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    Ordered a specialty Picoso burrito and that was awesome. The customer service really sucked. Bad. I mean the girl in the front was downright un-attentive and gave no attention at all, but managed to sit down there and watch videos on her phone. The food is great but the service is just downright awful.

  • 719 W Washington St
    San Diego, CA 92103
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    Expensive prices that does not match the quality or the size of their food. Having several locations, I thought it would be backed by great food. Guess that what happens when expectations aren't meant. Not going back.

  • 403 Camino Del Rio S
    San Diego, CA 92108
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    The food sucks which matched the service that the server gave. She was slow, inattentive, and messed up several times. I don't usually give out bad reviews , but this matched one of my other bad experiences at Chili's. Definitely expected more from TGIF. Not looking forward to coming back here ever again. This place blows!

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    Took my dog here back in March (I think) for his first grooming thanks to some positive reviews here on Yelp. Ever since then, I haven't even looked to go to any other grooming place. Very clean and very friendly staff. Good job ladies. Keep on rockin'!
    Took my pomimo, Sonic, for his first cut over here. at first I had no idea what kind of haircut to get. Jen and Ashley(I think) suggested I get a lion cut for him because that's a popular haircut for pomeranians. That was the best haircut ever. Really helped with the shedding and made Sonic look just like a lion. The price is on point and no other place can match the quality of customer service that they give you (the owner) and your pup. They also have stylish accesories that you can purchase. Been here a couple times since the first time and also they have a location in Hillcrest now! Check 'em out, you won't regret it!

  • 8150 La Mesa Blvd
    La Mesa, CA 91941
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    One of the best deli's I've been to. Has a pretty great selection of different sandwiches. I had the turkey cajun sandwich, actually I changed it to a cajun turkey wrap. It was the special of the day and it came with a pasta and a cookie. Mmmm...white chocolate cookie! My girl had the roast beef sandwich. Both were great. They coulda eased off on the mustard on the roast beef, but it wasn't bad. The best thing about the place is their pasta. That ish was delicious. Tasted better than some pastas I've had a expensive restaurants. Overall, I was satisfied with this place and I will definitely come back whenever I'm hungry for a sandwich. They're right next to subway and their slogan on the menu says "Why Take The Subway? Take The Trolley!" Haha I thought that was pretty clever. :)

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    Based on all the good reviews, I thought this place was gonna be good. This is one of the worst pho places I've been to. I ordered a #6 which was their special "Dac Biet".The broth was freaking so dark I was hesitant to even put hoisin sauce. The taste just didn't compare to the pho places in El Cajon! They barely had any meat in there and even though it did come with meat balls, I only got two. I never felt so unsatisfied after pho...ever. I was still hungry, so I got me a vietnamese chicken sandwich with egg. That's the only reason they're even getting two stars. I will never return here!

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    That place is bomb best buffalo fries

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