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  • 12938 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
    Inverness, CA 94937
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    Came here for my boyfriend's birthday and had a wonderfully relaxing stay. The rooms are nice and clean. Just two things:

    1) I'd recommend getting new quilts. Our room's looked dated and had pills, and generally felt very cheap. You didn't want to sit on top of the bed because they had the feeling that they'd been used by a lot of strangers for a long time, I feel that a hotel room should feel like new every time a guest walks through the door.

    2) A guy tried to get into our room. I assume he was a maintenance man because he had a key, but it was a good thing I'd put the extra latch on the door to stop anything too embarrassing from happening when he opened the door. He apologized and was really sorry, but it was still not something you expect to happen...

    Other than that, it was a great time! I liked the little retro kitchenette in our room, and the views from both windows were stunning. I'll be back!

  • $$ Hotel
    720 The City Dr S
    Orange, CA 92868
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    For the price, this hotel was a steal. Reading through some of the reviews, I kind of wonder if my family was staying at the same hotel as the other people! HOWEVER, we did have an unfortunate event, which I'll report on after the good stuff.


    My family has stayed in our share of sketchy hotels in the Anaheim area. We go to Disneyland about once a year, and the other hotels can be expensive with CHEAP quality and very rude managers. We are always nervous to try a new hotel for this reason. From the outside, it does look like a business building. The lobby is okay, with very helpful concierges. Then, you walk out to the courtyard...

    It's like a little oasis!

    We had a room that faced the courtyard and my mom (who is very picky) was SO HAPPY. Happy mom, happy family. The rooms are large but homey and cozy, with a mini fridge and microwave and sink. I usually have a hard time sleeping in hotels, but I rested peacefully through the night in the comfy beds. I also like that the living room and bedroom have a set of doors for privacy, but the doors in our room would sometimes hit into the TV because it was positioned weirdly.

    Breakfast was wonderful, with options beyond pre-packaged Danish. They had oatmeal, eggs with cheese, sausage (I think), a variety of cereal, bread for toast... ice cold juice... It's a very nice breakfast. Not like SUPER HIGH QUALITY but still better than others. The woman in charge kept it very clean and was always so sweet and easy going even when she was rushing around. Things would run out, but all you had to do was ask and she'd run and grab whatever needed to be refilled. I liked taking the eggs and putting them on the English muffin.

    THE BAD:

    Around the third night, tragedy struck and interrupted what was the best vacation we'd had to Disneyland in a while. In the middle of the night, this horrible thudding sound interrupted our sleep. My dad went to the front desk and they gave us a room farther away from the noise just to sleep in for the rest of the night (so we all wandered in a daze in our pajamas to this new room at like 3:30am), but you could STILL HEAR IT and the room was a smoking room, so it smelled strongly like cigarettes. The next morning, we went to the desk about the noise/room situation and the infuriating answer was "Oh yeah, we know about the noise." Apparently it happens ALL THE TIME. It's the pipes or something... so why do you give out those rooms? Why not fix it? Very sketchy, it came across like they were more concerned to just fill rooms than the comfort of their guests. Then, we had to wait until check out to try to move our room, meaning we were missing time at the park in addition to not getting a full night's sleep. We waited and waited and finally they told us they'd move our things for us, so we had to fill up one of the luggage carts before we were finally able to leave the room around noon or 1pm! LATE for getting into the parks.

    We got back and they'd moved our things, and they were nice about the whole thing and handled it professionally, I just feel like if it was a known problem, then it shouldn't have happened in the first place. I'll definitely be back though, aside from the noise issue that one night, it was a great hotel for the value. No bug problems whatsoever.

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    My guy and I were going to try Layla's, but then we read the reviews on Yelp and decided not to... Fast forward a few months and my dad gets a living social deal (or something like that) so my mom and I finally went to try it out for ourselves and I'm glad we did.

    Service: The service is very good. There was just one waiter both times I've been here (the same guy) and he was all smiles and very polite and attentive. Sweet guy.

    Food: The food is alright. It's not really anything new, pretty much just basic Italian, but they do have a number of vegetarian options and I appreciate that very much. The complimentary garlic bread they give you is very good, and they bring more if you want. The calamari is recommended (my friend had it, lots of garlic!) and I've tried the vegetarian Stromboli, the fettuccini alfredo, and the bruschetta. The bruschetta is good, very different. They use chopped olives which adds a whole different flavor from typical/traditional bruschetta. I liked my entrées alright, but wasn't super crazy about them. It was solid though, not bad. The meat dishes may be better.  

