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  • 8919 S Sepulveda Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90045
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    Great Chinese grub! Satisfying but not too salty or dripping in grease, like some other places. I tried the braised tofu and veggies one day, and the kung pao chicken the next. Good stuff! Will def have to try other items on the menu the next time we get food from WW.

  • 9635 S Santa Monica Blvd
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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    Any Angeleno or tourist worth her salt knows about Sprinkles, so I'll save you the crumb-by-crumb recap. You already know about the overpriced though above-average cupcakes near Rodeo Drive.


    It's the doofiest gimmick, this bright pink cupcake "ATM" that really isn't much more than a glorified vending machine, but it's also just plain adorable and I am a sucker for all things adorable.

    I waited patiently in line in the second or third week after Sprinkles unveiled its new contraption, and while I arguably could have bought the same cupcake at the flagship store about 10 feet away for 25 cents less, I much preferred to punch in a credit card, pick a flavor from the touchscreen, and watch an on-screen live feed of a little cupcake box making its journey through the magic pink cake machine. And judging from the endless ATM line that can be spotted even at 1am on a Saturday night, I'm not the only one.

    Oh, and the cupcake? It was fine. Overpriced though above-average. But you already knew that.

  • 4032 W Olympic Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90019
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    What the duck?

    Sun Ha Jang is a far less flashy choice for KBBQ -- more of a low-key hole-in-the-wall than a strobe-lit, bass-thumping expanse (I'm looking at you, Road to Seoul) -- with maybe a dozen tables and a simple selection of banchan.

    But the duck! The duck is fantastic. Choose from slices, strips, or marinated pieces (we got all three), and grill 'em to your stomach's content. I haven't had duck at any other KBBQ restaurant, so I can't speak to the quality of meat, but it tasted plenty tender and flavorful to me.

    And the best part? Early in the meal, the server plugs up a hole in the griddle with a wad of kimchi, and all that fatty fat that's been seeping from the duck meat is saved for the meal's finale: a heaping mound of purple rice, veggies, and kimchi that will soon become the fattiest, oiliest, lardiest, TASTIEST KIMCHI FRIED RICE ever.

    My arteries hate me for it right now but my appetite will surely bring me back for seconds.

  • 2819 James M Wood Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90006
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    Yes, there are a million and one KBBQ joints in K-town, but you don't come to The Corner Place for the bulgogi -- you come here for the insanely refreshing and suspiciously addictive cold noodle soup. Made with water kimchi, 7-Up (I've been told), and possibly fairy dust, the dongchimi gooksoo here is the best in LA. And on a hot summer day, a bowlful of slightly sweet, chilled noodle soup really hits the spot.

    KBBQ-wise, The Corner Place definitely values quantity over quality. Run of the mill meats in 1.5 times the usual portions, but hey, with an enormous bowl of dongchimi gooksoo in front of me, I'm not complaining.

  • 115 S Fairfax Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Tart, whither the cornmeal pancakes?

    A decent dining option near The Grove, though the quality seems to have declined over my past few visits. The enclosed outdoor patio is connected to Farmer's Daughter and the pretty decor serves as a great backdrop for brunch-time conversation.

    Tart used to have these great cornmeal pancakes that are unfortunately no longer on the menu. The egg scrambles and other breakfast fare are fine, and prices are reasonable enough, but it's dropped off my list of brunch recommendations for out-of-town friends.

  • 4989 Sepulveda Blvd
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
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    With three separate 18-hole courses and a $6.50 tee-off price, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better date night deal.

    Yes, it's right off the highway, and the arcade selection leaves something to be desired (i.e. more Skee-Ball machines, please), but you don't come here expecting to enter Six Flags. The courses are cute, and there are enough obstacles and miniature buildings and things to make for an entertaining experience.

    Despite having three courses (the orange course seems to be the most interesting, and possibly the newest), there's frequently a backlog of golfing groups waiting patiently to attempt the next hole.

    I chalk this up to putt-putters who don't know how to efficiently play a round -- it's not the PGA Championship, guys, it's mini-golf. You don't need to let each person in your group play each hole individually without interference; that takes FOREVER. It's more fun to have four balls on the green anyway -- at least there's a chance someone else's ball might tap yours into the hole.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Every time I think I'm about to tout an original find, I discover that a few hundred other Yelpers have beaten me to it.

    And that's OK, because the seafood cocktail here is worth writing home about.

    Well-priced, tangy, and full of flavor. Buy a large cup of the seafood cocktail, add a dash of Tapatio, and finish it before you even get home -- at least, that's how we do it.

  • 469 S Robertson Blvd
    Beverly Hills, CA 90211
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    You know you're getting a vigorous workout when you nearly pass out and have to be plopped in the childcare room while the owner revives you with water and animal crackers.

    Four stars to the nice people who work here, though I wish classes were cheaper. Got an excellent $39 deal for 10 Cardio Barre classes through LivingSocial, which is great because I can't bear to pay $16 per class. The owner (at least I think she was the owner) was really sweet, and her precocious daughter was a pro at handling paperwork/registration for both me and my friend.

    While I wouldn't return without another hugely discounted deal on classes, the workout itself is excellent, and there are animal crackers at the ready for weaklings like me.

  • 3300 Overland Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90034
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    If you can stand the slightly pricey menu, cafeteria-style seating (half of which is standing-only), and long lines that go out into the parking lot, then be prepared to eat some of the best pork belly ever.

    Love, love, love the Chubby Pork Belly Bowl, and I'm not usually a fan of the way pork belly is prepared elsewhere (that is, chewy and under-seasoned). Also a big fan of the Buttered Kimchi Chow, which is savory and flavorful. The Ooey Gooey Fries are alright -- think the Korean fusion version of In-N-Out's Animal-style fries.

    The only major downside is the dessert menu. The Tres Leche cake is nothing to write home about, and every time I've been there, they've been out of the Sriracha bars, which is a bummer because I've heard good things about them.

  • 10250 Santa Monica Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90067
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    As someone who likes the quality of J. Crew clothes but doesn't always gravitate toward their fit and styles, I was happy to find a cuter, trendier version of the brand in its sister store, Madewell.

    Full-priced, their merch is almost as expensive as J. Crew's (I'm a dedicated browser of the J. Crew online clearance section), but I do like the quality of fabric, plus their jeans have that nice supersoft quality that doesn't make you feel like you're wearing, well, jeans. I'm fairly nitpicky about jeans, and I refuse to spend a small fortune on them, so it's nice to know that there's at least one store whose denim fits me well and has decent sales.

    It doesn't look as though there are too many brick-and-mortar Madewell stores, but there are good deals to be snagged on the site, anyway. The t-shirts and tanks are still pricier than my budget can allow, but I nabbed a few pairs of the Rail Straight jeans online for almost half of the $100 price tag, so I'm happy.

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