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    Got a first-time cut here just today
    Overall impression: very good job at a very good price!

    Three small reasons that I did not give the place 5 stars (I would have done 4.5 if possible):
    (1) it DOES take about twice as long compared to going to a regular salon,
    (2) there are some nerves when you know the person cutting your hair is still in training,
    (3) the sinks have no neck padding [and this one was the most important to me]

    I am very happy with my cut, but I'm overall pretty easy to please since all I needed was a trim and to have my layers re-cut.
    For the reasons listed above, I would not go back for a regularly-priced cut, BUT I'm sure I will be going back since it is very reasonably priced for the service.

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    My husband and I went here recently when when on our honeymoon and we had an incredible experience overall.

    I called and made the reservation two days before for a mid-week dinner and the woman on the phone could not have been sweeter and seemed more genuinely excited that we were on our honeymoon.  

    I could make this a very, very long review, but I find those often unhelpful (probably because I rarely read all the actual words) so I will do bullet-points.

    Best Parts:
    --the drive in was beautiful
    --every person we saw/spoke to was lovely and sweet
    --they made a special menu insert for us in honor of our honeymoon
    --the food was super-crazy delicious (omg I had the tomato-spinach salad that was to die for! also the cocktails were yummy and the souffle was amazing)
    --it's gorgeous if you can get a window table
    --a walk around the property after dinner is a must and beautiful, especially at sunset

    To Keep In Mind Before Making Reservations:
    --it's probably well out of your way
    --yes it is on the expensive side (but not crazily-so)
    --it can be difficult to find, but if you end up at either of the resorts, the folks there are super-helpful (that's what happens when 99% of patrons have serious gobs of $$$) -- so make sure you leave plenty of leeway in terms oftime
    --there is a dress code

    The bottom line here is:
    GO if you are celebrating a special occasion and are ready to go all-out in terms of time allotted, dress, and funds.  We would not go here just for Friday date night, but an anniversary? Absolutely!!

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    This company is run by Elise, who is the best!  She's so sweet and lovely, and she just adores animals.
    I could not tell you how many times she has done pet-sitting and pet-boarding for my family and friends, and it's always a stress-free experience.

    She could not come more highly recommended!!

    Oh! And she'll also do drop-by's for cats and dogs while you're out of town, in addition to pet-sitting/-boarding.

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    I went with my fiance for a weekend away for the primary purpose of going to a particular concert.

    Here's my sum-up:

    Bad things:
    1) Internet is $12/24 hours, and when I tried to get it, it wouldn't work (and this was not user error)
    2) When we checked in, the room we got had NOT been serviced (empty beer bottles, unmade beds, etc.)
    3) Getting around the building is kind of cumbersome
    4) $8/night 'resort fee'
    5) Middle-class patrons
    6) At the very very end of the Strip

    Good things:
    1) INEXPENSIVE!  We paid $55/night (+$8/night "resort fee") for a weekend recently (a.k.a., pretty prime time for Vegas visiting, in my opinion)
    2) Adequate food available in-building -- sit-down restaurants, McDonald's, taco shop, pizza
    3) Fat Tuesday's -- they have one upstairs and I love it - basically alcoholic slushees
    4) Two pools (though we used neither)
    5) But it's still on the strip
    6) Cool rides at the top if you're an adrenaline junkie - or just nice views

    All in all, we used our room for sleeping/resting/showering/etc, spent time in the casino for gambling (we're quarter-slots-type people), and drove our car or walked to any other place on the Strip that we wanted to go.

    Bottom line: good value for what we paid.  Recommended if you want inexpensive but want to be in a casino and ON the Strip.

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    I planned on going for my birthday a while back and was somewhat disappointed in what I found.
    This is not due to the fault of anyone there, but rather, my expectations were far different from the reality.

    Because it's listed under "dance club," (which I have since recommended be removed from the listing) I had expected a nightclub atmosphere -- like is true for other venues where they teach some dances early in the evening and then open it up for dance later.

    Thus, I was surprised to find out -- having gone in my going-out regalia, but still definitely wearing dancing shoes -- that it consisted of an hour of pseudo-formal dance instruction in a dance studio...and after, the lights were turned out and holiday-string lights turned on and music played from a laptop.

    Clearly I had thought I was getting into something completely different -- even reading all the previous reviews AND the website, I maintained this impression.  I checked it out, knew the price, read everything just to make sure the best that I could that I was getting a good flavor of the place.

    I am positive that I would have far more good things to say about the place if I had known what to expect.  I was glaringly disappointed by the reality in light of my expectations.

    In all, I recommend that the website be revised to reflect what it is -- I probably still might have gone in that case, but I would have been much better prepared and had an infinitely better experience.

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    I love going to the Saddle Rack.
    I also happen to love Country music and Country dancing.

    I noticed that a recent review mentioned the $20 cover charge...please note that that is ONLY on Friday and Saturday nights after 9pm.  I personally prefer to get there early because between 9-10 is the best dancing of the night. The regular cover charge is $10 on the weekends.

    Plus, since I go nearly every week, I know a lot of the other regulars.

    The best part about the 'Rack is the dancing.  I highly recommend going either for the dance lessons that they have Weds-Fri nights OR checking out this playlist I made on YouTube of videos showing how to do some of the more popular line dances there:…

    The regulars who know what they're doing on the floor are more than happy to help with your learning of the dance as long as you look like you're actually trying (and not just being a drunken jerk).

    Also -- pet peeve of mine -- no drinks on the dance floor.  If you want to try the dances, get rid of your drink somehow before stepping out.  

    Bring your dancing shoes, a positive attitude, and come early -- you'll have a blast.

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