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    Where to start...?
    Let's start with today was my first time to "enjoy" BOSS Sushi; I grew tired of eating at the same places that are walking distance from the law firm I work at.
    So I went on Google, typed in food look at what was close, and saw sushi. I had no idea there was a sushi place so close to work, I eat sushi 2 - 3 times a week at home and eating Subway was getting boring. I looked at their website and decided on the White Dragon and The Super Bruce Roll. I called, ordered, and asked how long it would be till I could pick up. 10 minutes..."10 minutes, that's it?" I asked. "Yes" I was told.
    Well, it takes that long walking there, so I clocked out and walked on over.
    Walked in and told them I was here for a pick up, and they said ok. I expected it more packed for a lunch crowd, it was maybe a quarter full and the wait staff was just standing around.
    "Just a few more minutes." The woman told me as she handed me the bill.
    I open up that black plastic bill holder...$43.50? What the hell did I order?! I looked at the itemized list and it was just the two rolls. The Super was $24 by itself, and I thought, "Well, if it's amazing and tastes like God himself rolled it, I wouldn't have an issue."
    That few minutes I was told when I first arrived turned into 30, so now I am hungrier than I was before and just needed to get back to work so I can eat and finish my projects.
    I say thanks and start to walk out. All of a sudden the lady runs up to me yelling "Wait! They forgot a sauce!"
    I didn't mind, made me think they were perfectionist and one missing component would ruin the whole experience for me.
    I handed it back, she walked it over and gave it back. Then the "sushi masters" looked at me, and said something to her. She walks over...
    "Oh...umm. They made a wrong roll, just a few more minutes." The look on my face must have shown great displeasure with it all..."Would you like a drink? It free."
    "No, thank you." I said with a strong irritated tone backing those words.
    10 more minutes passed, and then I get my food back, walked back to work with food in hand.
    White Dragon was squishy, yes; squishy is the best word that can describe this bland and boring roll with no redeeming qualities to it.
    Super Bruce, the $24 dollar roll, which I expected to taste like it was made for a king...was just ok. It was maybe a $10 roll, and even then that's pushing it.
    $50 for bland cat food, wasted time, and an after taste that needs to be chased down with Red Bull.
    My review..."You aren't missing much here."

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