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  • $$ Ramen
    76 Mott St
    New York, NY 10013
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    The lemon pepper is the best dish here, but i wont bother to come back. Why?

    Because its nearly offensively expensive!

    What a tiny ass small portion they give you! And the egg isnt even included! Instead an egg is an added $1.50. Thats highway robbery! I might accept those demands if it were some sort of pasture raised non gmo antibiotic/hormone free egg, but no where on the menu does it say they source anything whatsoever from ethical or sustainable producers!

    The portions are way better at cocoron or ramen setagaya. They lack that amazing lemon pepper dish, but at least youre full and get an egg included!

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    Wow.... this place needs some customers, stat!

    Its so empty.... its just sad

    I cant even fully write about the service because when youre the ONLY table seated in the entire restaurant..... that level of service is not representative of what it'd actually be like should... ya know.... there be other people there.

    This poor place didnt even turn on the heat so they could conserve funds. Yes, i sat with my coat on the entire time.

    It also seems they can no longer afford wine as well. The menu boasts maybe 6 wines you can order by the glass. However, the waitress told me they only have 1 per glass option and 2 bottle options now. Sad.

    However, the food wasnt bad! I enjoyed it plenty! The salad with duck is generous with the duck and the empanadas were delicious! The food IS good! They just..... are suffering a little w some cash on hand issues....

    Guys, if we all come by here more often, then perhaps our patronage can help with their cash flow and they can turn on the heat again!

    Lets do it, yelpers!

  • 2.0 Sterne
    4 Check-Ins

    I come here quite often. But you may be wondering why would you keep returning to a place you gave only 2 stars to?
    Location.... yea.... its mostly out of convenience for me. Oh, price. Drinks arent bad too. And for the open table points. They really help.

    The food is a consistenthit or miss. You either get really damn yummy tapas and entrees or just meh food. Obviously with each bet you take as you walk in the door you hope you'll come out on top with the yummy food.

    The meh food can range from meh to this isnt good. The empanadas at their worst can be just a dry ball of dough with barely any filling whatsoever. I dislike thick empanada pastries that are hard, dry, and dust creating flaky.

    The good food ranges from, that tasted good, to well.... that tasted good. Ive actually never experienced food here that genuinely knocked my socks off. However, there is nothing to look down upon in serving up a solid dish.

    With that said, this is not a destination spot. This also doesnt fall under the category of date spot. And please avoid if youre looking for a pick up spot. Its a nice place to watch the game while eating decent food with beers.

  • $$ Pizza
    17 Clinton St
    New York, NY 10002
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Depending on your server, this place is either a 3 or a 4. If you get Bugsy, you're gunna get good service. If you get anyone else... good luck. Theres one particular server who has her head in a cloud or something but i wont describe her appearance because i dont want to risk her job!

    Her subpar service annoys the heck out of me every time i eat here. I dread seeing her because i know I'll be met with incompetence on a level that wont warrant a big fuss, but constant eye rolling. How many times do i have to ask for water after sitting down while im reading through the menu? How many times do i have to ask for that extra fork? (The count is four times +)How many times do you have to go back and check with the kitchen to answer my questions?
    Ex: me- do you serve this item i saw someone else eat but isnt listed on the menu?
    Her- let me check with the kitchen.
    Her-yes we do!
    Me- can i have it with toppings?
    Her- let me check with the kitchen.
    Her- yes!
    Me- how much is it?
    Her- let me check with the kitchen.
    Her- x dollars
    Me- does it come with marinara?
    Her- let me check with the kitchen.

    And this goes on and on........... why cant she just anticipate some of my more basic questions and ask the kitchen folks in one go instead of making me and the whole restaurant wait for her to keep 'let me check'ing!

    So you see why i dread being served by her? She is trying hard.... shes just not that good at what she does.....

    However, thats a testiment to the food. Its delicious. Its delicious enough for me to keep returning, despite running the risk of being served by Miss Incompetent.

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    The number of these smother-in-yummy-sauces-to-boil-seafood-that-you-­then-use-your-hands-to-crack-that-shit-open-to-­feed-yourself chain of concept restaurants have not skyrocketed, but have been on a prolific incline.
    Although this is the only one i know of in queens, i believe there are at least three in the lower east side, two of which sprung up in the last few months alone.

    Crazy crab is either not crazy enough for me.... or is so crazy i clearly have missed the point.

    The special sauce was a tad gross for me. It has too much curry in it for my personal taste. I understand Burmese food shares a lot of the same spices as Indian food, but the curry flavor was just too overwhelming for me.

    The seafood is fresh and the service was good. (Really fresh seafood will typically save you from nastyish sauce in my book)I will mention the service doesnt work in Cantonese.... only Mandarin. I think English works as well, but i wouldnt know.

    Its clean and yummy. I also must note that clean in flushing is something you gotta brag about. Even the bathroom was clean.

    Id say, its really worth a try. Give it a shot and enjoy the fun of ripping into those crusteaceans with your own gloved (of course not bare! Your hands will smell of seafood and curry for a week!)hands.

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    I was kinda on the fence with this place considering the mixed bag of reviews. However, i am very very happy we came here!

    Came in with my boyfriend, good friend and her boyfriend for a double date/quiet birthday dinner. We ordered up a storm of food and drinks and had only two complaints:
    First: why doesnt that amazing donut plate come with a second donut?
    Second: there was one bourbon drink we werent thrilled over. It was a cocktail mixed with the aforementioned bourbon, with mint syrup and some other sweet thing. My boyfriend wasnt a fan.

