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  • 2502 E Camelback Rd
    Phoenix, AZ 85016
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    Ok, coffee plus mexican coke? The royal soda is pretty much the perfect mix of magic. Coffee lovers must try this unique beverage!

  • 2487 E Tropicana Ave
    Las Vegas, NV 89121
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    They took me on a walk in. Great pricing, super friendly staff, and my girl did a nice job. Got a fill and gel polish with hearts for valentines day for $33. Can't complain about that!

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    The food here really surpasses your expectations of a mom and pop shop in a small town. Pizza and salads are super yummy, and they have a nice selection of beer. Perhaps even more importantly, the owners/chefs are two of the nicest people you will ever encounter AND the place is usually stocked with a couple of fun chatty locals, sipping on pints.

    If you roll through camp verde, stop here!

  • 4211 N Winfield Scott Plz
    Scottsdale, AZ 85251
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    I have been to International Skin Care Twice now for a facial and LED rejuvenation. The facility is very cute and cozy, and the staff is very pleasant and knowledgable. I bought the VIP membership and am happy to give them my return business. Great facials and if you opt for VIP, the pricing is really affordable.

  • 1805 E Elliot Rd
    Tempe, AZ 85284
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    I am VERY disappointed with my experience here. I had bought a couple of groupons when they were available ($10 for $20) because I was excited about a local alternative to Sprinkles (which in my opinion, does not live up to all the hype).

    Decided to use one of the groupons to get some cake pops for my team of co-workers for valentines day. Expecting today to be chaos, I stopped in yesterday to purchase them. Before I made my purchase, the woman behind the counter said that I should come back tomorrow as they would have some special pops for valentines day. So I did....

    I waited in line for 20 minutes upon their opening, only to have the woman behind the counter tell me that they did not have the pops available for regular purchase by the dozen. My only option was to buy them in boxed sets of 4 (very pretty gift items, but defeating for my purpose) for $19.99. After some protest, she said that I could buy a dozen pops, but they only had the custom ones available and they would be about $10 more for the dozen. I told her that it was my intent to use the groupon to cover the majority of the cost, so I wanted the standard pops. She finally agreed and I walked away with 6 white cake and 6 chocolate cake pops. PS, When you look at the menu, there are * flavors listed as "House flavors" and I went in with the intention of getting a variety. She told me that the only house flavors were plain chocolate and plain vanilla and any other flavor would be an additional charge.

    My biggest problem is that I wanted to inform a manager/owner about the situation. I feel that as a customer, I was given incorrect information that inconvenienced me and I wanted to let him/her know. I was directed to the individual at the register who disregarded my experience completely and was quite rude.

    Please fix your menu so the pricing makes sense and try to give more accurate information to customers, especially if they are making more than one trip to your store based on what you tell them.

  • 425 S Mill Ave
    Tempe, AZ 85281
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    This place is adorable. My man and I went inside just to check it out when we were strolling by on Mill Avenue. We LOVE paletas, and it was so strange to see a small shop dedicated to them. The place is clean, simple, and reminiscent of a pinkberry or similar yogurt shop.

    Unlike a pinkberry, the name behind the brand, Betty, is also the face behind the counter. She is very passionate about what she prepares and explained that she only uses the freshest of ingredients (she even said that the mango chile paletas are not currently available because the mangos are still ripening). I got the fresa con creme - strawberries n cream (I love the creamy ones), and my boyfriend got amanecer - pineapple with raspberry. Both were excellent. It took every ounce of will power not to get seconds.

    If you compare the price to what you would spend at a Mexican market, they are expensive. But I would much rather spend $3 on a fresh, delicious fruit bar than on a single scoop at baskin robbins. I cant wait to try more flavors. Arroz con leche is up next.

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    La Tolteca is one of those Mexican gems in Phoenix that I get worried about too many Gringos (hey, I know I am one of them) finding out about.

    Cheap, tasty. It is a seat-yourself eatery and small market combined with a bakery. I like that they have a decent selection of baked goods, but there are a few local panaderias that do it a bit better. HOWEVER, their salsa bar is top notch and their food is delicious. I personally love La Tolteca because it is one of the only places in the valley that regularly has green corn tamales available. The staff is always very pleasant, and the food is always good.

    This place does get pretty hectic at meal times and on weekends, but the seating area is rather large. Sometimes the service gets a bit backed up, but honestly, it just adds to the lively feel of the place.

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    Thanks to you, Capriotti's, my boyfriend and I can finally go out for sub sandwiches together.

    My boyfriend has been a regular at Capriotti's (both here and Vegas) for years. As a vegetarian, I have a pretty strict "no sandwich chains" dining rule. I do not want sliced tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, and mustard on bread for a meal. On his last Capriotti's visit, my boyfriend informed me of the vegetarian-friendly menu. I looked it up online, couldn't wait to try it.

    Inside, the Tempe location is more of a cute deli than a subway. The staff was very nice and helpful and the sandwiches were served quickly (the establishment was not busy at the time though). My boyfriend got the turkey sub (his usual) and I got the vegetarian version. On my sub, I got faux turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion (which are so thinly sliced and amazing), pickles, sweet peppers (also amazing) and mustard. I would recommend this combination to any vegetarian looking for a filling and tasty cold sub sandwich.

    I noticed some people on here complaining about the pricing. Well, the ingredients here are of a much higher quality and fresher than a subway or quizno's, so in my opinion, it is worth paying a couple extra dollars. My boyfriend loves it because they use shredded turkey instead of deli slices on the subs. I am not sure if I will be able to wait many meals before running over there to try the vegetarian version of the Bobby.

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    One of my favorite spots in all of AZ.

    Green proves that vegetarian, and more importantly, VEGAN food can be interesting and delicious. More importantly, the dishes served here can fullfill your junk-food cravings.

    I am a vegetarian, but not usually a fan of mock meat products. Green does such a great job at creating tasty vegan creations that the mixed crowd will amaze you. Not to stereotype the vegan "look", but if you come in to Green during the very busy lunch rush, I would bet money that 50% of the patrons are regular meat-eaters. The food is just THAT good!

    I have tried most everything on the menu, and my personal favorites are:

    spicy buffalo "wings"
    jerk tofu salad
    mexicali burger
    thai peanut bowl with crispy tofu
    original "g" spicy po-boy sammy

    One more thing:

    They always have delicious daily specials and homemade desserts.

  • 4610 E Cotton Ctr Blvd
    Phoenix, AZ 85040
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    The caramel ones were heaven on earth, but I agree with the other Yelpers that the standard brownie is on the dry side.

    I still have quite a few flavors to sample, but from what I have seen so far, they are not worth the price point.

    Hilary L.
    Kommentar von Hilary L. von Fairytale Brownies
    14.4.2011 Dear Karin,

    We are happy to hear that you liked the Caramel brownie, it is one of our top sellers.…
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    Karin! Let's go to Green and Yogurtology!

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    Amazing pricing!

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