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    here's my review = Stinky Tofu Ruins Everything

    seriously, I feel bad for the non-Chinese people walking into the area and then wondering, 'wtf is that smell?'

    For a Koreatown night market, the amount of Korean food stalls was more limited then what I thought it would be.  

    Understand going in that there's gonna be long ass lines for every single trendy food item .  'ah well, maybe i'll get to try you next year, ramen burger'

    This review is in comparison to the other festivals I've been to in KTown, the KBBQ cookoff and Korean festival.  Parking wasn't as difficult but I was here during the daytime and not at night.  Also, in comparison to the other festivals, no alcohol.  Prices for the food were reasonable for an event like this.  It's crowded, but not packed to the point where I feel trapped.  

    If there's a follow up event next year, please ban any vendor that sells stinky tofu..seriously.  Also would be nice if there were more Korean food options so it doesn't feel so much like 626 Night KTown!

    I didn't hate this event but like the 2 stars says, 'meh.  I've experienced better'

  • 2050 Sawtelle Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
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    Ah, Sawtelle has gone Ramen overboard recently.  And in this corner, we have a new challenger...

    I had the pleasure of trying this place out last night.  First off there are only two choices on their menu: Tonkatsu Ramen and Tsukemen (in other words "dipping noodles")  Given the choice, I'm almost always gonna choose the Ramen. (dipping noodles? the hell's that?)

    What sets this place apart from the half dozen or so other Ramen places within walking distance are the toppings.  My bowl had Teriyaki beef and tomatoes.  Yep, tomatoes.  The toppings tasted fine, rather ordinary really.  The bowl of ramen was good, solid..but nothing that really stands out from other Ramen places even with the funky toppings.  So here's a quick run down of my pluses and minuses of the place

      +  They have their own parking lot!  Not that many spots, but still..
      +  Complimentary bread..that you have to get up and go get yourself
      +  Friendly staff that'll greet you by shouting
      +  Tasty Ramen with out of the norm toppings that work well

     -  Cash only  (boo!)
     -  Surprisingly non-filling for a bowl of Ramen.  Was actually still hungry when I finished
     -  And this is where having a menu with more then just two items would have helped.  A side of gyoza would been the perfect sized meal for me

    Not bad...but I still miss G/R Eats (chicken katsu's so tasty and easy! why won't more places serve this???)

  • 11172 Washington Blvd
    Culver City, CA 90232
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    Went here for dinner last night.  Nothing like a warm bowl of ramen during a cold night..especially when it has broth thats been stewing for 20 hours.  I ordered the ramen kotteri based on the advice from Jonathan Gold's review of the place.  Adding the combo of an appetizer (gyoza or chicken kara-age) and a bowl of rice (chashu or curry) is a steal at 4.50.  

    Everything was great.  The service was quick and friendly.  The one reason why I'm giving this place a 4 star review rather then a 5 is that I cannot honestly say that this was the best ramen I've had in LA.  The broth is rich and thick but for something so oily it doesn't have the strongest flavor.  I hate writing reviews that compare a place to another but since I see a whole bunch of people chiming in comparing Yamadaya and Santouka, I have to say that I'm on team Santouka.  Yamadaya comes in close though, and you really can't go wrong with a bowl of their ramen.

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    Make it yourself pizza?  reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Kramer started his DIY pizza place (why can't I put cucumbers in my pizza??)

    This place is owned by the guys who started Umani Burger and what you get feels like a Chipotle of pizza, as you move down the line and they ask you what toppings you want.  The prices are cheap with a starting Margherita pie at only 6 bucks.  Each additional topping costs a dollar unless its something fancy like rock shrimp.  

    It only takes 1 minute in the oven and your pizza is ready.  My pie tasted great, the size is more then enough to fill you up for lunch and the crust retained a chewiness even though it was under a 800 degree oven.  They also have gelato and one of those coke machines that has a million different types of combinations.

    Finding free parking is a big tricky but walking from the Broxton lot is only a couple blocks away.  Looks like the Umani guys have another winner.

  • 2855 Stevens Creek Blvd
    Santa Clara, CA 95050
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    This mall is great because it has shops that aren't in your average common mall.  I was pleasantly surprised seeing stores like Super Dry and Penguin.  Coming from LA, it's rare to find these stores within malls even over here.  In fact now that Rugby closed at Stanford Mall there really aren't any malls around the area that have anything that I can't get here.

