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  • 201 E Pacific Coast Hwy
    Newport Beach, CA 92660
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    So Cal's biggest and best sailboat charter company with six locations from San Diego to the Channel Islands.  Over the years, I have found Marina Sailing offers an unbeatable combination of nice sailboats along with great service & instruction!

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    My wife and I took the Complete Sailing course and we both got certified for both 101 & 103.  Later,… Weiterlesen
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    I called this company and talked to Cynthia yesterday after seeing numerous positive reviews on another site.  They used to be Called Bill's Lock & Safe.    This is a four-generation family company having been in business many years.

    Cameron came out to our commercial property in Fullerton today during the time frame promised and expertly re-keyed three locks.  Also, Cameron made three keys for each lock, removed one padlock and sold me another one for a total of $178.61.  Cameron did all the work in about an hour, was very pleasant and professional.

    Also, Cameron dealt with the previous tenant's very loud alarm that was going off after we entered the building, which is indicative out his ability to adapt to situations as they occur.

    I would definitely use this company again and refer Comlock to anybody!

  • 219 Avenida Princesa
    San Clemente, CA 92672
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    Owner of A-Awesome View, Inc., James Van Schaack , runs the best service to the public a contractor can offer!

    This job not the first job they've done for me, I called them last Monday, April 7th, 2014, and the next day, both James ( I call him Jim) and Mike came out, assessed the work to be done and completed the job two days later, April 9th, at what I feel was a reasonable price.

    In addition to performing quality work, A-Awesome View Inc.'s workmen are terrific in every way, including, but not only, being polite, friendly and have always left a clean job site.

    Based on significant experience with this contractor, I feel that this this company is as good as it gets, woo hoo!
                             (949) 218-5452

  • 1402 S El Camino Real
    San Clemente, CA 92672
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    Both our initial experience with awesome server Conner and during our yummy meal with chef Charley was terrific!  My very food/drink knowledgeable friend had the seared salmon (ahi wasn't available, no up charge for the salmon), I had bow tie pasta in chipotle sauce with a delicious chipotle sauce.  The food was delicious, beer and wind is available, and you've got one of the coolest places to eat in San Clemente!  About $30 for both of us including a two beers and a lemonade, a cheap and delicious lunch date, on of the best possible!

  • 998 S Coast Hwy
    Laguna Beach, CA 92651
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    I just ate there again last night. This place is never busy, but often almost full...for where I've found the best Indian food, in at least South Orange County CA,  on PCH only about 50 yards south of Thalia or a bit North of Cress, Inland side of PCH.

    This nice and reasonably-priced little Indian restaurant in trendy Laguna Beach leans towards the spicy, so delicious Indian food-lovers, unite!  Great Indian food, served by super-nice authentic staff for either lunch before 2:30 PM or dinner later on, you just cannot go wrong here.

    Lunch is a food-fest with a buffet to engorge yourself with delicious Samozas or much other great Indian food, or just go for their generously portioned dinner, and for a nice bonus, eat a healthy amount and plan on having some great leftovers for another meal!

  • 6400 E Marina Dr
    Long Beach, CA 90803
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    When I read a scathing review to a company I had the OPPOSITE experience with, I just got to let the word out there.

    I told Dawn yesterday when I picked up my sailboat that I would put in a good Yelp review for her and Marina Shipyard and was shocked to see what appeared on Yelp, GEEZ!  GOOD THING I DID!

    Here is my experience at Marina Shipyard, just picked up Seasters, my sloop there yesterday.  I was not in a hurry to pick my boat back up, especially after some repairs to the boat were discovered after the haul out.  I think the repairs were done at reasonable rates.

    1.  Walked to office two weeks ago, talked to Dawn, very nice and friendly, in nice relaxing, yet busy office environment.  Dawn and the rest of the staff in the office were certainly not stressed out at all, unlike a customer or two I noticed walk in.  Dawn went over everything that I wanted to know thoroughly (as a prudent person, I don't mind asking questions), and was very nice the whole time, even giving me sage advice as I was finishing our transaction yesterday.