    Atmosphere: They play really great music, and I like some of the décor, but they go a little too far in my opinion. I feel bad saying that because you can tell someone put a lot of love into it, but some of the elements take it from looking nice to a little cheap, like the warped placemats and fake grapes everywhere. It makes it look too stereotypically "Italian" rather than a nod to it. I think just getting rid of the placemats would help a lot. The first time I came it smelled really fishy, but the second time was fine.

    Overall: I'll be back! It's a pretty nice place, very cute. Support local venues!

  • 23 N Market St
    San Jose, CA 95113
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    I'm hovering between a three and a four... The waitress was super nice and sweet, but she'd disappear for long periods of time. It wasn't entirely her fault, there were only two waitresses, but still... It took an hour after me walking through the door for me to get food. The menu doesn't have a lot of vegetarian options, but the kitchen/waitress was very respectful of my diet and double checked about me eating eggs before cooking me up some really delicious pineapple fried rice. On the whole, I've decided to rate up because they treat the musicians that play well, and I really respect that.

    However, one thing I cannot forgive was the Hula Pie we had for dessert. The macadamia nuts tasted bad or stale, and it seemed like they used cheap ingredients. It reminded me more like a kid's dessert than something an adult should waste calories on. True, the dessert was fairly priced ($3.95) but I wouldn't order it again, I wish we'd gone with a slice of the guava cake from Aki's. Sorry, but it was terrible and a bad way to end an otherwise delicious meal.

    But again, the staff is very friendly and very respectful of their customers. For me, that's a big plus.

  • 1305 N Bascom Ave
    San Jose, CA 95128
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    I came here really really wanting to like this place, but here's my review. I apologize in advance (it's not THAT bad), but this is my honest opnion:

    I came in around 4pm and there was hardly anything left, especially after the woman in front of me bought TWO STANDS of cake pops. I know 4pm isn't exactly early, but after I found out that the whole back counter was stacked with boxes and boxes of sweets that people who had phoned in early had put holds on, I was annoyed. I mean, it's a nice thing to do and I could do it in the future, but it feels like cheating. I really feel like big orders (or any phoned-in order) should be made at least 24 hours in advance, not taken out of the day's display, but whatever.

    Since there wasn't that much left to choose from, I ordered one of everything that they had. The guy was super nice and apologized for the small selection, and dealt with my slightly-miffed attitude very well and with a smile. Even when I grumpily mentioned I'd been waiting months to drive out and finally drop by, he handled it professionally and apologized even more when it wasn't his fault. Big plus for customer service.

    Even all that aside, I was ready to be wowed by the treats, but they were truly "meh" at best, and I feel terrible saying it. Let me break it down:

    ~Peanut Butter and Jelly Rockstar cookie: WOAH those peanut butter cookies were salty!! The frosting was really greasy (though some may describe it as "airy" and "light" as well) and as I neared the middle, there were giant chunks of pure strawberry jam! I threw half of it away, and I NEVER throw desserts away.

    ~Oatmeal toffee cookie: (I got it a while ago, I can't remember the exact name) alright, a good cookie. Not mind-blowing, nothing to write home about, but still good and a solid treat.

    ~Double chocolate cupcake and almond mocha cupcakes (?): Got home and had a catastrophe of Cupcake Wars-sized proportions. As we were leaving, they brought the almond ones out from the back. When we got home, the frosting had slid completely off (but the chocolate one that had been sitting in the display was still perfectly decorated). They didn't let the cupcakes cool enough before decorating. Taste-wise, my boyfriend reported that the frosting was that same greasy frosting from in the rock star cookie, only chocolate.

    ~Chocolate peanut butter and carrot cake cake pops: the size was very generous compared to other cake pops I've had. They also dip them in chocolate, making a hard shell (unlike most places that use some sort of frosting or icing). The crunch made a very pleasant juxtaposition of textures. However, the "chocolate peanut butter" just tasted like chocolate (aside from a couple peanut butter chips sprinkled on top). The carrot cake was spiced and good.

    ~Pistachio, Ferrero Rocher, and Almond Macarons: SAVED THE ABSOLUTE BEST FOR LAST!!! The macarons here are AMAZING. Seriously. They are baked to perfection, crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. I've never had one so well-made, and these bitches are tricky. Even though the frosting is the same, there's not enough to distract, and the flavors are strong and easily detectable. I gave the Ferrero Rocher to my dad, and I thought the pistachio was my favorite until I had the almond, which was like biting into marzipan. If you don't like marzipan, then obviously don't get it, but I do highly recommend it!