    However, the rest of the gang loved the other cocktails!

    The atmosphere is absolutely adorable and hitching on the cabin-y, rustic, farmish trend where the walls are made of unstained wood, there are hanging bowls of succulents, and a few short shelves here and there of strange books (one discovered to be published from our beloved US naval academy... navel? Naw, naval)

    I didnt see anything mentioned on the menu if this was a farm to table joint, as the decor seems to suggest. If it were, then it could justify the prices a bit more. The waitress didnt volunteer the information, and i regrettably didnt ask. I am a huge supporter of local organic and food justice farms, and would hate to see the decor used as a gimmick rather than a statement.

    If you do come, i cannot gush over that crack sick ass amazing donut they serve enough. Im usually not a fan of mixing savory with sweet, but will more than eagerly make an exception for that beyond delightful donut. Calories? Diet? pssssh! Who freakin cares?! I NEED THAT DONUT!

    We also enjoyed the deviled eggs and broccoli. I make a mean deviled eggs myself, but I'll gladly say hats off to thier beautiful rendition. It tastes pretty damn good... its gotta have bacon or some other natural crack ingredient in it. Its smokey and creamy... the broccoli was equally good. My girlfriend ended up getting that as her entree, as it was so damned good.

    Boyfriend got the stuffed chicken and i ordered the duck breast. Friend's boyfriend got the pasta. The duck was.... fracking good. Juicy, tender, crispy, and cooked to perfection. The chicken was also ridiculously delicious. Now as an Asian American, i will typically turn up my nose at chicken dry ass white meat breast, but this stuffed chicken breast was juicy and incredibly full of flavor.

    The wine list was very decent. We ended up getting a bottle of tempranillo, one of my favorite wines. Im glad they even serve it!

    Good wine with good food, all with great company! What more can a birthday girl ask for?

    Oh, and i really enjoy the attention to detail here. They offer table flat and sparkling water. Yessss! Service was on point without geing overbearing. And.... clean bathrooms. Thank you! Its a one stop shop of, why yes! This is lovely!

    Oh, and upon writing this review i realize i have another complaint:
    Third: there arent enough vegetarian options. The menu was pretty much all meat centric!

    Did i mention, get the donut?

  • 5.0 Sterne

    I can only dream of a day when I can have something similar with such amazing value while boasting high quality service and taste in my own neighborhood in Manhattan....

    Yes... I still dream about this spot. My family, extended members (bil's gf, a boyfriend and so forth) and I enjoyed this true delight together. The food was unbeatable in quality and price. Dear lord, I can't get over how good everything was!

    They also had BYOB, and no corkage fee! Can you believe that? Yes, coming from Manhattan, everything is expensive. And perhaps if this type of sick-ass high deliciousness food with truly affordable pricing is the norm here in Montreal.... then perhaps its time for me to move!

    Correct. You heard me right. Or read me right?
    The food is so amazing at such a great price with not only BYOB but also complaint-free service? I might well uproot myself and move over to Montreal. Goodbye overpriced Manhattan! Hello tasty wallet friendly Montreal!

  • 341 Grove St
    Jersey City, NJ 07302
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne
    1 Check-In

    I have a lot of love for this restaurant.

    the love burns hotter with greatest intensity when my mind wanders off to Orale's Tuna Tacos... and excellent sauces... My mouth is watering from just thinking about those lovely delights.

    The sangria was just alright-- tasted more like juice and soda than of wine, but what do you want?

    the portion sizes were good, and the prices were fair considering how AMAZING THAT TUNA TACO WAS. yes.... I seriously cannot get over that tuna taco. After thoroughly enjoying every sumptuous bite, I was ravenous for more tuna taco for WEEKS following that delicious delight.

  • $$ Karaoke
    160-30 Northern Blvd
    Flushing, NY 11358
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne


    Do be prepared to drive here, as there is very little public transportation that will come all the way out here, especially during peak Karaoke hours... which, fyi, don't fall in line with rush hour.

    The Chinese song selection (both mandarin and cantonese) is SERIOUSLY lame. I mean... i think its maybe just a page long. They need to bump that sh*t up, because I have to sing my Ekin, Aaron, and Sammi songs!

    the price, cleanliness, and organization of songs is what got me swooning. There is a basic room price (something like $40 an hour, not per person!), but you can order specials off the menu. Say, if you order the first package, I believe its a number of food plates (We had a fruit plate, french fries, and crac, and an hour of the room included.

    They are CLEAN. Yes, I saw a tiny drunken spat between a boyfriend and girlfriend, where the poor girl drank too much and was sick/arguing. But it was highly controlled, quiet, and almost Korean/Taiwanese Drama cute arguing. Best part? No puke. Thank you for the no puking. The bathroom was spotless.

    My favorite part of the song organization... was the list of popular songs. They have a section where its the top most frequently ordered songs. Forgot the name of the song... or the guy who sings it? Check that list and you'll see every single awesome song you'll need to rock for the night.
    You'll be the karaoke hero for picking out all the songs that everyone LOVES singing together as a group, but always forgets to order.

  • 131-53-131-93 40th Rd
    Flushing, NY 11354
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne
    Erster Beitrag

    Clean and organized! Just not as affordable as the much missed Loehmanns... want cheaper? Go downstairs to marshalls

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