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    Kevin is fantastic...

    He came right on time for his appointment and installation.
    No pressure sales and recommended great products at great price.

    We had few projects going concurrently, and Kevin was very easy to work with as he accommodated for other projects' schedule to make sure we don't run into issues.  

    Installation was amazingly fast, the team moved at super efficient speed and even taken the time to ensure every detail is taken care of.

    Most importantly, the end result is amazing.  I didn't know a garage door can be this quiet and smooth, Kevin's recommendation is spot on.  Overall, Kevin earned a perfect WAR (Wife Approved Rating) from us = )

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    Great Coffee, Great People, very relaxed atmosphere...  Love this place...

  • 543 W Taylor St
    San Jose, CA 95110
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    Have a flat tire is not a fun experience...  
    Have to fix a flat tire while on the way to work is worst....

    Victor at V & S took care the problem for me....  He came out to help me right away, and quoted me a price that is 1/3 of what I got from Wheel Works.  Got me out of the door with a patched tire in 20 mins, so I can get to work "almost" on time.

    For people that likes cars, Victor actually used a torque wrench to tighten the wheel nuts.  If you know what I am talking about then you can appreciate that.

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    This is my 'goto, place now for Korean BBQ. It's a nice suprise to come to a place and feel the owner and staff really care if you are happy or not.

    Meat here is great, fresh and well flavored. The side dishes are plenty to choose from and taste great too.

    This is our 2nd trip back to this place, and they added many more meat options.
    This place is just getting better and better.

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    I am totally sold on this place.  Joe at the counter is great and very friendly.

    We ordered 1/2 chicken with salad and rice, pupsas combo and mango lemonade.

    The chicken was cooked perfectly, it was julcy and full of it's nutural favor, the rice was excellent seasoned to go with the chicken.  Oh, don't get me start on the salad, Everthing in it was FRESH and Avacado was DELICIOUS!.

    Overall, we had a great experience with this place. Joe took care of us and nothing can beat a nice meal at a sunny breezy Californa afternoon.

    We arrived this place just shortly pass 7 pm, so no crowd to deal with.  Food served in a timely manner.  Defintely a 5 star with this place.

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    I love Mongolian BBQ... especially the bang for you buck factor...

    For $10 a person for dinner, you get to pile you bowls with mountains of meat and veggies... (my tip, use two bowls, 1 for your meats and 1 for veggie)  

    The people are friendly and NBA is almost always on TV when I go...

    Too bad now that I live too far, otherwise this place is GREAT.

  • 754 The Alameda
    San Jose, CA 95126
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    Was searching for a good sushi place after moving to the area.
    Saw the crow outside when Sharks are playing, so figured it should be pretty good place for sushi... (especially considering the price)

    Result:  I can't say I enjoy my experience here... the wait staff is definitely great, very friendly and come fill my hot tea frequently, but damn it, I am here for the fish...

    First, the sushi rice was over cooked...  it was hard and tasteless..

    Second, they totally screw up the sequence while making my sushi boat, much of the seaweed with various dishes are all wet and no longer crisp...

    Third, fish quality is mid-grade, I have personally picked much better grade fish from Nijiya or Mitsuwa market myself.

    For a Dinner experience that's over $80 for two, I really had expected something better...

    I guess this is a great place to hang out before heading to the Sharks' game, but not really for me, since I am all about Sushi...

  • 975 The Alameda
    San Jose, CA 95126
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    I have being here twice for their $25 All-You-Can-Eat dinner now...

    Overall, the experience is just 3 stars, A-OK experience.

    I think I am lucky that I didn't have to wait to get seated either time.
    However, food get served quite slowly...  Typically, you have to wait between 5 ~ 10 mins to get your food once you submit your order.

    Food quality is a mix, even on same order, you typically get 2 piece of sushi with visibly different grade of fish... seriously, is this like a test of your love to your dinner partner... ?? Do I go for the better piece or let her have it???   For a restaurant experience, this is BAD.

    However, selection here is good, wait staff is friendly enough and Overall sushi is decent for All-You-Can-Eat.

    Plus this place is 5 mins walking distance from where I live...

    I would love to give this place more stars, only if they willing to serve me decent fish... Consistently!

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    Ordered the Grilled Lobster Tail and Filet Mignon Kabob, Fish and Chip, and the Chowder... And went back and order extra Orion rings.

    The staff was extremely friendly and happy to help with ordering.  Food come out fairly quickly and all were cooked excellently...

    This is not a place for a nice first date, but it's a place to go if you crave for nice seafood at a decent price.

    I will come back for the crab next time...

    This place gets crowded quickly.... just be warned.

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    Being reading about this place on Yelp for a while, so decided to check it out on day.

    Come here around 7:30 pm and immeidately smell the sweet sweet smell of meat on fire...  The man behind the counter was EXTREMELY friendly and took my order with many many smiles.

    Food turned out very good and I ended up eating more than I was planning to, plus taking home one extra cheese cake for breakfast the next day.  

    What can I say, I love the food, the people and certainly the price = )
    Yes, I'm a fan now.

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    It's nice to see someone happy about going to the dentist :)

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