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  • 2501 N Northlake Way
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    I must start by saying thank you to the manager who stopped by our table to listen and discuss our issues regarding the very poor service we received. Had he not, my rating definitely would have been lower.

    Having devoted my career to the hospitality industry, I am accustomed to restaurants which charge over $10 for a small little plate of delicious morsels to not only offer creative, unique flavor profiles but be delivered to my table in a pleasant, professional, tactful manner. Last night this was not the case.

    Our server never officially greeted us. She handed us our menus and said she will be back. Upon her delayed return, we told her our drinks and menu requests. Our first two courses and my drink arrived promptly by runners but my husbands drink did not.  We waited for our server to appear, almost at the end of the second course, to find out that she forgot to tell us they do't even stock that drink (on a side note- what kind of a bar doesn't have ginger beer or ginger ale? It's a major ingredient in lots of cocktails). He wasn't offered a beverage list and he ended up having the same drink as me.

    Then our next dish arrived, at this point we had not been offered fresh plates, and our runner just dropped the next course, a tiny piece of octopus tentacle with a black squid rice. Nice flavors but not worth the $19 price tag. Plus it was so small, it took 2 mouthfuls to devour. We sat there for at least 10 to 15 minutes, with this black stained plate in front of us. A runner walked by picked up the octopus plate, but not our actual black muck covered plates. So we asked her for fresh plates and cutlery. Our server returned some 10 minutes later to tell us our last course was in the way, dropped off the fresh plates but no cutlery. The bruschetta arrived some 5 minutes  However, they had not bought our cutlery, so I had to request those for our server who at this point started to show signs of cracking.

    The server returned to our table only muttered the words; 'here's the dessert menu' and walked away. Not, would you like dessert, another drink - nothing. Then we wait again. She returns we say we are fine and she abruptly walks away and plops the check on our table less then 3 minutes later. Call me fussy, but never have I had a waiter who has presented me with a $100 check, not even take the time to ask how everything was or even thank me for my patronage.

    But then it gets better. We both paused at her delivery of the check and decided that we had been neglected most of the evening, rudely served and should at least ask for my husbands drink complimentary as a sign of good faith. So, as she grabs his card, without any conversation, we stop her and ask - politely. She turns to my husband and says - ' Ohh Really, Really!' storms off, very aggressively and I watch her from my lovely seat with an entire view of the restaurant start pointing at us to the other staff. What a great lasting memory for any customer.

    Thus at this point I finally asked to see a manager and after a little discussion, he comped us our drink. While he was very understanding and acknowledged her mistakes, we are very jaded by the experience. We have dined here before at the bar and had a wonderful time. In the end, we left her a 10% tip and ended up having dessert elsewhere.

  • 2206 N 45th St
    Seattle, WA 98103
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    I have nothing but great things to say about I Do Bridal. From the first email, to the dress fitting with the sweet and wonderful Katie where I found my perfect dress to the follow up service. Since I have purchased the dress and waiting for it to arrive, there follow service is better than anything I have experienced (including that huge store starting with N ) all the girls have helped with questions with shoes and accessories, not for financial gain, cause they know that helping a customer is great service. Buying a wedding dress is a huge expensive decision, but I feel as though the service I am currently receiving with I do, no one can put a price on. Thank you so much for making my wedding planning way way less stressful.

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    I am writing this review to warn other brides of the issues I experienced. Like many other reviewers, I was dazed by their award-winning stats and high reviews on The Knot and Yelp. However, after 3 months of trying to make this work, I have given up. Based upon the response from Mary, who I believe maybe the owner (she never has given a title, just sends the emails), they do not care about my little wedding,  in her words - "we always book up and turn away many weddings".

    Without getting into my long saga of woe, here are is a brief summary of my issues and concerns with Salon Maison to give other brides some pause before deciding to contact this company.

    1. No real contract until deposit is received - When I asked about getting a contract, I was told we will send you a sample contract, you have a week from this date to organize a deposit and contract. The definition for sample is ' A portion, piece, or segment that is representative of a whole'. Thus, a sample contract is not the real contract. When I asked Mary for a real contract before making a deposit she said  " I have sent you a sample contract already. You must make a deposit then we will send you a contract to sign.". She refused to send me a real contract which screams business practice concerns for me and my fiancee, who negotiates contracts for a living. This raises red flags which organizations such as the Better Business Bureau warn against. By paying a deposit you are agreeing to their terms without seeing their real contract. Why would anyone ever commit to spending a considerable amount of money without seeing the actual real contract first.  

    To add increased concern to this companies business practices,  I reviewed the very hard to read sample contract to  find that they had sneaked in a minimum bridal party amount for the date of my wedding, even though I had confirmed verbally with 2 people that there was no minimum. When I contacted Mary of the issue and my growing lack of trust in their services, she abruptly said 'thank you for letting me know you will not met the minimum. Let us know if this changes. You spoke with our receptionist who is not trained to answer these complex questions. ' Well its time to train your stylist too. She never even addressed my contract concerns.

    2. No Stylist Guarantee - You are not provided the name of your stylist until nearly 3 months prior to your wedding date. I was assured all stylists are trained in the same manner, but I have seen and heard mixed reviews regarding different stylists and was not allowed to get a day of wedding and trial stylist guarantee, regardless that I was booking over a year before my wedding date. Also, based upon the issue that the owner has not trained her receptionist on a basic FAQ regarding wedding date minimums, how can I be assured she has trained all her staff consistently on hair and make-up.

