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  • 19117 Pioneer Blvd
    Artesia, CA 90701
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    Best Vietnamese food in Cerritos, coming from someone who used to live on Bolsa Avenue in Little Saigon.  The other Vietnamese restaurants in the Cerritos area seem to be Chinese or Korean-owned but I prefer Vietnamese-owned Vietnamese food since it is closer to what I am used to eating in Little Saigon.

    I like the Bun Tom Thit Nuong Gia Jio (Vermicelli with char-broiled pork, shrimp (3) and egg rolls (2) with fresh mint leaves. It's the best bun in Cerritos!

  • 525 Spruce Street
    San Diego, CA 92103
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    Room: One bedroom suite with balcony (king bed, full kitchen)
    Dates: May 13-15, 2013
    Who: 2 adults and an infant $105/night (for a basic King room, we were upgraded to the suite)
    Parking: $15 valet/night or free street parking
    Location: Across the street from Balboa Park

    I LOVED this hotel. Old world charm with fresh modern updates. It felt as though we were staying in a really cute apartment and I wanted to steal all the furniture and artwork. The kitchen is fully stocked. Having access to a fridge, sink and counter was very useful as I'm still nursing.

    Balboa Park is located directly across the street. Located in the park is the San Diego Zoo and several museums. Due to the great size of the park, the San Diego Zoo is actually a couple miles away. We didn't want to drive because we found free street parking directly in front of the hotel and did not want to lose our space. There is a free red trolley that stops near the hotel and near the zoo area. We missed the trolley by 1 minute and ended up walking to the zoo which took 45-60 minutes because we had a hard time finding the entrance. Nevertheless, it was safe (daytime) and good exercise.

    Richard the concierge was very friendly. I already did my research on yelp about where we wanted to eat (Sushi Ota, Extraordinary Desserts, The Mission) but he let me know that Extraordinary Desserts was down the street from the hotel, as was Sushi Hana, the sister restaurant of Sushi Ota (Hana is known for their rolls, Ota is known for their traditional nigiri / sashimi. We went to Sushi Ota, WOW!, yelp it). Location wise, there are quite a few restaurants within walking distance.

    Overall, family-friendly, LGBQT-friendly, excellent location, clean room with character, comfortable bed, and great customer service.

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    Problem: Ants
    House: 2500 sq feet
    Price: $175 + $20 extra to come to Cerritos (out of his area)
    Date of Service: 9 months ago
    Result: Still ant-free

    I was very pregnant when we moved into our new home which had just been tented for termites. As soon as we moved in, we noticed a major ant infestation. The house was still empty but it was so bad that we could not eat dinner with our plates on the table because ants would crawl onto our plates before we finished eating. There were even ants in our bathrooms and bedrooms and we would get bit at night when sleeping in bed. My husband bought the home depot spray and sprayed all around the perimeter of the house. It seemed that the problem got worse after that.

    I was desperate to fix the problem before my baby arrived because I didn't want ants to crawl on the baby when he was sleeping!! I found Oceanfront Pest Control on yelp and based on the reviews I knew I wanted to use them. Lucas, the owner and the person who does the house visits, educated me on our ant problem. Apparently, ants live on water (yes they drink water, weird), sugar, and protein. I hope I'm getting this right. When our house was sprayed for termites, the dead termites in the walls became ant food (protein). After my husband sprayed our outside perimeter, the ants got locked into our walls and came into the house since they could no longer go out.

    Lucas sprayed the inside of our home in a few minutes, we left the house for a few hours (longer than recommended because I was pregnant) and now, 9 months later, I have not seen a single ant in our home. Yelp says that they are located in Tustin but he is actually located in San Clemente. Cerritos was just out of his area but I begged him to come spray my house and that is what the extra $20 charge was for, basically his gas. Well worth it.

    I definitely recommend this company.

    By the way, I believe he does not move any of your stuff around so I would advise you to move your furniture away from the baseboards so he can spray as much as possible.

  • 1775 Newport Blvd
    Costa Mesa, CA 92627
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    + Great maternity section for jeans, leggings, and work clothes.
    + Monthly sales (50% off sale items, 75% off clearance items, 20% off everything else including equipment).
    + Great selection of clothes, toys, books, equipment.
    + Consign stuff that you don't need and use the money to buy clothes you do need.

    - Check your receipt before you leave.
    On 2 occasions I went during the end-of-month sale and they did not honor their advertised sale prices (see above). The "rules" of the sale were posted on flyers throughout the store and in the mailing list newsletter but the girl who rang up my purchase did not apply the discount and I didn't notice until later. When I called about it she explained that some items don't qualify for the sale including the pack n play that I bought even though the sale said "20% off ALL equipment." It's not a deal breaker because they do carry good stuff at good prices but I was disappointed by the false advertising.

    - Easy to buy things you don't need.
    During my (first) pregnancy I was addicted to buying stuff from Newport Kids and I stocked up on clothes from newborn to 12 months. Even though we didn't have a baby registry and told friends, family and work "no gifts," we got tons of clothes anyways (guess everyone likes spoiling babies). Turns out I have been dressing my baby in all the new clothes we received rather than the consignment clothes so even though it was all very inexpensive, I've only used 10% of what I bought. If you're a first-time Mom, consider waiting until you have the baby before you buy too much because people will give you gifts and you may not know what items work for your baby. If you do buy stuff before baby arrives, I suggest buying the 9 months size because you will likely receive lots of newborn or 0-3 months. The people who give you a gift after baby is born will give 6 months, and the people who think "they'll have tons of 0-3 months, I'll give clothes they'll wear later" will give 12 or 18 month sizes. Thus, you will avoid having a surplus of 0-6 month sizes and a shortage of 9 month sizes.

    I definitely recommend checking this store out, it's a lot cheaper during the sales.


  • 3715 Tibbetts St
    Riverside, CA 92506
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    Dr. JR Chidley has won me over with his honesty in coming up with my plan of care.

    I had been going to my former dentist practice in Huntington Beach for 30 years and loyally stuck with all 3 owners... (Dentist #1 retired, Dentist #2 passed away and Dentist #3 is in her 40's and going strong). As a cash paying patient with a I'll-do-anything-you-say attitude, I was treated like a Queen there. For years I thought my teeth were terrible because I always needed more and more work: replace all my silver fillings with white ones, replacing my $500 mouth guard, yearly x-rays, cleanings every 4 months, root canal, crown, zoom whitening... Sure I grumbled about the cost but I did whatever she (my former Dentist) recommended. I didn't have anyone else to compare to so I wasn't sure if I was a total sucker or if I was being responsible.

    My husband met JR on a volunteer trip to the Dominican Republic where JR was volunteering his dentistry services. My husband thought he was a very good person and he convinced me to give him a try as my dentist. I was very hesitant at first because even though my other dentist was frequently upselling me, I was comfortable there and I actually enjoyed going there to talk with the hygienist.

    Well now that I've been going to Dr. JR Chidley and I've gotten to know his philosophy on dentistry and his business practice, I can confidently say I've found my new dentist for life.  What I like most about him is that (1) he's honest and (2) he tries to save your own teeth by doing what you need - nothing more and nothing less (vs my other dentist who was more aggressive and recommend unnecessary procedures). It is a very cozy office and a welcoming family practice: Dad (Dentist), Mom (Assistant and admin), and Son (Dentist- JR). I like the family business aspect and it's obvious that they all get along well and love each other.

    I really recommend Chidley Dentistry. Hey, I drive all the way from Cerritos to Riverside twice a year. That's saying something there.

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