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  • $$$ Damenmode
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    Great boutique with cute clothes but the owner is about as friendly as a nest of spiders.  Every time I go in, I never get a hello or a "hey look at what we just got in!"  I sent in my mom to buy me a necklace while they were having a sale and when she got the wrong one and I went to swap it out, they would not honor the discount and I had to pay the difference!  What?!  That doesn't even make sense.  Great location in Newtown, but I hope the cashiers are warmer to everyone else or I don't know how they are going to stay afloat.

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    My girls and I went out for a Ladies Night on Friday night.  It was a cute location with an outside patio.  When we arrived they were pulling the tables away to make room for their dance floor.  The party didn't really start going until about 11:00pm and we didn't hit the dance floor til midnight.  The tunes were great, the drinks were a little small, the bouncers were friendly and really made us feel safe the whole night.  Hope to go again soon!

  • 1 Quarry Ln
    Rawlings, VA 23876
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    I don't really know where to start on this one.  So I will just start with a timeline of my day:  My husband and I both work stressful jobs and rarely get the same days off together.  So when we decided to break open our "fun money" piggy bank, we were thrilled.

    We decided to go diving back to Lake Rawlings because that is where we both were open water certified.  Our experience the first time was pretty meh mostly for the same reason I have read about, the staff.

    But whatever we were going to give it a go again.  We arrived at about 12:30 to the dive shack.  Thank goodness we had a mask/snorkel, fins, and booties.  I was able to score a couple of 3mm wetsuits off of eBay for about $20 a piece, which saved us because wetsuit rental is $25.  We ended up paying $130 all together for our rental of a BC, tank, and octopus.  When trying on my BC, the asshole working the shack found it notable to describe how a woman's BC shows off her breasts, making them nice to look at during a dive.  Perve.

    We parked our car and I started unloading.  My husband came to find out that his tank we rented only had about 1000 psi when mine was at 3000 psi.  The poor man had to walk 1/4 a mile up a hill to get a new one.  While he was away, some men in a golf cart swung around and told me I could not put my gear on in the parking lot.  Thanks, but I wasn't in the parking lot and I was waiting for my man power to help me unload.  On top of it all, we later discovered that my tank/octopus has an air leak and decided that it wasn't even worth the trouble.  I dove with it.

    The customer service was horrible.  While eavesdropping on the dive shack man, we heard he received a call about not paying his employees, yikes!  Did I mention we almost got locked out of the gate to return our rentals?  The sign says that they close at 6pm, we returned our stuff at 5:40pm.  We found the dive shack man locked away in the shack listening to Jerry Springer on full volume.

    I don't know where my husband and I will go diving now.  It is a gorgeous lake.  It just sucks that a pervy old man in the dive shack ruined the experience.  Boo.

  • 6666 Richmond Rd
    Williamsburg, VA 23188
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    When my husband and I tried to order the women rang up our meals on two separate checks.  My #1 with cheese came with, in my opinion, a small sliver of beef loaded with nothing but mayonnaise.  My husband's #8 was completely wrong.  Our lettuce was white, and our fries completely cold.  Wish we had received our receipt.  Service was terrible.  Sucks, being as it is a late night option for our town.

  • 4280 Casey Boulevard
    Williamsburg, VA 23188
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    Voted the "Best of Hampton Roads" for 2013.  It is certainly an amazing school with a wonderful and dedicated staff.

  • $ Hotel
    1905 Coliseum Drive
    Hampton, VA 23666
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    We got exactly what we paid for.  A disgusting smelly room.  Our door never latched close and our shower had an enormous spiderweb crack that ran the length of the shower.  We arrived and already wanted to leave.  We stayed our first night because we didn't have a choice and in the morning as we were sleeping the housekeeper kept knocking; as we politely told her we were sleeping and to come back later she busted in.  We were so angry and asked her to please come back later, so she slammed the door and told us to go to hell.  I immediately called the manager and complained and she came up and explained how her housekeeper would never say such a thing.  Lies.  We called and got our full refund.

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    Always very packed.  Clean environment and nice locker rooms, but if you prefer a quieter environment then this is not the place for you.  Very iPod friendly and lots of TVs hooked up to most of the machines.  They are very expensive and their contracts are hard to get out of.  Don't sign a contract with them unless you are a true fitness nut.

  • 755 Scotland St
    Williamsburg, VA 23187
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    Their pizza is some of the best in town, very delicious with great weekly specials.  I have tried many of their appetizers and not been too happy with them.  Their beer selection is very good, with great local brews and seasonals not to mention their beer and drink specials are the best in town.  Get here early to find a table if you go to drink/dance in the evenings because it is always packed with local college kids.  Try their José wings!

  • $ Diner
    4456 John Tyler Hwy
    Williamsburg, VA 23185
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    Always very yummy, haven't had a bad meal yet.  Plus, it is one of the only places around town that you can get scrapel.  Downside is that they are only open til 3pm.

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    My husband and I had a horrible experience here when I was on an hour lunch break and was not able to eat my meal because it took 45 minutes.  When they packaged it to go, my "Best Baja Ever" was dry and greasy.  Their fix it solution was to give my husband and I free milkshakes and a two free meal voucher because we had already paid for our disgusting meal.  When we went back we had a similar experience in which the food was slow to come out and overdone.  My fish and waffles was so overdone it was like eating jerky and I was only able to eat my waffle.  We then got a another free milkshake to make up for my horrible meal, that was pretty tasteless and made me very sick.  We will not be eating here again.

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