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  • 500 E Broadway
    South Boston, MA 02127
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    I'm from out of a town and was in dire need for a fresh cut.  My buddy who lives in Southie likes this place so we headed out there.  Place was packed for a saturday with probably 8 guys waiting on 4 barbers.  Like any place, the experience is based on who you get.  I had the 2nd chair, he was fantastic.  I was asking for a long on top haircut which was pretty vague in the first place, but the barber took the time to figure out what I really wanted and took his time to careful give me what I wanted.  I would absolutely recommend this place to a newcomer to Southie looking for a good quality cut for a mildly upscale price ($18).  I'll be back for sure.

  • 333 State St
    Erie, PA 16501
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    Thank goodness this place exists. So I recently moved to Erie from New York, one of the first things I noticed was the sheer predominance of food chains in the area.  There aren't many mom and pop places/restaurants in Erie so I was pretty relieved when I saw this place. It's prett nice inside. I think it used to be a nicer/higher end bar before this restaurant moved in. You can they really tried o preserve the quality of the space and decorate it tastefully. As soon as I walked in, I just thought that finally here is a place that is trying to do things the right way. As I say down a healthy bowl of homemade tortilla chips were placed in front of me. That's always one of the first indicators on whether a Mexican restaurant is really bringing quality to the table. When I opened the menu I noticed a huge number of things order from and a some new items they've added recently were marked which I thought was a nice touch.  So I went around 5pm on a Friday and ther service extremely quick and friendly.  I ordered the chori pollo, it was soooooo good. The chorizo was well seasoned and the chicken was well great as well. I will absolutely be back. Hopefully restaurants like this will encourage more business owners to attempt to try and improve the quality of what serve to this small town :-).

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    I went in here just for a slice of pizza before I was leaving for the airport. Woah talk about pushing away business. Think about anyway a person could push business out the door, they were doing it.  I guess they had a groupon that fudged up and they weren't making money so they started making up rules for use that weren't included on the groupon. It would have been one thing if one customer was upset but literally 4-5 customers at different tables were arguing with owner about how they were being cheated. On top of that the staff were all yelling at each other on the floor, like outright yelling at each other. On top of that the the cook come out slammed a plate with two slices of pizza by the register for one the waitress and walked back into the kitchen. He didn't care, the waitress didn't care, it just looked like a mess. To top it off I had been sitting there for twenty minutes, no menu, no water, no hello. I decided that was a pretty good indicator to leave before I got food poisoning. Yeah this would be no stars if I could.  Wow.

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  • 2800 Routh St
    Dallas, TX 75201
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    This I would back to over and over. You walk in everything looks sheek, modern and clean. I barely took a step indoors before a very friendly host welcomed me in and sat me down.  I can't stress how attentive the staff was.  It shows that the owner and managers are really paying attention to who they hire with intention creating a restaurant that will have a future. This is a great place for a date or business meeting.  The food is good and they will adjust anything if you a request which is very nice. I plan on coming back again.

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    This place is mad shady.  I went there a few weekends ago, they were offering an open bar for 10 people for 200 dollars, so I said ok.  I gave the doorman 200 dollars, he hands it to one of his associates and then proceeds to claim I had only given them HALF the money!!!!  He then goes on to demand another 100 or he'll kick my party out of the place.  The whole time I was extremely polite and professional, which the bouncers and doormen were obviously not.  These people are crooked and the place is way overpriced.  I ended up checking this place out on afterwards and found out multiple people have had the same experience!  This place is not even nice or classy.  Lets be honest, its a basement with really low ceilings.  4 drinks cost me 100 dollars, Terrible!!!  I wouldn't go back here if they begged me to.

    Honestly, this place should be shut down, its corrupt and the owner doesn't care,  has no idea what is going on in this place, or this is just how he likes things ran.  Either way its really crooked.

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    This place is one of the last auto shops that isn't trying to completely rip you off.  In this economy every business is trying to save money, cut corners, and get more money from their customers.  I recently got a flat tire on my car so I called up my dealership and their prices were insane! 250 for a tire change and they didnt even have the tire in stock!!!!  So I called up Mavis because they're a local business and while they didn't have the tire in stock they ordered it and it was in on Monday. The price included installation and balancing. It was also the same as if I had ordered it online from I didn't even have to ask them to match the price. When you get here, the service is quick and careful. There is a large clean waiting area and a huge window viewing area so you can watch your car getting worked on. It shows they care about their customers and that they are doing good honest work on your car. I'm coming here for my snow tires and any future service on my car.