    All in all, I'd say the macarons were definitely the best. I'll probably be back because, like I said, I really want to like this place. I follow them on Facebook and really love supporting local business. Maybe I just caught them on an off day. I look forward to coming back and having something better to say!

  • $$ Burger
    3055 Olin Ave
    San Jose, CA 95128
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    As a vegetarian with a boyfriend who eats meat, I love this place. Not the healthiest meal, but definitely a solid splurge meal that is totally worth the calories. I love that they make their own vegetarian patty too. A lot of other places just buy the frozen kind and heat up, which I could basically just do myself. They make a DELICIOUS patty.

    The stars are taken away because of the ridiculous seating and waiting. We tried to call in to make reservations on father's day, and the chick on the phone said that they didn't take them. Knowing it was probably busy, we were going to go somewhere else, but we asked if there were any tables open at that moment just out of curiosity. The chick said said "Yeah, there are a lot," so we ran our asses down there only to find out it was like a two hour wait. Lame. We put in our name but ultimately decided that it was too long to wait, so we just got an order to go and snagged tables outside in the performance area... and as soon as we sat down to eat, my dad saw that they'd texted us for a table (it was our first time there and now we know they text, but the seating hostess said they'd CALL when the table was ready) even though we'd TOLD them we were ordering to go! AND it had only been like 45 minutes!

    Aside from that mess of a day, the food is great and will not disappoint. If you come here, come at an unusual time or order to go and avoid the stress that is trying to get a table at this uber popular restaurant.

  • 3443 Stevens Creek Blvd
    San Jose, CA 95117
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    This is definitely a unique pizza place. I've lived in San Jose all my life, and though I've noticed this place in passing (we had a place called New York Pizza across from my dorm in Boston, so when we'd pass this place I'd fleetingly wonder if they were related in some way) I never thought to try it until I saw that it's one of the highest rated places to eat in San Jose on Yelp. I'm always up to try a new place to eat, and my boyfriend loves pizza and Army Surplus, so we decided to hit both places at once.

    This is definitely a slice of pizza that's different. You know how sometimes you go to a pizza place and it just... tastes like pizza? Here, it is definitely very East Coast. You've got a lighter, less chunky tomato sauce, and a bigger concentration on the herbs. It's a generous slice, probably more like two standard slices. It's definitely not something you can get anywhere else in the Bay Area.

    The customer service is great. The guy working behind the counter was eager to let us know how things work and explain everything, and the guy doing the cooking was really sweet in a quieter way. I even overheard a convo where they were offering to cook a pizza 80-90% of the way so the guy could take it home and finish it in the oven so it would be hot and fresh for him despite timing issues. That's going above and beyond!

    Anyway, the garlic knots were slightly disappointing to me. I'll start by saying the fresh bread in itself was heavenly. Hot from the oven, they were beautifully done on the outside, soft on the inside. They didn't taste garlicky at all though! They tasted like plain olive oil to me. Later though, I brought one home to my mom, and she said she could definitely taste it, so maybe it took a while for the flavor to really get in there. Lastly, I didn't like their drink offerings. Though coffee soda (espresso soda?) sounds interesting, they didn't have bottled water or a Coke/Pepsi equivalent. For me, coke and pizza go together like coke and popcorn, so bring your own if you're like me!

  • 2325 Winchester Blvd
    Campbell, CA 95008
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    My boyfriend and I kind of stumbled on this place because we were on our way to an event and decided to just see what was in the area when we got there. I don't know what it was that drew us here, but by a total shot in the dark, we found this place. Maybe I'm a snob, but I wouldn't normally stop at a place like this unless it was recommended or I read good things about it, but I'm glad we found it! It's in a parking lot that's a little run down, and off a busy road, but this place epitomizes the phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover."

    Inside, the place was freshly painted, clean, and has TVs around, but the tables and chairs kind of brought it down and there was hardly anyone there around 7 on a Thursday, which honestly made me nervous as far as whether the food was going to be good. I ordered the potato flautas and my boyfriend got a chimiganga. The girl at the register was SUPER sweet and nice. She said she gave me a large horchata when we'd paid for a regular, not going to argue with that! She brought chips and salsa to the table. They were a little underwhelming. I'm pretty sure the chips were store bought, but the salsa was fresh.