    I also need to comment that its pretty funny seeing Microsoft totally copying the look of an Apple store while purposely being right across from the Apple store.  heh
    A big plus is the fact that its right across the street from Santana Row so I can just walk over there without needing to repark.  The place looks and feels like any other Westfield mall but its got stores that other malls just don't have which is why I'm rating it high.

    If I lived in the Bay Area this would be the mall I'd go to to buy stuff.

  • 1650 Hillhurst Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90027
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    Came here for lunch today and ordered 4 fish tacos

    Absolutely no complaints about the fish tacos which are great.
    Everything is straightforward and fresh.  They take your order, fry up the fish and tortillas right there and then its all DIY as you add your own cabbage, the type of salsa you want and that white cream sauce.  

    Another big added bonus is that if you check into Yelp with your smart phone you get a free horchata!  

    The only negatives that I had was trying to find parking (its all street parking) and the fact that apparently they just raised their prices because I read a yelp review from a week ago listing the price of a fish taco at $1.50 when its now $1.75.  (I know, a quarter difference isn't exactly a lot but still..)

    This place is definitely worth the trouble of finding a parking spot.  I can't think of any other place that has better fish tacos.

  • 4724 Admiralty Way
    Marina del Rey, CA 90292
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    I've held off reviewing this place because what can I really add to a place with 400+ reviews and a 4 1/2 star rating?  Meh, might as well make my voice heard as well.

    This is the best sandwich place in LA

    Strong words, but after coming back to this place over and over again, they've never failed me.  Every single sandwich I've gotten here has been great.  I've had the blue buffalo, ham & gruyere Cheese, not so fried chicken, turkey avocado and pulled pork sandwich.

    The service is about as quick as it can be given how busy they are.  I also like the fact that you can sample a side while waiting for your order.  I've only gone during lunch hours so the prices are a little higher then what I'd usually have but its worth the extra couple bucks in quality.

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    who doesn't like grilled cheese?   No seriously, who doesn't cause they are not a friend of mine.

    I had the Snowball (1984 reference, nice touch) for lunch today.  It's a grilled cheese with pork and carmelized onions.  I added the 'molotov cocktail' sauce which added a little bit of spiceness.  Overall a really good sandwich that has a ton of flavor.

    A sandwich costs 6 bucks which isn't too bad considering the over inflated prices at other food trucks.  The sandwich by isn't filling enough for me so I got the combo that added fries and a drink for a total of 9 bucks.  

    grilled cheese ftw

  • 11311 Mississippi Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
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    Went here last night and I gotta say that I was pretty impressed.  Like Fluff Ice all the way out in Monterey Park, Blockheads shave ice has the flavoring already in the ice before its shaved.  So when you order the flavor you want, you're not just getting the syrup.

    I ordered a regular cup at $3.50 and had the black sesame flavoring.  It comes with your choice of 'drizzle' and i chose the condensed milk. You can add toppings at 50¢ each but I stuck with what I had.  They have pre-made combinations with specific flavors and toppings for $4.50.

    I really liked what I got.  Even though I didn't add any toppings, it was still sweet enough for me.  I like it more then when I tried Fluff Ice, but now that I think about it that might be cause I had like mochi balls, red beans, condensed milk, etc etc in my fluff ice which made it way too sweet.  Need to go back to Blockheads and try one with toppings to see if it makes a big difference.

    Sawtelle now has two shave ice places that have both opened up recently.  The good thing is that Blockheads is unique and different enough from Brian's Hawaiian shave ice that they actually complement each other well.

  • 7290 Beverly Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
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    13.11.2011 cream..sandwich

    This review is only for their ice cream sandwich, which was awesome.  I had the coffee toffee flavor.  It was great, nicely sized and not too sweet.  
    There are tons of different varieties, all looking equally appealing.  

    As for the downsides, I'm not expecting the cost to be Diddy Riese levels but at $4.50 it's still kind of pricey.  Like some earlier reviewers said, trying to find parking is a huge pain.  Apparently they don't have wifi anymore, which is a shame cause this place would be great to just chill and have a coffee and baked good.

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