  • 6401 6th Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11220
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    Honestly, this place has gone down the drain.  I've been going here since I moved to Brooklyn a year ago.  Everytime I go back, there are new people working in the service bay.  It says something if they can't even keep their employees happy.  When I showed up this time, it took almost 20 minutes of waiting until some dirty guy came and asked me what I wanted.  There used to be a clean uniformed greeter that would take your car and figure out why you came in.  This dirty guy could not speak english and honestly did not know what he was doing.  He couldn't understand that I wanted to get an oil change and was just dropping of the vehicle.  While getting my car fixed, I had to work with a new guy who found out I was working in a hospital and I guess he just saw dollar signs.  So he calls me up the next day and leaves a message that I should have 2000 dollars worth of stuff fixed on my car which honestly seemed like complete BS.  When I tried to call him back, honestly it took all day playing phone tag with him because he was probably just ripping someone else off as well.  When I picked up the car, I go over to the cashier where I see a girl sitting in the corner talking on her phone and eating a sub and there is a guy in a bermuda shirt with chest hair coming out the shirt.  No uniform, very unprofessional looking.   It took more than a half hour AFTER I paid for my car to even find someone to just give me my car.  The dirty guy that is supposed to be a greeter finally gave me back my car.  Before I got in to leave, the service tech stopped me and told me I would be getting a couple questionnaires about him and that I had to give me all high scores or else he gets in trouble.  Why don't you try putting more effort into you're job...Honestly, a terrible encounter.  This place has not only convinced me never to come back to Bay Ridge Toyota, but I'll be trading in my camry for something much better, a VW or Audi perhaps.  Thanks for the terrible experience.

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    Honestly, I think I would simply be lying if I gave less than 5 stars to this place.  I've need a few things dry cleaned for a few weeks and I just so happened to have a pair of pants that needed to be hemmed for a wedding.  So three days before the wedding i was supposed to attended, I decided that I had procrastinated enough and that I probably should find a tailor that could help me out.  Despite the mixed reviews, I decided to give Green Apple a try because it is one of the closest dry cleaners in Park Slope and I liked their website which focused on great service, they even have pick up and drop off service.  Now because of the urgency of my situation, I decided to simply drop off my things.  The person helping me in the storefront, told me she would rush the pants I needed hemmed and then i could just pick up the rest of the things afterwards which was completely fine with me.  Just so you know, the person working in Green Apple in Park Slope is not a tailor per se, but even so she was able to pin and mark where I needed things tailored and so she was able to accomplish the task.  When I returned on Saturday, I was delightfully surprised that the dry cleaners had simply just rushed my whole order at no additional charge.  In addition, apparently someone at the dry cleaners was feeling rather cheerful because other than my tailored pants, i got the rest of my dry cleaning order for FREE!!!  I had dry cleaned a scarf, two jackets, a sweater, and another pair of pants.  The boss in Park Slope said she could charge me if thats what I wanted but I assured her that it would be alright.  I really like this place, i will definitely come back when i need some more dry cleaning or a quick tailor.

  • 129 New Hyde Park Rd
    Franklin Square, NY 11010
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    This place is the epitome of a great ale house.  I just got back from a classic night at Croxley's.  I have a bunch of friends on Long Island that refuse to go anywhere else but Croxley's for wings.  There are multiple nights a week that they run as 10 cent wing night.  I usually go on Mondays because it is usually a little less busy.  At 6:30, 4 of us were able to walkin and just get a table without a wait.  During the summer months, the place has  doors that open up to a patio where there are extra benches so you can sit outside and enjoy yourself.  The wings are crispy, fresh, perfectly cooked, and simply delicious.  Depending on the fries you order, you get different sauces.  If you order the sweet potato fries, it will come with gravy which I thought was a little fancy for a bar haha.  There are tons of different beers to choose from including local IPAs, blondes, ales, and stouts.  My friends and I always celebrate here.  The shots are cheap, the beers on tap are affordable and most of all the its just a great bar to hang out in.  You won't see a lot of guidos or idiots from the jersey shore here.  I don't give out a lot five stars to restaurants, this place fits the bill and anyone who enjoys a good time will love Croxley's.

  • Grand Army Plaza
    Brooklyn, NY 11238
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    So when I moved to Brooklyn, the Grand Army Plaza is what convinced me that Park Slope is where I wanted to live.  It is simply spectacular plaza is quite beautiful.  The man who designed Prospect Park and the surrounding roads must have been obsessed with roundabouts because Grand Army Plazy is the largest of four roundabouts placed in the corner exits of the park.  Grand Army Plaza is brilliant because its a useful masterpiece.  Every saturday, even during the winter months, there is one of the biggest farmer's markets in NYC takes place.  Prospect Heights and Park Slope meet here.  Crammed into the plaza, is the entrance of Park Slope, Brooklyn Central Library, the entrance of Flatbush with 100s of restaurants and businesses from downtown brooklyn, and the 2/3 subway station.  I love this place!

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