    We had to wait a while for the food, but it was worth the wait because it came out fresh and wonderful. We were more than pleasantly surprised. The flautas were beautiful, crispy and delicious. They came with a generous helping of rice and beans too. My boyfriend concurred that his food was exceptional, we considered this a really really great find and were so happy to have tried it! Drop by if you're in the area, you won't be disappointed!

  • $ Burger
    579 Coleman Ave
    San Jose, CA 95110
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    I don't know where to start...

    I snagged a table right after some people left, so it was still covered in their stuff. Being the person I am, I quickly stacked everything and put it to the side so it would be easier for the waiter or waitress to clear (I would have cleared it myself but there were no busing stations I could see and I didn't want to lose the table) and waited. And waited. And waited.

    My guy made it through the line to order. Seeing that no one came to clear the table, he asked the woman at the register if she could send someone over. I saw her ask a guy and point at me, and he started walking towards me, so I thought HALLELUJAH...

    ... but then he stopped at a different table and cleared their plates first even though they had JUST finished and it was THEIR FOOD! I'd been sitting here with some stranger's garbage in front of my for like 15 minutes! When the guy finally came over, he refused to make eye contact with me and didn't even wipe down the table, so I had to do it with a napkin.

    My boyfriend reported that my request for truffle mayo on the side was apparently extremely confusing for the girl at the register.

    I always, always, always appreciate having the option of a vegetarian patty, and they do deliver on that front. I also appreciate that they make their own patty, but when I got it, it just seemed like black beans smashed together... and on top of it, the patty itself is spicy. So instead of making it like a patty that could be substituted on any of the other burgers, flavor-wise it can only really be used for the one option it comes on. The guacamole that came on the burger was terrible, tasted very store-bought. I tried to be healthy ordering the flash-friend vegetables, not knowing how they'd come out, but they were basically just like a side of really oily cooked vegetables. I wish I hadn't gotten them, or would have just preferred them raw.

    One star for the truffle mayo being amazing, one star for the one girl working there who was on top of it and actually trying to be a good worker. Other than that, won't be back.

  • 632 Emerson St
    Palo Alto, CA 94301
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    This place is okay at best. What bothers me the most about it is the fact that it's trying so hard to be trendy. Case in point: Its NAME is no where on the building.  Instead, there is a sign with a picture of a taco. Wow, clever. Inside, there is a giant letter T on the wall. These people really know their alphabet.

    As mentioned in other reviews, the ambiance is confusing. Is this a restaurant or a club or a bar? The bass was up so loud that you couldn't even hear the music (so it was basically just pounding), let alone your partner across the table. You could, however, hear the person at the table next to you PERFECTLY. They were showing the Stanford game at the bar, and every time they scored, there would be lots of yelling and whooping, and one guy even did one of those obnoxious whistles! Seriously, don't mind the other side of the restaurant. We're just trying to enjoy a nice dinner over here.

    I like how they bring you a bottle of water to the table, but the guy kept sneaking up behind my boyfriend to aggressively refill, and the water was room temperature, no ice in the cups. It's nice to get chips and salsa, but the salsa wasn't my favorite and the chips were SALTY. WAY salty. Speaking of salt, there was also this gross little bowl of salt next to me all dinner. I don't know if that was from the people before us (for margaritas) or how you're actually supposed to season your food, but I wasn't touching it. I saw a some at other tables too, but not all of them. You could see the salt was dirty, and if they seriously expected me to use this salt that has not only been exposed to spit, sneezes and coughs, but has most likely actually been TOUCHED by strangers, I would consider it a direct insult to my intelligence.

    The food was mediocre. I was excited to try it since we'd gotten a recommendation from my boyfriend's mom about the one in SF, but the vegetarian taco listed on the online menu wasn't the one on the menu when we were there. I don't know if it's seasonal or what, but that was annoying because I was looking forward to trying it. The one I ordered got didn't come as advertised on the menu and was missing stuff. My boyfriend and I also ordered beans as a side, which came in a massive ASIAN-STYLE bowl. I was like "How am I supposed to eat all these beans!?" I don't want to offend the chef if they do special stuff to the beans, but mine just basically tasted like a can of re-fried beans that had been heated up.

    The only good part of the night was our really nice waitress. Other than that, this place as major identity issues, and overall really repulses me. Not only that, but to see the same comments over and over on Yelp and not see any of it taken into consideration tells me they don't care about their clientele. Won't be back.  Sorry.

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