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    This place is horrible. Came here with a few friends last night and we were waiting in line for the bathroom when two girls tried to cut the huge line. We told them we have been waiting and asked the security by the bathroom to tell them they have to wait just like the rest of us. Security guy said " well whatever they are cute " and told us to " get the fuck out" we were obviously pissed and told him off. He then grabbed my friend THAT IS A GIRL by the neck, pushed her up against the wall and said " get the fuck out! " his name is hoofah or something like that. The rest of the staff did nothing to try to help us..disgusting.

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    Home is my friends and I 's go to spot!! The outdoor seating area is beautiful and makes you feel relaxed and really like you're at home. Great food at decent prices and their happy hour is really good!! If you like chevelas I would recommend buying theirs. It's amazing!

  • $$ Pizza
    801 Silks Run Rd
    Hallandale, FL 33009
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    Came here today to eat with my family. There was a booth that says " please wit to be seated" yet no one seated us. After 10 minutes of not being seated but a ton of employees walking by us seeing that we were clearly waiting yet acting like we didn't exist, I walked up to someone and asked to be seated. After being seated we ordered our pizza and asked for the check to come with it as I could see it was going to take forever to get anything around here. After sitting down I witnessed the horrible service every one was receiving. At least 8 tables left because it was taking to long to get food or people were tired of waiting to " be seated" there was only one blonde girl who was truly working and the rest of the kids were super slow ( obviously didn't care) it's also very disorganized. The manager / owner needs to 1. Hire new people 2. Learn to manage a restaurant 3. Learn about customer service. The food here is definitely nothing more than average and is totally not worth being treated like crap when you're paying for the service. Will never come here again and I would never recommend this place to anyone.

  • 1304 W 2nd St
    Los Angeles, CA 90026
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    Lived here for a year and liked it so much that I renewed for a second year lease. The staff is friendly, 24 hour security does their job, clean apartments ( never seen a bug in 1.5 years), for the amount of families that live here its really quiet. Nice pool and jacuzzi, gym, computer room with internet, movie room, party room everything is always super clean and in nice shape. Maintenance fixes all your problems..basically couldn't ask for much more. The only thing that sucks is that theres no walking places nearby but i dont really care i have a car and can drive 5 minutes to get to dtla and theres also a few bus stops nearby if you don't have a car. Neighborhood around isn't amazing, but its not dangerous either, its just like whatever just keep an eye out for yourself which you should always do anyways no matter what area you're in but the area in general is really quiet. I would recommend the belmont station :)

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  • 8371 W Sunset Blvd
    West Hollywood, CA 90069
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    Saddle Ranch is a fun spot to go to. Food is great!!

    I wouldn't go here on weeekends though. It gets crazy packed and you will have to wait over an hour for a table and your service will be slow..

  • 639 S Spring St
    Los Angeles, CA 90014
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    LA Cafe is located right across the street from my building and is my go to spot when I'm hungry but yet to lazy to drive to get something. Prices are decent and it has a cool atmosphere with free wifi :) Food is delicious!! Open 24/7 and delivery is 24/7 also. The reason why I gave it 4 out 5 stars is because they could have a bit more seating because sometimes it gets busy and there is no where to sit, sometimes they can be really slow in cooking food, and a couple of times they have messed up on my order.

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    Swingers is one my favourite places to come to in LA. It's a cute little diner off Beverly blvd. I like Swingers because they have a parking lot, friendly and fast service, good food, and a nice atmosphere. It's good to come here when you're looking for something good and quick!

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    I love this place!

    -Good selection/ Prices
    -Eighths for $25 is a deal :)
    - Their open 7 days a week until 10 pm
    - Super friendly staff
    -Parking lot
    - Lounge
    -They have different events

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    After my computer crashed I had to get it fixed no matter what since I use it for school so I went on Yelp and found PC Pros. I chose them because it was close to my school so I could drop it off and pick it up conveniently. I talked to Ryan on the phone and he told me to come on by and drop it off. When I did that he told me what he thought was most likely wrong and told me it would cost around $100 so I was happy. A couple of days later he called me back and told me that what he originally thought was the problem isn't actually the problem it was something else and it was going to cost about $300 which sucks, but I really needed my computer fixed so I went ahead and did it. I picked it up today and my computer is again in 100% working condition :) So thank you Ryan! The only thing I would have to say that wasn't good service would be that I was out of town until the 4th but all that week he didn't call me to let me know my computer was done and it was working again and even though I couldn't pick it up I would have still liked to know that it was done and also the day before I was going to pick up my computer we agreed to meet at 1 and when I called him he wasn't there and had someone else who I'm guessing works for him give me my computer not that it's a big deal, but I would have liked for him to be there or maybe him even call me and let me know what had actually was the problem with my computer and made sure I was satisfied, so that's why I gave 4 out of 5 stars customer service could have been better,  but other than that everything was good and my computer is again working!

  • 318 S Broadway St
    Los Angeles, CA 90012
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    I wanted to get my sides threaded and I came across this business on Yelp and decided to try it. It's on broadway at the Grand Center Market. In a plaza filled with different food places It's randomly in there towards the entrance. I found her and waited for about 10 minutes and I was next. She did an amazing job!! She did both of my sides in just a couple of minutes and it looks great I couldn't be happier. She's also a very nice lady =) her prices are super cheap it was $7 for my sides, $8 for eyebrows, $5 for chin, $25 for the whole face. It's honestly not in the best area or the nicest place but I could care less where I'm going to get my eyebrows fixed or my chin done as long as it's affordable and comes out nice..which it did! I'll definitely be coming back.

    There's 1 hour of free parking with validation and $10 minimum purchase

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