Smile Club for consistent appointments and early arrivals that delivers gift cards through accrued points in amounts of $10-$100: iTunes, Starbucks, Regal, GameStop, Best Buy, Target, WalMart, Abercrombie, Aeropostale & more.  Adults & kids alike will find this a great place for all orthodontic needs!

  • 906 Park Ave SW
    Albuquerque, NM 87102
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    Certainly one of the best places to grab a latte in the 505.  I am a repeat customer of the vanilla latte and I enjoy it every time.  It has strength, it is smooth, not overtly bitter or acidic, and my favorite part of any latte is how well the foam and beverage transition between each other.  In this case it is effortless.  I also genuinely enjoy a balance of coffee taste with flavor and I can say that according to my rubric for enjoyable flavor, the vanilla latte certainly walks the line well.

    A variety of pastries and food are available.  I have sampled the yogurt parfait and I enjoyed it thoroughly.   It is a full menu with many options including vegetarian dishes to try for breakfast or lunch.

  • 1400 Deborah Rd SE
    Rio Rancho, NM 87124
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    The business is a must stop for Rio Rancho, North Westside & metro-area dwellers alike.  The owner & staff (Kym & Yvette) are friendly, welcoming & energetic.  The vanilla latte I ordered was well executed:  It was not overtly acidic, the right amount of foam was a compliant segue to beverage, it transitions open air to drink nicely.  It was conservatively sweet, vanilla flavor pleasant, not bitter & not dessert sweet overwhelming . I ordered the 12 oz. vanilla latte and said nothing more.  My ideal latte is all of these things and the following feel: It is the smooth, legato caffé breve characteristics without the heavy coating of half & half at the back of throat.  Come prepared and answer the question of the day!

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    The food is well-executed and the service attentive.  The chef enters, always a positive experience for me.  I like to see engaged staff invested in quality outcomes. (see photos & story)

    Tuesday, January 22, 2013, 10:45 a.m. and I am driving through the city.  I am returning from a job site and I approach a light, red.  I stop and glance to my right, a blue storefront.  I visually investigate for signage to pass my wait and encounter the name of the establishment, "P'tit Louis Bistro."  The name, I have heard it in passing, I believe in a positive context.

    The light turns green and I drive away, but my mind lingers on the restaurant.  I entertain the idea of return, circling a mile away executing indecisive u-turns and I park to investigate the menu and business hours on my phone,  As a vegetarian, I have acquired the habit of menu hunting.  Bingo, I have found an enticing dish: Panini du Berger - Goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes and pistou.  Hmm, pistou, google it , Wiki and another source will do, rough conclusion "a cold sauce made from cloves of garlic, fresh basil, and olive oil".  And I do love coffee, haven't had any...café au lait too.

    I green light the lunch, exit the lot to find one closer and attempt to find some questionable free parking, I don't have change and I deem it a necessary evil.
    The sin having been committed, I walk up the street to the business, examine the door and double check the hours.  Fifteen minutes have more than passed and my indecision serves as utility, it reads 11 am to... I enter at 11:07.

    I glance around, no one at the tables, I am the first customer today.   I note the ochre hue that consumes the interior and contrast it to the rich blue exterior facade.  I like it.  I am always on the side of a warm and welcoming interior and rich color schemes.  So far, so good I think to myself.  A gentleman behind the bar greets me and indicates that to me that table choice it at my discretion.  I enjoy window seats for solo, spur of the moment excursions; they facilitate people watching and scenery scoping.  I find my perfect, unobstructed window, there are several to choose from, and I sit down.

    The waiter/bartender individual that greeted me approaches my table with a menu and I politely indicate that I have my order in mind.  Panini and coffee meet pen to paper and the order is off.  The waiter returns with a clear, hinged-lid bottle of water dedicated to the table and pours some into a stemmed glass.  Thereafter he returns behind the bar to prepare my caffeinated beverage with a seemingly intricate machine.  The café au lait arrives post-haste, brimming with delightful, requisite foam.  A diagonal cut-baguette piece is its travelling companion.  I sample the beverage as is, sans the sugar that arrived with it, a baseline flavor check.  It is smooth and bold, but not overpowering, not noticeably acidic.  I then proceed with my two packet injection of raw sugar and stir excessively, smoothly, thoroughly.  It is now at my preference - delicate, a mild sweet.

    Not more than five minutes pass since my café joined me and the main dish enters the dining room and makes its way to the table plated on a white dish.  My panini, cleanly and angularly presented in halves alongside a mound of dark greens sits appetizingly in front me.  I attack, panini first, and proceed to analyze the mix of flavors and aromatics as I chew.  I notice the goat cheese, not overpowering, though certainly present.  A friendly, saline, accessible pungence. Does that make it complex?  Ha, sure...I like it, and it didn't evoke rebuke from my systems, a winner in my book.  I think people are afraid of goat don't be, at least of this one.  It's good.  The sun dried tomatoes were juicy, and responded well to a crisp bite of flesh that pleasantly ends in juicy surrender; it is a defining character in my interpretation of well-executed sun dried tomatoes, not overly chewy.  My attention oscillates between my greens and panini,  The leaves are additionally seasoned with cracked pepper upon request, and have a light coating of a vinaigrette.  They compliment the sandwich well, and cleanse the palate without being bland, the dressing is pleasantly acidic without being overwhelming.

    My entree is thoroughly dispatched, and I am hunting through photos on Yelp.  I note a chocolate dish.  I do still have coffee left, and I am conveniently inquired about my interest in dessert.  "Sure,  why not?" I reason with myself, it will make for a well-rounded review.  Mousse au chocolat, is the order of the day.

    The mousse arrives, and I dig in with my spoon.  I then realize I should have photographed it before that.  "Oh well, I can adapt" says my internal dialogue and I move on to sampling the mousse.   It is chocolate, sweet, not offensively so, but definitively as a dessert should be.  I am reassured by my remaining supply of coffee and water, and pleasantly end my journey on a sweet note.

  • 10250 Cottonwood Park Dr NW
    Albuquerque, NM 87114
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    The atmosphere as you enter the doors of the local establishment: Greeted with menu in hand by a friendly host while in queue,  you are surrounded by a crisp and elegantly executed modern ambiance.  From fixtures to POS checkout, contemporary is the order of the day.  Orders are taken, sign away charges with a few swipes of a finger, and you are given a world-location card for order identification table delivery.

    Large windows provide ample natural light adding to the accessibility of the interior; no harshness but rather natural warmth to the room breaking free of any misconceptions of sterility and lifeless people may associate with modern design schema.

    As a vegetarian, I always enjoy exploring the execution of dishes that take the fundamental ingredients of vegetarian dining: tofu, vegetables etc. and examine the permutations into a thousand ideas brought to fruition.  Today's ingredients were green curry-marinated vegetables, marinated tofu, peanuts and cilantro on a sesame seed bun, known as "Peanut".  The curry was present, but not overwhelming, the vegetables crisp and not overcooked.  The tofu was firm and well executed though  I suspect a fried tofu version may bring more crisp and snap texture to the dish.  It is not tofu trying to be a hotdog, but rather tofu executed in the context of hotdog delivery.  The flavors were pleasant, and salt may be required if you are the saline-inclined.  I chose sweet potato fries for the dish as there are many options for fries and flavors.  This seemed the best option to compliment rather than interfere with the main course flavors.

    Overall a pleasant experience; a friendly atmosphere and staff, creative food and an accessible owner see this establishment starting off in a positive direction.

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