    2.  Met with Victor, whole explained the process of taking Seasters out of the water on a cradle versus a sling like they did for my boat down on Shelter Island, San Diego a couple years ago. Victor was very nice, relaxed and professional, going over ALL my concerns (Seasters needed some minor fiberglass repairs to the hull/stern area before painting) from Pre-Haul out to Post Haul Out.  He met me yesterday when I picked up Seasters and notified me about a rudder post concern that would be addressed at the next haul out in two years and taken all apart.  Victor knows what he's doing, after 26 years, and is great to work with!

    3.  Tony- Man of mystery, I never met him, but, I suspect, he's implicit in making things go as smoothly as possible.  Tony was easy to communicate with.

    4.  Sure, Marina Shipyard is busy-because they are SO good at what they do.   Of course, you can ALWAYS find someone to do something cheaper, but, paying a bit more for even the chance of having better quality parts and workmanship on your boat when you're  miles away from shore is CHEAP INSURANCE!

    5.  Maybe the most important of all, my Captain friend, definitely one of the worlds foremost sailors (he teaches racers who to race better!), referred me to Marina Shipyard...that's all I needed to know, cheers!  I plan on my next haul out for Seasters at Marina Shipyard!

  • 1925 S El Camino Real
    San Clemente, CA 92672
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    Excellent Mexican food here.  Friendly servers, a casual, yet some elegance in a nice restaurant.  Raphael got my cell phone to me the next day after I left it at the table, way to go El Mariachi!

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    Just went yesterday, 10:00 AM, (Tuesday, September 24, 2013) for their year-round half-price Tuesday whale watching...

    Captain Todd Mansur-35 years doing this- took us right over the a small pod of blue whales, including Hook, the male blue whale that he named (and the name stuck), for breathtaking whale watching!  Captain Mansur is very knowledgeable and absolutely terrific at what he does, plus, we all got half-price discount cards (good for up to four people each card) for watching on most days, including weekends!

    The whole crew was vey nice and professional to all the passengers aboard the Dana Pride, a 100 foot fishing/whale watching boat!

    The blue whales won't be around Dana Point very much longer as they shall soon follow their food source, krill, all the way up to the polar ice cap; the time to go see them is NOW!

  • $ Pub
    108 Catalina Ave
    Avalon, CA 90704
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    13.6.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I read all these reviews of the Marlin Club and, of course, there's mention of the drinks, the crowd, the atmosphere, etc, but... Doesn't anybody go in Friday night and see the Catalina All Stars (CIA) Band perform?  Hasen't anybody whose reviews I've read, anyways, noticed the fantastic music played by some of the famous musicians that frequent that place? The music is a major draw for Catalina Island, and the performers are among the world's best, period.  It's a bit odd or funny to me how many people don't see-or hear- that, wow!

    If you love music, The Marlin Club Friday nights and Avalon, namely Casino Dock Cafe, during summer days for great music!  They play at local restaurants/pubs too!

    It seems to almost always be an adventure of some sort at The Marlin Club, where things can go sideways from alcohol-induced patrons.  There are locals and there are guests, and ye' be warned, never keepeth up with a local drinking at a tavern!

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    Heck Yes, always 5 STARS!

    Best (dive/otherwise) bar I've ever been to IN THE WORLD at the world…
  • 65 Pine Ave.
    Long Beach, CA 90802
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    Upon the invitation of Cpt. Voyle Coleman, I jumped on his invitation and asked if my friend/sailing buddy Chip could go to.

    What a fantastic tour of the ship we got, and once, even a great sail, meeting both Captains Mark & Rob!  And, what an awesome experience it is to participate on the Tole Mour and be part of the crew, working for a good cause, much larger than any one of us.

    Getting people more informed about the ocean and environment at a younger, more impressionable age, may help with character building, with some becoming sailors, while many will be even better stewards of the sea.

    Many kudos to you, Captain Mark Waddington, for running a SPECTACULAR program through CIMI on the Tole Mour, wow!

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