    3. Communication - During the initial discussion phase, every email was responded with'someone will call you'. Firstly, I played phone tag for 2 weeks with one of their stylists where I left message after message with no call back until I called their office in frustration, spoke with a receptionist who got the stylist  to call me. Secondly, by having a business model where there is nothing put in writing during the 'discussion phase', the client has no recourse when you are told incorrect information. Mary blamed her receptionist for not being trained to answer a basic question of minimum's for my wedding day. I am sorry, but it is not your receptionist fault, its yours for not training her. I personally lose credibility with companies who willingly hide behind their staff's inefficiencies when they should be training them. Thirdly - Mary's correspondence tone is abrupt and scolding. She is not willing to work with you, or answer your individual concerns. Its her way or the highway.

    I hope this posting helps other brides go into discussions with this company aware of their business and operating practices.

    Salon M.
    Kommentar von Salon M. von Salon Maison
    12.12.2013 We are so sorry we weren't available to do your wedding when you wanted to book us.  We know it can… Weiterlesen
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    I can not speak highly enough for the service, friendly staff, prompt attention to detail.

    This hotel is definitely worth every penny and more. All the staff have been wonderful, to the point of personalizing experiences for us(mainly my son). I have never actually had to ask for anything-actually it's more like wow, I can't believe they have done that already. Highly recommended.

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    Bad service, average food and high prices.

    I literally have just left this restaurant and so disappointed and upset.
    Myself, husband and 7 year old son, had to wait 10 minutes to order. We had to ask for bread. Then we waited for our food 45 minutes. Our server never came over, I ended up finding a server. Then our waitress informed me that she should have told us that our dish took a while to cook. If I had known, I would never let my boy wait. Then some other manager/person came over and said well if you ordered an appetizer, it wouldn't have felt that long. All I can say is- ARE YOU KIDDING ME? its not my fault your incompetent staff did not tell me. Plus waiting an hour for a meal is just not on. I care more cause my son was so hungry. We left with no apology, nothing, spent over $80, and now feeding my son cause he really didn't get to eat. (his chicken was small and dry)

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    As a parent, no matter how much fun something is, safety of my child and other children is my main focus. This was my third trip to Sky High Sports & by far the worst. The young teenage staff (no adult supervisors we're present) yawned and laughed amongst themselves- and had no control over the safety of the young children as the teenage kids jumped around them. When my son was knocked over by one of the teenagers jumping off the side walls, I said something to the staff  member who rolled her eyes at me. She didn't even bother to ask if my son was ok. I witnessed the same reaction to another parent whom had the exact same thing happen to her child by the same teenager. We ended up leaving early cause my son was scared and the teenager remained.

    This place maybe fun but parents of young kids who are too big for the child area, be warned that the staff aren't doing a good job at present at keeping the area safe for kids. Just because you sign a waiver doesn't mean you authorize your kids leaving hurt.

  • $$ Bar
    1421 NW 70th St
    Seattle, WA 98117
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    After reading the reviews, we expected great food, service and cocktails but what we got was just ok. We ordered two if different cocktails, both almost two strong to swallow. I heard the tables around me make similar comments. That said, if a strong drink is what you like, then you'll like the drinks.
    Food is my profession. The food was ok. It just missed the mark, and for the price snd portion sizes, I'd like to see more in the way of flavored and execution.
    What really bothered us was the service. They were super friendly, courteous and professional, but one person could not keep up- and we, and your business suffered. We had to wait a few times, then we ordered dessert, while our dirty plates were left in front of us, and sat there got 30 minutes as people buzzed around us getting served and seated. Then all of a sudden our bill was plonked in front of us. Thankfully we the dessert was not on the bill, and after waiting 30 minutes and being unable to get anyone's attention, we were done. I doubt we will return for a second try.

  • 623 Morris St
    La Conner, WA 98257
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    I only added an extra star to this rating as I have eaten here 4 times before,  the was food was always great .
    Today I took my boyfriend for lunch here, and after waiting for nearly 30 minutes for our food, the food was terrible. The tempura vegetables was the worst execution of this wonderful simple to prepare delicate dish. The vegetables were deep-fried in a thick batter, were oozing cheap dry-fryer oil all over the plate and was served with a thick tartare. The Crab Cakes had so much 'filler' ingredients, I couldnt taste the Crab. They were dry and over-cooked. The Oysters were cooked so much that they were dry, flavorless, and oily.
    The menu is not cheap, the portion sizes have seriously shrunk over time and the food has been poorly executed. I am sadden to write this, but I will not be returning anytime soon.

  • 5514 24th Ave NW
    Seattle, WA 98107
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    I used to LOVE this store, but lately I have been leaning more towards the like. I used to find more vintage items, however lately I feel it is more thifty. I still like you though, and not ready to break-up with you yet.
    I tried to consignment here once, and it was going to take months, so I decided not to move forward with the whole process. Maybe this is why the quality is not the same. I will still keep checking in though.

  • 2253 N 56th St
    Seattle, WA 98103
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    It is great to have a new addition to the neighborhood, and this restaurant is definitely on the right track, and has loads of potential. However, I think the prices are a bit steep for what you get, decor and service. Your basically a pub with cafe restaurant prices. Also, it would nice to see some more variety on the menu. It looks like a lot of similar stuff. We have been here 3 times, and will return, but your just ok. I am hopeful you will make a few changes and get better.

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